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- That you ask, what is memory, how it works and why it is needed at all. Memory - is not just a psycho-physiological process of carrying out a reflection and accumulation of direct and past individual and social experience and serves as the storing, preservation, reproduction and forgetting. This definition estestvennauchnoe memory should be forgotten as soon as the exam will be put on which you will ask him. I got it?
 Pioneer silent, rolling his large round eyes.
 - Imagine that you plyvёsh littered on the river in a boat, rowing oars. Boat - it's your life, oars - your actions, and the flow of the river - this time. The passage of time is not in vain the name, this is for your river, on which you grebёsh. The boat you sit back, and so you can only see what is in front of you. This is your past. The future of his you do not see, because in order to turn around in a boat, you have to leave at the time of the oars, and you will inevitably slip into the past. A need to pull forward all the time, because you plyvёsh against the flow of time that it slows down when you're waiting for someone to catch up, or, on the contrary it is accelerated when you have something do not have time to do. To stay in the present, you need to row, you understand, rowing constantly, no matter what happens and never throw the oars, you understand me?
 The index finger during that time made some very painful poking forehead pioneer, but he stood motionless, rolling his eyes and puffing out his cheeks.
 - From time to time your boat will emerge all sorts of things. Mostly junk, like pieces of plywood or foam, sometimes the stones are very rare - something of value, up to the treasure chest. Things in the boat - it's your experience that makes the waves of the river of your memory. No wonder David Tuhmanov called once the record with the songs "On waves of my memory," he knew about the undulating nature of memory or just guessing - it does not matter, the main thing - got to the point. To the boat did not sink, you need to occasionally throw garbage out of the boat. This is the process of forgetting. The process of remembering - this is when you yourself are caught from the river is something that can be useful on the road, and you put yourself into the boat himself. Sometimes you thrown out there in your boat again, and again, it should be discarded. Remembrance - it is when you thing beats thrown in the bottom of your boat. Memories are rarely pleasant, often unpleasant, they are pushing the strongest and most unpleasant.
 Pioneer continued bravely silent, frozen in one position.
 - The worst thing about this is that you plyvёsh all the time back and forth can not help noticing the iceberg. That's the worst thing. Do you know why the Titanic sank? It is not because of the arrogance of Captain Smith, who saw an iceberg, but later began braking, as is commonly believed. The fact that two-thirds of an iceberg is hidden under the water, and the underwater part of it is constantly melting, because the temperature of ocean water is constantly above zero Celsius, and because of this icebergs occasionally flipped. Titanic went past the iceberg, but too close to him, and it is tipping the iceberg proporol trim giant ship. But the probability of this is negligible.
Do you understand?
 Pioneer remained silent and sulking.
 - Well, about the probability is not so important. Just the fact that sooner or later, your boat will sink anyway, and you'll have to swim out to the bank. By the way, do not try to jump out of the boat itself, will go a very long time. Until a few centuries such Crank swim to shore, believe me. Do you want to know what the Beach? I'll tell you ...
 - Alexei Borisovich, the patient was brought!
 Hail doctor nurse brought out of the trance. He saw himself standing in front of a plaster statue of a pioneer in the dusty overgrown weeds in the backyard flower bed psychiatric hospital, where in the evening to continue his duty.
Pioneer stood, legs apart, resting his left hand in the zone, and squeezing a nonexistent right horn, broken by one of the patients many years ago.
 - Wild? For the first time?
 - No, introverted, depressed. Do not talk. Yes, for the first time.
 - Get a map for him. Tell Svetlana Nikolayevna, let prepare triftazine injection and intramuscular haloperidol fort, two Cube. Tablets - for all newcomers, SUPPORTING.
Fenazepama only double, even nap. I'll be right there, fill out the card assignment - his eyes slid to watch - eight minutes.
 - Well, - the nurse disappeared into the door of the hospital.
 - Such cases, brother - the last time the doctor turned to the gypsum pioneer, took a pack of cigarettes and lit up.
 Action Cyclodolum begins to weaken and cigarette was just in time.



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