Comedy by phone

Prank Calls, telephone fun
In the third hour of the night. Phone call:
 - Hello! You probably already asleep?
 - Of course, I slept!
 - Then I'm sorry, I'll call in the morning.

Phone funny:
 - Hello! Vasya can?
 - No, there is not a living.
Picking up again:
 - Hello! Vasya can?
 - No, you said, this does not live here.
Picking up again:
 - Hello! So Bob did not fit?
 - Fuck you on the x **, * with a * !!!
A few minutes later:
 - Hello, this is Bob. I have no one called?

Call anyone and say:
 - Hello! You bezpokoit SIDS! We have your second cousin Kolya! Tell me your address - we'll bring the body!
 - But I have no second cousins!
 - Of course there is no!

Ringing in the 2-3 o'clock in the morning. Pick up the handset. You're sleepy voice says:
 - Why are not you sleeping? Cpi come.

Phone funny:
 - Oh, where I was (a)?
 - Where are you aiming?

Call any phone and say:
 - Hello, your call from the PBX. We have a fire, immediately place the tube into a basin of water!

Phone funny. Call any phone number:
Take the tube: "Allo.»
You: "Hello, radio check. Please knock on the cabin. »
Keep on.
You: "Now on the head.»

This phone trick always works.
 - Call us and say:
 - Hello Dima have a baby!
 - It is not Dima
 - What is the difference!
I recommend 2 to 5.

Funny phone 2 pieces:
Making phone calls and asking whether there is water. Answer YES. Then you begin to persuade to come
wash (Interesting excuses). But the people we kind - agrees. Then we begin to lubricate his wife and children ...
You can start with a cat or dog, and finish are known elephant.
More options: ask to wash socks, watch a football match, to spend the night (like baited
cockroaches), you want to chase.
It is recommended to have tel.spravochnik exact address. Then we ring a neighbor of the victim and persecuted as a
can. Then talk like, you do not take offense at us, we are your neighbors from kv.hh (I recommend just to lay down the phone to hear the victim of a reprimand and not you).

Call (must be a woman's voice) when his friend was not at home and say:
 - Hello, Vasya can be the phone?
 - He's not home.
 - Oh, I tell him that I did not agree to an abortion!

Phone funny:
 - (Sad) Hello, and you do not have our cat Vaska?
 - No!
 - If you see him, please feed the cutlet!
Minutes 10-15 calls another and says:
 - Hello, I'm the cat Vaska, I have no one was looking?
The result is incredible !!!

 - Hello!
 - Hello!
 - Hello!
 - Hello!
 - How are you?
 - Excellent !!!
 - Oh, I'm probably wrong number ...

 - Hello, this is 143-26-12?
 - No ...
 - And why would you remove the tube?

 - Hello! This number 123-45-67?
 - (Sleepy voice.) Yes ...
 - Oh, sorry, I was wrong number ...

There is a very good way to communicate on the phone with the most inaccessible by any person. To call, say, receiving the Minister. The secretary asked who was calling.
Spoke so menacingly:
 - Tell him that her husband is calling - he knows someone!

 - Alo is a zoo?
 - No.
 - And what then pick up the phone donkeys?

Phone funny:
We call about any number (pre-hearing apartment number) and ask:
 - Hello, this is such a flat?
After receiving an affirmative answer to say:
 - You know that you call the neighbors of the apartment one floor below. You could not turn off the toilet, and then the loud buzzing hurt ...

Phone funny. To call on some number, exactly where the girl lives, such as Lena, and that it was not exactly at home.
 - Hello, Lena can?
 - Oh, and she's not home!
 - I know I have it, so it can be?

Good phone prikol.V film Mortal Kombat is a phrase:
"The tournament is the real tournament a chance to show themselves. The ship sails tomorrow in Hong Kong. Be there. »
As always dial any tube will be removed and when the turn on the TV to this phrase. It operates smoothly and do not recognize the voice.

If you call on the phone and silent, so you can answer:
 - If you love the silence, call the cemetery.

Phone funny:
If you call and ask some girl (Masha example), drunken bass (ssimulirovat very simple) answer: "Yes, I was listening to».

 - Hello, hello is a pager?
 - No, it's the operator?
 - Bl # n, but as a call to a pager?

Call any number:
 - Hello! Call, please, Major Ivanova?
 - This is an apartment.
 - Yes, I know it's not a barracks. And you did with a search warrant has not yet come?
 - No.
 - Well, how come, let the call back to the department, Major!

Call lyubmu number and say:
 - Ale, hello you parquet?
 - Yes - the answer.
 - Then tear off, come to lay asphalt in order to fire.

You call and say:
 - Hello, your call from a television store. You do not need a TV?
 - No! - Meet in confusion.
 - Well, then we'll be right there.
 - Why ?!
 - For a TV.

Phone funny.
You call, you pick up the phone and speak instead of "ALE»:
"Dudayev's headquarters, the department torture».
Fires fun - hang up immediately.

Telephone joke:
 - Hello.
 - Hello, this is you from domupravleniya concerned. Do you have hot water?
 - Yes.
 - Well, then wash your feet and go to bed.

 - Ale, I'm sorry, but where I was?
 - If there is a tight, then f @ ny ...

Telfonny joke:
To call at two o'clock someone and say sonym voice:
 - Yes, I'm listening!

You call, and you:
 - Rod.dom hears someone call?

Phone funny. You call and you answer:
 - Ale?
 - Eight ...
 - Ale ???
 - Eight ...
 - What ???
eight  - Why Ale ???

 - Hello, Hello girl.
 - Sorry, but you have not got there.
 - Well, then stand comfortably! ..

Phone funny. Call any number and say:
 - Hello, this is Italy?
 - No !!!
 - And why did I have pasta tubes climb ?!

When you call a friend or girlfriend, it is necessary to slightly change the voice and say serious, menacing tone
something like:
 - It Ivanov Aleksandr Petrovich?
 - Yes.
 - Moscow Department of Criminal Investigation, the senior sergeant Kuznetsov. You pass on the case of embezzlement in a large scale. The capture group is on duty at the front door and windows, resistance is futile. Note: Court encourages confession. Despite the stupidity of fun, and repeated its application on one and the same person (with a slightly different text), all of whom I played, fell into shock and was silent for a minute in a tube and more. And then a stuttering voice NAITUPEYSHIE asked questions.

 - Hello! This phone 493-23-41?
 - No, this phone 493-23-42.
 - Still close - Call Vasya!

Phone funny.
Call in 2 hours of the night and say so nice and polite voice:
"Hello! Bureau of good offices wish you a good night ».
To achieve the effect can be repeated a couple of times.

That joke so funny! Call any phone is better at 4 am.
 - Hello!
 - Hello ...
 - Are you talking on the phone station, immediately unplug the phone and plug IE in your ear!
Short beeps, pick up the handset understandable reaction.
... 15 minutes
 - Hello!
 - Hi ... (so what is it, no rest)
 - Are you talking on the phone station, immediately unplug the phone and plug IE in your ear!
short beeps, echoes the mat ...
... 10 minutes later, it is desirable to give the tube a thread of a lady with a sweet girlish voice:
 - Hello!
 - Hello !!!
 - You hoodlums IE PBX call?
 - Call !!!
 - Plug in his ear told paste?
 - Ordered !!!
 - Can VYNI-And-A-MA-amb !!!

A good joke on the phone (for people with answering machine):
Call any number from the bulldozer, and as soon as it will remove the tube, turn on the answering machine, or if you do not, you start to say, "Hello, are you talking to an answering machine, unfortunately, at the moment no one can pick up the phone ... " etc. The effect is guaranteed.

Phone funny:
Select a number of the bodies. books and holding a string with that number, address and name in the field of vision, ringing.
 - Hello, this is a Chinese restaurant. Ordered fried bugs?
 - No-t ...
 - And stewed cockroaches?
 - No-t ...
 - This is the number ...-...-...?
 - Yes.
 - Street ....., house ..., square. ...?
 - Yes.
 - Apartment ..... (such and such)?
 - Yes.
 - We have written that you are ordered.
The following reaction, depending on the sense of humor, or education of the person.

Call at night.
 - Hello.
 - Hello, this is the stadium?
 - No.
 - And why in his underpants?

 - Hello ...
 - Yes, I'm listening ...
 - A. Ah, ah ... ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... ah, oo-f ..., I and you?
 - Fool !!! (And hangs up.)
 - Hmm ... (And also lozhite tube.)

One embodiment of a telephone prank:
She calls to any number and when the man picks up the phone, flirt voice asking her if he found out?
 - Lena?
 - No, Lena.
 - Well, then Natasha.
 - Exactly, my good, it is Natasha. I missed you, take your toothbrush and come to me. (Then turn fantasy to persuade the victim to come to you). If he agrees, then a 15-minute call and make sure the victim is leaving or has already left. Maybe he will come to some Natasha and they will be happy?


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