All about mobile - myths and reality.

The debate about the impact of mobile phones on human health raging for 10 years. Starting from 90th on every scientific study proving that their use can cause irreversible changes in health, there is a denial, prepared at least reputable scientists. Let's try to sum up the long-term work of men of science. Thus, mobile phones ... to worsen memory in rats

Professor Henry Lei University of Washington established a link between microwave radiation and memory impairment in rats. The experiment involved two groups of rats, one of which was subjected to one hour of electromagnetic radiation of 2450 MHz. Then, the rats had to swim in water maze and find your way to the bank. The rats that were exposed to microwave irradiation, found a way to significantly slower. This allowed Dr. Ley concluded that in rats as a result of impaired spatial memory irradiation, they lose orientation. However, the reason that most scientists are not clear. Probably, under the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation decreased production of acetylcholine in the brain - the protein responsible for the mechanisms of memory.

The conclusions obtained in this study, very little is said about the possible dangers of mobile phones to a man. Firstly, the frequency that was used in the experiment do not coincide with the frequency of cellular phones, operating at frequencies of 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz. Second, people usually do not talk on a cell phone for hours. And third, people do not rat.

Increase intelligence people

On the men conducted an experiment, scientists at Bristol University and Bristol Royal Hospital, led by Dr. Alan Preece. Subjects were volunteers. Participants were asked to perform a specific set of tasks for intelligence, being in different conditions: under the influence of microwave radiation from digital telephones, analog telephones, and without whatsoever impact. After 30 minutes of exposure to radiation in 36 subjects in the visual reaction time tests has decreased significantly.
According to Dr. Price's, the researchers were very surprised to get a positive result after such a short exposure "After reports of headaches, depression, memory loss and even brain tumors caused by mobile phone radiation, we expected anything other than improving mental performance. Be that as it may, our studies show that microwave radiation does affect the brain. "

This effect, according to scientists, is associated with improved blood circulation of the brain that can be caused by slight warming. According to researchers, it is possible that short-term improvement in the longer exposure to light may change irreversible adverse effects.

Cause headaches

A study conducted by the Swedish National Institute of Labour and the Norwegian Radiation Protection, found that even people who use the phone less than two minutes a day, experiencing discomfort and side effects.
The study was conducted during the year by 11 thousand volunteers. According to the survey, 84% of mobile phone users feel when speaking heating the skin behind the ear, and some claimed that they had observed burns. In some of the members also happen to blackouts, dizziness, headache and fatigue. Almost a quarter of respondents have problems with memory, half suffer from headaches, and about 65% experience drowsiness. One third of subscribers deteriorated focus during or immediately after the conversation, it was particularly noticeable among intensive phone people younger than 30 years. Subscribers who use cell phones are four or more times a day, at 3, 6 times more likely to complain of headaches than those who did less than two calls.

However, the scientists questioned the objectivity of the data. First, subscribers who most frequently use the phone, can lead less healthy lifestyles. Poor diet, lack of sleep and chronic stress can influence and well-being. In addition, because the study was based on subjective user communications, the results could not say the effect of suggestion. For subscribers in Norway, where the danger of using mobile communication are widely discussed in the press, twice as likely to report problems than the subscribers of Sweden, where the press is hardly paid attention to her.

Fry earthworms

Research carried out in Scotland, led by Sir William Stewart, gave a very puzzling results. When exposed to microwave radiation at earthworms change was observed in the structure of the protein. It was like a heat stroke - like worms lightly fry. The same conclusion was reached by Professor William Ross Eddie University of California, who studies the effect of electromagnetic radiation for more than 20 years old: "Just as a microwave oven roast with microwave radiation heats the living tissues, which can lead to a variety of consequences - both positive or negative. "
Similar studies conducted as David de Pomerai the University of Nottingham and the result of his work was the statement that "maggot earthworm under the influence of a certain dose of microwave radiation becomes less active, but is growing at five percent faster."

The results of the same study, as we see, are different. It follows that "the truth about earthworms" nobody knows.

Do not cause cancer

The study, published by the Royal Society of Canada, concludes that talking on a cell phone can not cause cancer or other diseases. The group of eight researchers reviewed numerous studies on the safety of using cell phones, and found no evidence for emergence of diseases associated with exposure to radio waves. Scientists have found that the evidence "does not support the conclusion that exposure to radio frequency fields of the type and intensity that is generated by wireless devices, contributes to the emergence or development of tumors in animals or humans."
The report of the British independent expert group on mobile phones as it is more likely that mobile phones can cause cancer or any other disease.

However, the same report (we are talking about the report so-called "Stewart Commission", published in May this year) experts recommend to be careful and not to allow children to use cell phones unless absolutely necessary.


German researchers from Freiburg have discovered another flaw in cell phones - during operation, they increase blood pressure, man. The study was conducted correctly. Ten volunteers on the right side of the head fixed cellular telephones operating in the 900 MHz (GSM). They place the unit approximately the same as during the call. The phone includes the operating mode so that the subjects did not know. It is possible to eliminate the subjective factors that could affect the pressure. With special monitor patients continuously measured arterial pressure.

Speaking for 35 minutes resulted in an increase in pressure at 5-10 mmHg. It is assumed that the field causes a spasm of blood vessels that supply blood to the right hemisphere, and it has led to a rise in pressure.

Stop the heart of a frog

According to the results of experiments conducted at the Moscow Institute of Biophysics, the irradiation of the heart frog high-frequency electromagnetic field for 5-10 minutes even at very low signal strength able to stop every other heart, and the remaining samples decreased the frequency of contractions.

For rats and rabbits the same radiation was not as devastating, but in 30% of cases there was a significant change in heart activity. So if you have a rabbit - do not give him your mobile phone!

Affect the operation of the pacemaker

In a world of more than 1 million people are living with implanted pacemakers. In cases where your own heart rhythm is intermittent or too weak, this device sends electrical impulses necessary for normal heart function. German scientists have studied whether a cell phone cause a malfunction of a pacemaker. We tested three standards of cellular communication: C-net (NMT 450), D-net (GSM 900) and E-net (GSM 1800). The experiments tested the pacemaker 231 different manufacturers. Results are as follows: 31% stimulants interfered with by phone radiation standard C-net and 34% - from the D-net. When using the phone, working in the standard E-net, malfunctioning pacemakers were not.

Despite the above data, it is not recommended to wear a cell phone over the pacemaker, the more you can not zoom in to that device terminal operating in the active mode (ie during a call). However, this, as well as that it is necessary to switch off the phone when entering hospitals, said in the instructions to any mobile terminal.

Increases the risk of accidents

While many aspects of the impact of mobile phones on health is still unclear, experts agree on one thing: talking on the phone while driving dangerous. An analysis of 700 road accidents in the UK has shown that talking on the phone increases the risk of getting into an accident fourfold. At the same time there is no difference between the tube which keeps the driver in his hand, and a telephone, hands-free. But to have a phone in the car is still necessary because emergency calls from mobile phones in case of accident saved far more lives than were lost because of the talkative drivers.

While the British Isles were analyzed in Singapore authorities obsessed with fans to chat on a cell phone while driving. Previously, these fans was introduced a fine of 200 Singapore dollars and penalties in the speeding ticket with the prospect of withdrawal of driving licenses. In June, the penalty was increased to 1,000 Singapore dollars ($ 588) or six months imprisonment in the first such case, and at repeated infringement the amount of the fine or a prison sentence doubled. Will Singapore - keep in mind.

Causes an explosion at the gas station

The risk associated with the possibility of explosion, which may occur as a result of failure of the electronic equipment filling stations under the influence of a magnetic field of the cell phone, as well as the explosion of gasoline vapors from possible sparks in the case of the fall of the unit on the ground. It served as the basis for fears an explosion at a petrol station Esso companies in Malaysia.

Required refinement: still no proven direct link between the accident and the use of mobile phones. At the time of the explosion, many people who were in the territory of the gas station, talked it over them. Because no other explanation of the explosion was never found, the management of most of the gas stations decided to take precautionary measures and prohibited the use on its territory of mobile phones.

Do not interfere with aircraft navigation equipment

According to research conducted by aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, a ban on the use of mobile phones in aircraft are not devoid of any scientific basis. The same conclusion was reached by representatives of the American and British civil aviation services. Studies carried out by Boeing, showed that 20 mobile phones, running inside the Boeing 737 did not create any interference. Similar studies conducted and Airbus. An analysis of 70,000 reports aircraft crew did not reveal a single case of interference associated with the use of mobile phones.

Despite this, no airline in the world does not permit the use of cellular phones on board its aircraft.

In conclusion

Currently holds regular studies to definitively determine the degree of the negative impact of radiation of wireless devices, particularly mobile phones on human health. Parallel to the medical research, the company Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia are developing a single standard permissible level of radiation - specific absorption rates (SAR) - Cell phones. According to the specifications of the future, the maximum number will be determined by the radiation, so to speak, "per kilogram of body weight 'rights.
The final specification of the standard SAR promise the beginning of 2001. And today we have the recommendation of the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission, FCC), under which the maximum allowable SAR level is 1, 6 watts per kilogram. If you are curious person and you have a mobile phone purchased in the United States in 1999-2000, on the FCC site can learn SAR for this model. The rest will have to wait for the ratification of the standard, after which the terminal manufacturers will be required to indicate in the specification SAR level of the phone.

Our civilization will not be able to abandon the mobile, so that particular fear for their health can only lay out the money for any additional equipment and follow the novelties of the market, in the future, once again shell. Even a temporary peace of mind is worth the money.

The article contains materials of the project "Mobile Office", the newspaper Kommersant - the power, RIA "RBC»,, InfoArt News Agency.


The Court ruled that mobile phone radiation can lead to cancer of the brain

US Federal Court issued a ruling on the claim neurologist Christopher Newman v. Motorola's and several cellular operators. Newman argued that an analog cell phone, which he used from 1992 until 1998 was the cause of his brain cancer. As compensation, the plaintiff demanded 800 million. Dollars. USA. Newman's lawyers presented the court with evidence that the use of analogue cell phones can cause tumors. In general, the evidence is based on the Swedish oncologist Lennart Hardella, which shows that the owners of analog cellular phones for 30% more likely to get cancer.

However, the judge decided that the evidence is outweighed by the findings of three major studies published in the US in late 2000, all these investigations, including those conducted by the US National Cancer Institute, found no link between cell phone use and the occurrence of brain tumors. Newman's lawyer, John Angelos said that he and his client are disappointed by this decision. Angelos did not rule out the possibility of an appeal. The defender also said that although the brain tumor was successfully removed Newman, as a result of the operation one eye Christopher completely lost the ability to see, moreover, a former neurologist is now suffering from memory impairment and speech and malfunction.

Source: Kompyulenta

Electromagnetic radiation of cell phones

While a variety of government, academic and industry organizations involved in studies of the influence of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation on health, the issue of safety of cellular phones is still open. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conducted a measurement of the energy of this radiation is absorbed by the body when held close to the ear phone. By publishing this list, we in no way claim that cell phone use causes or does not cause harm, but simply give additional information about the investigated devices.

By definition, the Industry Association of cellular (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, CTIA), SAR (specific absorption rate - the individual level of absorption) - a way of measuring the energy of electromagnetic radiation (radiofrequency, RF), absorbed by the body. FCC certificate issued for the devices, the maximum SAR level does not exceed 1, 6 W / kg. In our tables under the SAR levels implied, the resulting test required by FCC, the maximum level of SAR, when the phone pressed to his ear.

Testing conducted by specialists of, which contains its own website dedicated to cell phone radiation.

Mobile phones with a maximum level of radiation (USA)

Manufacturer and model * Level SAR

1a. Ericsson T28 World 1.49

1b. Nokia 5170i 1.49

3a. Nokia Digital 5160 1.45

3b. Nokia 5170 1.45

5. Denso TP 2200 1.44

6. Samsung Uproar 1.437

7. Nokia 6162 1.42

8a. Nokia 6185i 1.41

8b. Qualcomm QCP-1960 1.41

8c. Kyocera QCP-6035 1.41

Cell phones with minimal radiation (US)

Manufacturer and model * Level SAR

7860 1. Motorola StarTAC 0.24

2. Qualcomm pdQ-1900 0.2634

3a. Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy G-130 0.35

3b. Motorola TalkAbout 2297 0.35

5a. Motorola ST7797 0.39

5b. Motorola T8097 0.39

5c. Motorola P8097 0.39

8a. Motorola StarTAC 7790i 0.42

8b. Motorola V60c 0.42

10. Motorola i1000 plus 0.43


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