5 Myths programming our poverty

To be rich or poor, each of us decides for himself. Yes, it's not “happened”. It is our choice. And this choice is what determines that.

Financial well-being, prosperity, wealth, money — these topics have a hidden reservoir, which is inhabited by archaic myths. And sometimes these myths determine what in our lives comes with a money as we earn it (get produced), and how we relate to it, whether we are affluent or are experiencing persistent financial difficulties, whether we're talking ' Yes ' to wealth or poverty.

After all, any myth is always stronger than logic. Just because the myth does not need any proof. It is based on faith, and deep belief. And being at the mercy of a myth it seems obvious what it claims.


The topic of money so many myths-beliefs. And some of them work as limiters, as the “emergency brake” which can stop a person. What? To become richer and increase their wealth, or simply to achieve basic stability in its financial sector.

These myths give people who believe in them, explanation-justification for their poverty and limited money. And deprived of energy, creative movement in the direction of your financial well-being.

Very often they are used by our inner Saboteur in order to justify an unwillingness to be responsible for their lives in General and their finances in particular.

If you have problem with money if you feel the tension in this thread, if you do not satisfy your financial results, check to see whether you are a “carrier” of one or more limiting money myths.

Myths-limiters1. “Money spoils!”This is a very common in our culture myth, which argues that man becomes bad if he has a lot of money. He becomes a “heartless, callous, greedy, arrogant, arrogant and overbearing”. He “throws old friends”, “away from family”, “becoming indifferent to the simple everyday joys” of constantly fighting blizkimi and stops people.

People who believe in this myth, find examples of “bad influence” money, and absolutely do not see other examples. In their minds there is a rigid alternative: “rich people are bad and poor are good.”

Do you think many people consciously want to be bad? What do you think, will they strive for wealth and riches, having such a hard alternative? What do you think, will they feel embarrassed for their financial constraints, if they are convinced that poverty is synonymous with good person? So there is a huge amount of “good poor people” who simply don't decide on a better life because of this myth.

2. “All money will not earn”This myth-limiter often works in those moments when the financial situation of the person starts to improve. Things are going uphill, yet another round in his career, the new best offer — anything that can expand financial opportunities. But you need to strain to challenge yourself, to change something radically. And here the saving - “Oh, you still cannot earn all the money!”. And immediately there is something “much more important”.

All together works that a person chooses between change and stability that you know. In addition, if “all is not to earn money”, then why bother? And we see this myth is rooted and intertwined with the wider myth of “All or nothing”, which does not leave man alternatives for a gradual, wise, sustainable growth and development.

3. “Money can't buy happiness”isAnother hit among monetary myths. He has a lot of other reads: “Happiness is money can not buy”, “Love money can't buy”, “is Not lucky in money, lucky in love”, “Kindness is not measured with money”...

The myth-the terminator confronts the man illusory “choice” — or money, or happiness. As if there is a need to choose between happiness and human values and financial well-being. And as soon as we imagine the picture of possible wealth, she immediately turns sad hints of a life without happiness, love and kindness. Whether a person truly and inspiration to strive for financial security in this case? Thoughts, perhaps, Yes. But emotionally, the goal will be for him not just unattractive, but even repulsive.

4. “Money is a temptation and a tool in the hands of evil”Money is something very attractive, very desirable. But they are “not on the side of light.”

This myth is-limiter has an intimidating effect. It connects the money with the higher powers who use it against the person. People who believe this myth will be mostly of a very ambivalent attitude to money. On the one hand, the money will strongly attract (because they are the same — seduction and temptation). On the other hand, the topic of money will cause him suspicion, mistrust and suspicion.

And then the “relationship” with money can be choppy, a succession of UPS and downs, large and sudden “parishes” and the same large and sudden losses. It's like the cycle of binge alcoholic period of sobriety, a breakdown, a deep binge, guilt and disappointment, a period of sobriety and then in a circle.

5. “Not everybody...”Is the fatalistic myth-limitation, suggesting the division of people, those who can be rich, and those who do not. It is perhaps the most malicious. Because it safely packaged many other more private beliefs: “we Need to be born in a rich (influential) family” “Some people are lucky, but not me”, “Have an amazing way to circumstances”, “Someone sticks all my life, and someone just dumped”.

All this is the greatest demotivators “killer” aspirations and inspiration. After all, if initially there is a distinction between born in the “right families” and “wrong”, lucky and unlucky, caught in fortunate circumstances and “plowing” all my life, what sense something to strive for and put their efforts? Still all sealed.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, know that they are rooted in one or more of these main myths-limiters. And in order to change the situation, you need them to “discover”, to understand and to be replaced by other myths — myths - features — such beliefs that will make your “relationship” with money is clean, “mutual” and pleasant.

You will face a very difficult task. Always very difficult to reach the indigenous myth-limits. Especially those people who call themselves “worked”. You may feel that you don't believe in any of the above claims that you've already long ago “realized” and “transformed”. But if you have money problems, one of these myths disguised as anything does a number on your motivation and limits your options.

Why is this happening? All the myths-beliefs belong to the realm of our Inner Parent. He “approves”, “authorizes”, or “condemns” and “bans” on any of our goals, aspirations and actions. If you have not received “the blessing” from your Parent, no matter how you try, you will not achieve success.

But something you can start doing right now.

Reread all 5 myths-limiters.

Each of them conducted a survey among his closest circle in the following order: the members of your parental family, members of your partner's family, your friends, your colleagues, your “short friends”. Ask approximately so: “do you think money spoils people? Why do you think so?...” Don't argue, don't engage in discussion. Your task is to determine in which “mythological environment” you live in. This is very important. Because myths, especially of loved ones can affect you as well as your own.

For each of the myths-restrictions collect “evidence” that they do not cover all of reality. Simply put, find examples that do not fit into the content of these myths. They are! One has only to look around. And I deliberately will not tell you not to narrow the focus of your attention in the I direction.

Identify your financial goal. Write it on a piece of paper. Let it be very specific. Then do it a small piece of Practice-Building goals of the program Happy Key:

Fragment Practice-Building Goals

“Write your goal. Name it out loud. After you write it 9 times, each time adding another judgment of the following that spontaneously appears behind him. Try to be sincere and honest with yourself.

...and I will reach it because...

... and I reach it before...

...and I reach it after...

...and I reach it, until...

...and I will reach it if...

...and I reach it though...

...and I reach it just as...

...and I reach it at any time...

...and I reach it, so...

For example: “My goal is to increase your income three times.” And further, “My goal is to increase your income three times. And I will, because...(and write anything that you are born spontaneously)” “My goal is to increase your income three times. And I reach it before... (and write anything that you are born spontaneously). And so on until you use all 9 claims.

When you're done, do a self-assessment and note what has changed in your condition”

It would be great if you do this practice several times. In a few days. It will be a small, albeit significant step in your touch to financial myths-limiters.

And remember — no myth does not encompass all of reality. She is much wider and more varied. And there is a place for everything. But the reality is plastically changing, depending on your beliefs, your myths. And only you can choose what to believe.

Be rich and happy at the same time!.. published

Author: Alena Oleshko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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