In order to break out of poverty, not enough just to "do something" or "somewhere to work."

It's just the way into poverty and further into poverty !;
And in order to become rich, you have to start to perform the following simple rules:

1. Each Your problem should be solved as soon as possible, then usually requires the least amount of effort to solve this problem. Be firm! Less hesitate to do more!

2. Less work for someone. The more you work, the less you live! However, I do not think Employment favorite things. Work - from the word slave!

3. If you are going to have the money, bring to market any value, and the people themselves will bring you money. But the amount of money depends on how strongly you write out the benefits of this value!

4. Work only for the sake of interest. Forget about calling the corporate culture and loyalty to the company. The company has always profit from you, otherwise you would not work there.

5. Think about how to earn at least $ 50,000 per month. Possible. Less is impossible!

6. Money comes to you through other people. Communicate! Unsociable and beeches rarely become rich.

7. Poor environment almost always pulls you into poverty. Even the very rich will always be 'relatives, friends and other asylum ", which, if not from them professionally fight back, quickly rob you of your money. If you have not yet man, in your environment simply do not like, do not respect and some even hate the rich. You always have to deal with winners and an optimist. That's right, with a capital letter - winners and an optimist!

8. Poverty occurs when shirk responsibility!

9. If you are short of money, it is necessary to do business. If there is no money at all, it is necessary to do business immediately, right now! Look for problems and think over how to address them. The most successful solutions presented in the form of business projects and offers investors.

10. The path to great wealth is only a passive income! Income that comes to you, regardless of your efforts. Create a source of passive income and live his own pleasure!

11. There are only two rules for profitable investments. The first - take care of the money! Rule Two - wanted to take a chance, look to the right. Income must always exceed the costs.

12. Study the biography and thought of the richest people in the world.

13. Ask yourself the question "Who am I? What is my uniqueness? What is the meaning of my life? What would I (ies) involved, if the money was Nemerow? ". Be honest! Force, energy, the passion of the answers to these questions, awareness of the meaning of his own life - just omnipotent!

14. Dreams - this is important in your life! To dream and believe that dreams come true! Man begins to die when no longer dream.

15. Help people! Not for money, from the heart! But! Only those people who you want to help themselves. This does not necessarily relatives or friends.

16. Speak compliments! Just praise the woman on the street for a beautiful hairstyle, man for a beautiful, athletic figure, but you never know another reason for praise. It always raises your self-esteem and!

17. Keep a daily journal of your wins! Resentment and destruction remembered in 7-12 times longer victories and successes. If you have fallen spirit - read this magazine!

One last tip. Never, never, never give up !!! With any enemy (and poverty - the enemy of any person) need to fight to the end, without mercy to the enemy and to yourself!


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