Yuri Ryabitsev. "Deep down, people understand that it is unlikely he was born to live as he lives"

< Yury Ryabitsev temporarily excommunicated actor of theater "Black Square", a businessman with a patriarchal view of the family

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

< Where was born, grew up?

-genus In Odessa. A growing near Kiev - in Bucha. To my birth house was built, in which spent the first 20 years of life. Happy years

< -Father - war?

-No. Both - the teachers. Mother - Russian language / literature, although the school has worked little. Father - a music teacher.

< Why started boxing?

-Vidimo, A craze. Since the mid-eighties there was plenty of posters. Most of all - with Schwarzenegger and Tyson. I like both.
< -So, you and without it was a tough little boy?

Yes, in principle, would stand up for themselves and without boxing. With their peers, as long as there nogomahateli, there were no problems. And then it became like and need. Well, how. You go home in the evening. Like a healthy (as great-grandmother said, "On the surface you, grandson, health, and you do not have to face"). So that a person was nevertheless, I feel more confident.

< -So, in order to feel more confident, a man must be a sense of physical strength?

-Skoree, Form. When you train constantly, is compressed like a spring, and the feeling that three-quarters of the population you can safely can fight, inner peace still present. And energy is completely different.

< -When parents-teachers grew gouging, nerd, or somewhere in between?

-Navernoe The middle. In four years, I learned to read. In principle, this pedagogy could finish. I still believe that a well-chosen library allows you to bring up a full-fledged personality. Even if a person is locked.

< -And what about the street?

I'm not to that to stay at home. Just think of the book can replace education. Secondary, tertiary ...

< - ... And the child will grow strong, but the person on it will not be))

Yeah, with a face - a separate program. So, I read the attachment. Even now, over time, not particularly, to check - as light dose dependent. View on bukovki.

< -Sklonnost to play-acting was as a child?

-She Was something. At one time, even to his parents was a claim that did not help me to realize it. Then, reading clever books, I realized that everything depends only on himself, stopped to blame their ...

< -In what age?

-At The institute. Somewhere in the 20-21. Rather, in the 21, when he married. I then grew strongly.

< You're early

Yes, that's so crippled

< -Osoznanno or forced?

-We Love each other. What a coincidence that the child was supposed to be - but so what? We wanted to be together. Twenty years. No apartments, no. Just want to be together. And together - how? Marry

< -Living parents?

-Srazu Began to rent an apartment. Then from the same parents, others. Then his own. There's a whole series

< -Vernemsya the theater

Anniversary of fifteen brought me into the theatrical circle. An old grandfather asked to read from the Lesia Ukrainka, and I realized that rot here with longing, sadness. That's all. Although a child my mother said, they say, you, Jura, the circus - not to lose ... And then we had somewhere to come and I sprovorili in the CPI. There was a military department and other benefits.

< -Who is pushed in the CPI?

-Mother. It has played a cruel joke that everything is easily given. Four slipped occasionally and stupidity. But some special interests and preferences were not.

< You know, probably quite rare that a person from childhood, and in his youth, he could say with certainty: "I want to do it here." And even more so if all is easy, really decide that another task.

Single-valued. This is what causes blurring of interests. Remember how Bender when he rode the train with the students had the idea that "in the twenty years he was a versatile and much worse." It's about me. In sports - in many types very well. Singing, playing guitar - too bad. And nothing more.

< What prevented focus on something a particular - boxing, football, guitar?

-The First - the lack of commitment. Ability to hit at one point, and that in so far as, learned after thirty years. And maybe after thirty-five. When you begin to understand that it is impossible for life to jump on the meadow, pluck flowers, and not broke some - nothing jumped farther.
And yet - quickly became bored. I wanted to diversity. Today one, tomorrow - another. That tossed through life.

< How did lived in Polytech?

-I Quickly figured out that the technique - not mine. In the second year I have clearly understood this. But where I do - is already on. Time - 93 year. The young man does not know what he wants, but knowing what not to. So I stayed in the CPI, tried one time to transfer to the faculty of foreign languages. Well, how to translate - pouznavat. What akademraznitsa. Yes so - all the difference. In general, I gave up and quietly lived out four years. In the study he scored. The lecture did not go to the laboratory - are still yes. Their work was needed. On the fourth course I started either negotiate, or just buy the exams. In digital technology instead exam sang. Right there. In the audience. Under the guitar. Song of the digital technology. A couple of weeks before the teacher jokingly asked: "And can a student in the exam sing or dance?". Well, it turned out with humor, says, if it goes well, why not? I remembered. I composed a song about the subject. Is it at all possible. To the tune of "I hear a voice from a comfortable distance." I get your four points and left.

< -What else amateur engaged in Polytech?

-KVN. But even here, I did not have. In that uniquely given that clearly liked. While living in the sanatorium KPI - please. Once home to the Butch left - right question: "Well this is to go to Kiev. On the train. That well ... "So - yes, it was, but not to the extent where it might be.
< -All five courses?

-No. The third part - the fourth

< -Zhenitba affected that stopped joking?

-Skoree Carelessness. Once again - I treat everything effortlessly. Perhaps too easy

< -And after graduation ...

-And ... While still in the CPI, I became an entrepreneur. Understand that money is made easy enough, I worked a couple of days a week, earning $ 300-400 a month for me crazy money at that time. Where to go - still I have no idea.
But with graduation, he worked some stereotype of the "oh, you have to work." And I worked for six months, "Uncle." Then he quarreled with the director, left and formed his company.

< -Stereotip - in terms of the need to work on work-book?

-No. Just parents - not out of malice - put the idea that you "should be employed." "You learn, son (daughter). Learn, find work - and everything will be fine, "This has nothing to do. That is, between the good in your life and "work" there is no correlation.

< -What do you think, gives higher education, to which it is preparing and whether it is in principle?

-I Have two higher. The life is not useful any of them. But this can not talk to my mom. She starts to move to such elusive substances as "general level". I this level, in principle, given a book. I read not that they gave me at school, and what he wanted. So "Ji Shi" and "tsya tsya," I always write the correct

< -Sproshu in another way: how much influence the success of a man "top" education?

-Uhudshaet. Working in the current field, I definitely and clearly understand that people in the sector, "P", ie the workers, and that according to statistics 85%, there is a higher and an average - it's all a matrix. Their various pretexts lured there, closed the door behind them, and all - the people in the cell. And not all at once understand what had happened, and then - the age and lack of energy do not allow to escape.

< -Do not understand or are afraid of?

Where something secretly, deep down, a person realizes that something is wrong and it is unlikely he was born to live as he lived

< -In the beginning of '93, when I was confident enough Commerce after a year and six months floundering rapid recovery, I met a friend on the street - the same child scoop, as I was one and a half years earlier. He asked me, "How did you manage to escape from the plant?" I replied that I knew perfectly well that everything goes wrong, and I'm gone or is not clear where or rot with the rest. "But it's scary," - said Vadim. Yes, terrible in my life I have not had anything. So, I think most still understands. But afraid

-Soglasen. And not just about business. It is human nature to be afraid of change. He is afraid to walk away from a woman (man) is afraid of change, because they do not know what will happen next. Now - like all bad, but I know how bad it is. And what will be - is unknown. Wild fear of the unknown.
And to finish with a higher education, then yes, it is necessary for certain categories of professionals - doctors, architects, in general, in those areas where it is indispensable. But the vast majority of people are deceiving.
Let me explain. For example, economics teaches a person who earns ten, even twenty thousand hryvnia. What he has the right to talk about cash flow, which knows only in theory? And this - everywhere ...

< We're concerned fears. What are you afraid of?

< Yes a lot of things.

< -The most

-Time. Previously, once boasted even - as God gave / counted - so be it. Now I'm 39 and I feel that this is - th. I'm afraid of something not enough.
Surprisingly, I am afraid of pain. Not a strong short-term, namely the long-term. Recently headache happened against the backdrop of a tooth for a few days - and my character, and so far from diabetes, began to become simply monstrous. Another thought - "but what about 70 to remain a normal human being?»

< Why, quickly achieving results in the theater, you're gone from the KGB?

-I Did not leave - I took a break. And the rest - the same story as in other areas. All quickly and easily. For the first year - 10-12 times on stage BS. And the idea that then everything will be as easy and simple. But shish. Then I had to make an effort to reach the next level. I can not say that I did not make them, but focus only on this could not for one simple reason - constantly looked in search of work. Theatre - theater, but you have 35, and two children. Therefore, having stayed for some time in limbo, I came to the conclusion that enough to deceive. Recently, he met with Neyelov, I told him that I would return. But back when the material issue is resolved.

< -You really think you come back, or is it self-deception?

-If I return, but I will be interested or will not turn out, or I'll understand that everything - the train was gone, well, so be it. There are many other interesting activities. I will not sit and tear hair remains over whether I will be in the KGB or not.

< -A create an income from acting and related fields?

-Proboval. And it is very intense. Lack of money - a very powerful motivator. But it did not. While the way in which I go now - very simple, understandable, and I move on it quickly and successfully. I do not know if I can create a completely passive income, but to provide himself and his family could accurately. And after some time I will be able to devote time to the theater, and other matters that will be of interest to me. And it will be interesting. I have not put the sketches, there's even a play. Will do. But that I do not twitch - but the children grow, but increased, but they need the apartment, and so on. D.

< -What do you do in life was something, what would you like to stupor, but what would have to go through the strong to overcome? What a goal that would not be achieved in two moves?

-Navernoe, Everything I did, I did it more or less easy. Even now, I can not say that super-committing. Yes superefforts probably do not need. You just need a systematic effort in this direction. But I did not have this, so I turned inside out for anything. Women work, some hobbies. It could carry away, but pretty quickly life returns to the right for. Probably top watch me well. Eyeing.

< -I think that if there is no clear understanding of what you want, then there's this blurring and throwing. The financial question for stand brackets. Financial well-being all want, this is understandable. But then ...

-One Thing - to want to, and the other - to have a step by step of its implementation.

< Yes, I do not mind, I say it again. But when the financial well-being becomes an end in itself, I think it is - is not the point of reference that will guide through life

-I Give you an example. I got a football injury. A talent - like Messi or Ronaldo. But - it did not happen. And then he had two options - whole life to talk about it, or go to work, for example, children's coach ...

< -Do not distort ...

-But Why. He could be in the structure of the club. A child could become a coach ...

< -And?

-He Can earn money in a field that he is close

< -And what is the opposition? Let involved

It's not the opposition. Most supplement. You can set a target of financial well-being, but to achieve it, do not go to the Norwegian trawler fisherman, and in the field that is close to you.

< - «Good" and "close" - is often so different ... I get to play football, but I want to play the violin

It's not close

< -In fact of the matter. When you're good at one thing and do you feel like a completely different

-Good. If I now, for example, was offered a job by the auditor, I do not even know what salary I would have had to offer. Because auditing - no mine. Although at one time I worked. And to make this, I will not, because to me it is opposite. And there are - more or less related. For example, be the master program. Not really mine, but related.

< -When people come in MLM-structure, they do not always plan to stay long. And then, when it starts to turn, business delays and the likelihood of a return to the same hobbies and occupations dramatically reduced

Yes, often people who come to the business (and any) without a clear plan, hang up and do not understand where they bear and how to get out. There - yes, addictive. Maybe a lifetime. Another couple of years creates a passive income. And someone like this activity begins. Mysterious ways.

< Well, if a person has come to solve financial problems - no question. And to please ...

-Delanie Business, creation of the same structure in MLM - one of the lessons. Man develops differently and do not belong to this line of thinking in the "money should not be an end in itself", "to do what is pleasant, and the money will come," "realize themselves in the area, which will allow you to be happy and the money will come Consequently. This is rational, but very small. The thing that you like, may be difficult to monetize. Or do you not know how to do it. But you never know. Therefore, to be able to do business - an important skill. He is easily trained some people, others - worse. But if you draw an analogy with sports, master of sports of the level could reach everyone. It depends on the diligence. Next - has abilities. But the level of Master of Sports in the business person will be enough to solve all their financial problems.
And the return to the old interest - is. Maybe three years to open such perspectives, which I did not even know. And they will be even more exciting.
I work in the current structure of nine months. And, if it was connected only with money, I would not have been able to work. Because I took that lesson

< What do you, then, are attracted to this structure?

-First Of all, a way of life. I talk to people. This is what I can and love. Sometimes it is not even talks. I am interested in people. And this me "squares" taught. As far as I can get right, correctly and quickly see the man so quickly I can find out, it fits me or not. That said, I find the people who need something. Money, development, some other cause. But usually dominated material factor. And it is right. First you need a foundation. Those people who are beginning to reach the spiritual without fulfilling the material conditions of life in this tryndets begins ... At the same time, they also understand that the first deceived themselves. We know were. Forty days of fasting, the search for meaning of life ... Yes earn first, and then go fast. Or, distribute the money.

< -I understand and applaud your position. But there is another side. That is, when a man builds business, realizing that here exactly will quickly succeed. Well, just enchanted by it all. Indeed, all that happens. Before it opens up new horizons and perspectives, all just wonderful. And then the person starts to dull thump. Or some alternative to self-destruct.



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