Studio theater "Black Square" declares a set

Studio theater "Black Square" again invites everyone to play.
We like to do it, because the game - it is a natural state of a living being. Play puppies, kittens and other ground squirrels. Play little kids. With pleasure, selflessly. And then we grow up, and most of us that something is changing. At one - gradually and imperceptibly, while others - in a single moment.
Does not matter how or why this is happening. Matters more - forgotten how to play a man harder to find themselves in this life. After all, one way or another, we always played in the life of any role. "The whole world is engaged in play-acting," - wrote in his time Petronius. And the quality of the performance of the chosen role depends on our success, or quite the opposite. For a moment look around - who are successful in this life? People who own gaming skills in various forms - from actors and athletes to politicians and leaders. (The question themselves whether we choose these roles until taken out of the brackets)
Education in the studio theater "Black Square" just constructed in such a way that provides a wonderful opportunity to restore and improve the forgotten gaming skills. method by which you will be trained, not just unique - they are unique dynamic. That is, on the one hand, they are checked in the learning process of the Studio, as well as seminars and training courses, on the other - modified and improved in the learning process, as our teachers and learn with us. (By the way, these techniques are used by coaches as Anatoly Neelov and Michael Campfires in conducting trainings for top managers of major companies and government officials upper level)
One of delicious cherries in this huge cake - teaching improv acting. It can be said, calling card "Cheka." Probably, many people in life there are situations where a clever answer or solution comes to mind after 2-3-5 hours after they have lost relevance. Why is this happening? You asked an unexpected question or an unexpected situation, or you deliberately unsettling unusual action. And you lost, missed the initiative, the situation is not solved in your favor. It can be fixed. Be careful to stay in the "here and now" at any one time, the development of an optimal response to what is happening - an indispensable condition of each session. For the most part they are curators in the studio on Reitarskaya - Michael campfire - director, artistic director of the studio of the Cheka, the winner of many competitions and a charming man (more about him can be found here .html, and Yuri Klyatskin - actor, director and handsome man, whom he created the Cheka Anatoly Neelov once said that Yura is indicative of an exception to the rule that theater actors do not earn a lot. By the way, Anatoly Nikolaevich also holds part of the course on the Boulevard Shevchenko, 27. Some studies conducted by leading actors of the theater Dmitry Basy, Thank Nikonorov Vladimir Tagvey
If in the course of some sessions you feel that your roof has begun to flow - do not worry. Do not you think. So it should be.
I recommend before going to go on at least one performance. To have an idea where you brought. The repertoire is huge, three rooms - Great House of Artists, Chamber on Artem 5b, as well as room for Rusanivska waterfront, 12. Well, will not work - it does not matter too. The main thing - do not be indifferent. You are welcome.
The first round - 14 September at 16-00 on Shevchenko Boulevard 27 b.


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