Anatoly Neelov. Life is very short thing, and I choose to enjoy life and not to accumulate

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Anatoly Neelov. Art rukovolitel Black Square Theatre. Business trainer. The creator of the method of scenic improvisation. Author ... well, regalia and services listed in detail on the website of the Black Square.
The husband and father. Very interesting conversationalist. Very.

-As a child you really want to become a military or a legend?

-Was This dream. First, the Soviet Union was militarized country, and secondly, it was an honor, and thirdly, I played sports. And then, when you dream to become a military plan because not become a soldier and a general. You have a good opinion about themselves, I think they'll be sure because you're smart, you read a lot ... And you have the illusion in films. And films of myths about the war, that children were hung to deceive, the Union was enough. Clearly, it is unlikely I would have become a soldier, because to serve in the Soviet Army I had a chance, and after seeing where bestiality and terry idiocy, a desire to serve has disappeared.
The theater originated by chance ...

-Was a turning point from the army to the theater?

-No. When I was a child often to build a strategy. I had a dream to become a Tailor, to model clothes. I like to do as it would be called today, floristry, because I like the color. There was a bunch of hobbies, and up to the 9th grade was difficult to determine. And then I got to the studio to Cherkovo and already there finally emerged the desire to occupy the theater, becoming a director.

-So, what age?

-In 15 years.

-Sometimes people are born adults and a child know what they want and how to go to this. You search for throwing and present ...

-Roditeli Not insisted that I was someone specific. My mother said, "You must be the boss," because the chief more freedom. Given that we live in a cramped apartment, with lots of inconvenience, a crowd of people and animals, freedom for me was a certain dominant. That is, I wanted to be anyone, only to have freedom.
So there were circumstances that I was living alone in a private apartment after 33 years, so that freedom has for me a high level of value.

-Svoboda area, private space ...

-Yes. I was always with someone. The most painful that experienced in the army - are always people around. 200, 300 people. Straw in the dining room, to build on the work to be based on the teachings. There's always a sea of ​​people and you do not belong to yourself. All the little talking, but talking something - money so women and all, but I've seen the world much more voluminous than my colleagues. And suffer from the inability to be alone. I have never suffered from loneliness, like most of the people suffering. I see it at them happening, but my privacy has always been a luxury, so to be alone with yourself for me is very valuable. When I learned - at school, of course, around the always someone there. Come home - father, mother, sister, parrot, again did not retire ... And now those moments when I can be alone, for me is very expensive.

-It somehow corresponds with the fact that you are married in a sufficiently serious age?

-No. For me it was very important to find a woman who will accept me for who I am and does not try to convert me. Secondly, that she was not communicative stole * otoksikoza "talk to me, talk to me." I can not come home, his wife is busy with her chores, she would not touch me, silent and hour and a half, and at the same time experiencing painful discomfort. Everyone is busy with his business, and then for dinner we can communicate well, and then again go about their business. And no one climbs into the personal space of the other, and in doing so I do not feel any negative feelings. The sense of harmony. This is very important.

-So, pardon the tautology, you are quite self-sufficient people.

-Yes. At the same time we are very comfortable with each other. No other strains.

-What do for you family? What do you want to find it and find there?

-I Wanted to find confidence. This is the first. Secondly, I wanted to find love in the family. Strange as it may sound. Love is when you are happy, because next to you and the other person, he is neither the problem nor the task, on the contrary, is itself a solution to all the problems and challenges. And that there is a sense of inner joy. And this joy - the joy of the holiday is not bright and quiet, relaxing, comfortable. When you feel happy. When the house - you're home. And not at war, as it often happens in families.

-Family you changed?

-Yes. I became calmer. Whatever happens at work, where I have to go back. Where ho-ro-sho.

-What do you mean by "happiness»?

-I Have a very clear concept. It looks like this. Firstly: happiness, as such, does not exist. Happiness - it's an illusion. There is the joy that we feel. And the amount of joy gives us a feeling of happiness. The more joy I feel, the happier living. Second, there are circles of attention - large, medium and small. Small circle - this is my relationship with myself. And in order to experience the joy of self-respect, we must learn to love yourself for who you are. If you are unhappy if you do not love myself, it will not be able to experience joy. It will always be present inner discomfort. Do not lie to yourself. Lying to yourself leads to mental disorders. You have to understand that is not ideal. Know your strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. But to make yourself happy as it is for. Without this, the circle of attention is impossible to live in joy. The second or middle circle - close friends. Wife, parents, children. Those people with whom you hang out all the time. To be able to love other people. Take them for what they are. Likewise see their advantages and disadvantages and do not carry with them the war. Either you take a man or not. You do not need anyone to alter. Third round - you and society. How much do you need this society, this country, these people. And, accordingly, all of these people should be loved for who they are. The principle is the same. If you live in the love of self, loved ones, to the country, you have joy. And this sum pleasures gives a feeling of happiness. Yes, there are difficulties lining, annoyances, but they're always on the periphery. Your heart, the soul is protected by love as a shield. I was hurt, I was rude, rude. This government and this country I hurt for the full program, but I still love it all for what it is and is not going anywhere from here to leave. Therefore, I feel happier than those who are allowed into the soul of hatred and neurasthenia. It does, I believe, is not necessary.
I answered the question?

Yes. More than. The only thing: "I'm not going to leave this country." Departure from the country, I think, is not always associated with hatred towards her. Just a man realizes that he can fully realize elsewhere

-Questions're Not in the "left - not left." I have the opportunity to go to America, there are resources, again secured a sister married to an American. I can do nothing, to play golf, to rock in a rocking chair and write a book on the theater. But it is boring. There is such a thing as creativity. If a person is not engaged in creative work - not matter what he does - sew costumes, shears head, playing football - that his life rotting. That's all. Therefore, if a person can find these sensations, for these purposes in another country is not a question of boundaries. Thank God, the presence of the Internet and today's technology show that the Earth has become rather small. Skukozhilas compared with what was 200-300 years ago.

-Namerenie create a theater came in the early 90's?

-Before. In the 88-89 th, when he served in the army, he had dreamed it would be theater-studio. But then I had neither the experience nor the knowledge to do it. It was clean and nothing but a dream. In parallel, he studied at the Institute, and read a lot of literature, the theater and on and on marketing and management to understand how this can be done. I like the phrase "want to be done right - do it yourself."
Official Ukrainian theaters for me was boring and uninteresting - and on the material and the way of the game. I saw the hypocrisy and lies. Is perfect pitch when the musician hears the nuances of sound that I, for one, do not catch, and I have a sense of organic matter and the truth on stage - I see: the actor of tune or not. I feel physiologically. Like the glass of the glass. So the theater, which was, I am absolutely not satisfied. I went to the performances in Moscow - went on a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday watched four performances - plus the daily evening, I returned to Kiev and went to college. I spent the night at the station, or with friends. Overstay one night at the Leningrad station was not the problem - there I already knew))

Why on Leningrad?

He's been more comfortable - comfortable soft seating. But Kiev was more crap.
I saw that in Moscow there is good in the theater, but we do not. And I understand that it makes sense to do so. Especially since not a single Moscow. I liked English and French theater, had the opportunity, as I have already cooked in the kitchen, watching cassette recording with the Avignon Festival, which brought friends. And I knew how to be a theater. I understood that in order to make it so, it is necessary to do the most.
But - and failed. The fact that there is at the moment - a pitiful semblance of my dreams.

-I have a chance to get closer to the dream?

-I Working on it every day, as much as possible. This is the first. And secondly, there is a concept - resource use. Will the money and the room - I'll do better. And so - I had to do everything from scratch.

-It was the beginning of the 90's?


-So, when everything and everyone ran valilos

-And Then nothing happened. For ten years I worked almost nothing. It started with the two thousandth.

-Ten years

-Ten years. From 91 th to 2000, Black Square has existed as a national theater at the base of the DC

-So, to volunteer?

-practically Yes. As the circle of amateur. And I realized that the actors need to educate yourself. It is now some of them I can be proud of, but at the time ... Ten years I taught others and studied himself. He taught at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and, using the fact that teaching, attended lectures on marketing, management, business administration. Some lectures I listened 2-3 times until versed in the subject matter.

-By the way, about the diplomas. Practical skills a person does not always correspond to the number of diplomas and certificates in the frame. How do you feel about our "top" education, including the theater?

-From The person depends. Some people, such as in my case, need education in order not to reinvent the wheel. Too many business decisions I have taken not in the theater and in the economic environment. For example, we were the first to sell tickets online, then did not do it no one in Ukraine.

What it gave cost?

-Full Version opportunity not dragged for a ticket through the city, and easy to buy and print directly from the computer


-Yes. Comfort. This is a very important factor, bringing theater to the audience. Now it is doing everything. We were the first. There are many things in the theater, we made first and then copied to all the others.

-Don't patented ...

-I Have a lot of creativity. I am not a foreigner who, having given birth to an idea, trying to cash in on it. What for? Life is very short thing, and I choose to enjoy life instead of accumulating ...

-If not constantly coming up - a man degraded

-Yes. Our life and the appearance of a man in this world is in itself meaningless. The purpose and meaning of life no

-Vazhen process?

-No. Do not process. It is important that you leave behind in this world. You came devoured, nap, rub * halsya - and was out of it. And fi * and thou came when after you have nothing left? What have you brought? What made the world a better place? What is presented to the world? And, I'm not talking about good or bad, black or white. Sometimes I even impressed villains who destroy something, to build. As Goethe: "I - part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good»

-That's right slightly back. Still, nearly ten years of work wasted. There was confidence or hope, or some other state?

-By Differently. When almost gathered the troupe came Vlad Troitsky and invited "Dah" all the leading actors. Left two - Eugene and Oksana Braginets Voloshenyuk. We had to start from scratch a second time. That was a moment of truth, when I thought - whether to make a new set, and in fact has already been spent a bunch of effort, time. It was the assemblage point - to continue or not. At that moment I was still working in parallel and director on TV. But television, after all - it is a means of mass communication, not art. TV is always secondary, and always will be engaged in manipulation. What am I, in principle, not interested.

-A theater is not manipulation?

-No. You can then say that the painting, music, sculpture, too manipulated

-A is not it?

-No. Theatre - the only place where lies legalized. Everyone lies. He's lying to the voters politician is lying mom son, boss - subordinate, subordinate itself - superior. The World In total, the global lie. But when you come to the theater, then you know that this play was once written, the actors rehearsed it for some time, that is not true. And this is the most valuable. It was in that place where lies legalized, it should disappear. Actors have to live here and now. To be honest, really, without any simulation game. And then the theater turns into the kind of art that can not kill either online or cinema, as it is hundreds of years or predicted. Because a live human interaction at this level for millennia lives and will live on.

What motivates you to keep these ten years?

-Love. I love what I do. I love actors, like the audience, I love the process. When I spoke about happiness - that it had in mind. And there is another point: "And what would I change it?" The fact that I do not like? Yes, I would be socially better off, "drove a Mercedes," would "house in Koncha Zaspa." And why me? There would be no happiness. That very joy.

-Do you there is a contradiction with the leading actors of the theater. But you know how to negotiate and find compromises

Yes, I had a lot of contradictions. And there is now. In the theater, I always go on compromises. Theatre - is generally a tangle of compromises. All ambitious, each average, not to mention the fact that a good actor, knows best "how to". Therefore, always directing - search for compromises in order to make a good performance. If I, as a director, squashed by, and I have this capability, you'll get a "dead" performance. If you give the actors complete freedom, I get "bardachny 'performance. Good performance is born with mutual respect and a joint search for the truth. Truth because no one has, it is not born in the mind of one man, and in the amount of many points of view. Then she turns to the subjective from the objective. And that - not all

-You love the unpredictability of his life, in work?

-No. I do not like. But it is, and I accept it

-But predictable person as a partner, the actor - not always interesting

-Yes. Most often predictable boring. Just as always boring predictability on stage. But predictability is needed for business development. Because this is the analyst's strategy. And predictable human, too, have their own strengths and weaknesses. I like the theory that the world is increasingly seeking to chaos than to order. Therefore, predictability - one of the rarest things. Everything is just a personal view of everyone because we are all different. If a person attentive to the world, the predictability simply disappears. This cynicism - to predict anything

-If I am attentive to the world, the predictability disappears?

-Yes. This world is changeable every second

Well, yes. Not zaprogrammiruesh

-Quite true. Murphy's Laws has not been canceled. Above them all laugh, but they train working. Yes, they do not work every time. And this is their beauty. Here he was not working. And here, too. We have built a theory system. And he - hryas - and load. The world is chaotic. The nature of the world - on the move. It is a form of existence of matter.

-There's message "to do what you're good at." But I may well turn out to do one thing, but I like to do a completely different

-I Think this is th e message of castes *. In psychology, there is a definition of "principal activity". A person can go to work, be, for example, a computer programmer, and his soul will belong to the collection of stamps. And he's the best in the country philatelist, a specialist in the late Soviet period. A person can engage in several activities. But there are basic. And this is what he performs with the greatest success and / or pleasure. It was not my idea. If there is success, but there is no fun - this is to do what is best.


Loving. In spite of everything.

This is very important.

Well, okay.


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