Sergey Anchutkin: "I think the world is different"

< Anatoly Golubovskii
< Sergei Anchutkin - actor "Black Square", coach, trainer. And just a sea of ​​charm

< -Tell how you brought to Kiev

-At That time we lived in Nikolaev. In eleventh grade at one girl were against me serious. And I - no. I still think this is one of the main reasons I moved to Kiev. Arrived and entered the KPI. Then most of the former classmates studied at local institutions or vocational school, and I - Oh, you - you podish enrolled in metropolitan university!
< What do interesting things you can tell about life in Nikolaev?

-Uchilsya In school, participated in self
< -This is that?

-In The tenth grade, I was approached by a friend. Offered to participate in his project. This friend was at that time one of the most prominent school activists Nikolaev. And he created a project to unite all schools of the city government into a single network. Something like Parliament for schools. The first meeting. In addition we had five people. I did not understand what they were saying, but when my turn came, took part in the discussion. And half an hour later it turned out that I was now one of the chapters. Six months could not get over it, because had no idea what the Student Self-Government.
But somehow scraped, spent several citywide meetings, I was going to headquarters about forty people. We tried to make a newspaper, went to schools and boarding schools with all sorts of programs that help the toys to orphanages.
< -So, you can say that you have a serious leadership experience?

-It Was a pretty fun job. Headquarters periodically collected and for a couple of days I had all warned that there is an important question for discussion. I telephoned those with whom I was interested to communicate. It was about twenty. Fifteen people came. We had a nice talked a couple of hours on a variety of topics, and sometimes come up with some project. That's the work of leadership
< -Interes to work with children - since that time?

No, I guess. Interest in the behavior of the preschool child, how to communicate with him and watch it appeared in years 14. Once solved the problem of jealousy of her younger sister, and realized how interesting to watch small children. Since then, I go to friends who have children, for the sake of the children.

< -B family was the eldest?
< Well, and how to come to the KGB?
Is a very funny story
< Yes it is the vast majority of amusing and confusing
-We With the girl wanted to go to the theater for a long time and choose which. In classic did not want to - and have been done without much enthusiasm. As a result, the list was reduced to "Wheels", "Dah" and "Black Square". At the Cheka was a strange thing called "Mafia" with the note "testing ground". Here at the "experimental" and we bought with giblets. That evening lit Kurilko. We were laughing and a half hours. Come and next Sunday. Was again Kurilko. One and a half hours of healthy laughter. As a result, there was a picture that Cheka - it's great fun. There were six months until the season ended. And then, when the new, read the announcement, and it says "flow." The idea that this is some new play. Well, that - "flesh" saw "mafia" too. To look out for.
Came - the people sitting. But do not just expect, as before the show, and nervous. Ask much long-haired kid, which is something desperately mutters under his breath (and then I realized that he memorized anecdote), what is happening here. And find out what actually happens in the examination studio Cheka. My first thought: "Well nafig I come from?" Until that moment I had never thought about acting. I liked to write poetry, draw.
Here comes the girl in the hallway, said that for those entering the entrance is free for the rest - 20 hryvnia. This has solved the issue. What I goof pay?
We went and looked. Why not try? Came out. And I realized that the people who were nervous in the hallway, in general, right. Additions - pretty terrible event.
Somewhere in the middle of whether the verse, or history Neelov stopped me and said that I was very nice, but the theater needs actors, not cute. Recommend to prepare and come in a week. I came prepared and then again came. Then I was assigned to the group to Misha Kostrov. Prior to the first session, I did not even know what we're gonna do.
< How did you think, why so? Anatoly youth usually takes his group
-I Think, was bright enough
< -And how you Misha?
-First Was a little disappointing. But at the very first lesson, realized that all the better. It turned out that Campfires teaches the things that I'm interested in 9 years. His teaching style is the best came to me.
Then a half years I'm not too brilliant. Basically, stuck. It was scary to go to the site. But remember the first lesson. And his thoughts about where winds chain of random events.
< -Your girl received?
-No. She cut the same as me, but it was no more.
< -Detailed about fear site
-I Complied with all group exercises, I write them down, they really liked me. But as soon as Misha or Neel said, "Now, scenic exercises. Who's first? ", I realized that I do not want to be first. And second, too, do not want to. Sat and thought, "Well, now another, and I will go." A year went by.
< -So, the most difficult for you was - to overcome this fear?
< in -Razbiralsya root causes?
-You Know, when the campfire or Nikolaitch absent from classes - I quietly went to the site. So, I suspect that my fear - due to the fact that I love to praise me. I have since childhood mass action was aimed at maintaining a positive assessment from the outside. Such is the craze. And to overcome this particular cant Mishina merit, perhaps more than mine. He applied a stroke of genius: he began to give me a negative assessment, before I went to the site. That is, if I did not go, he gave me such an assessment that is already worse could not be. And I left.

< -Now you started to conduct trainings. This came just as casually as the Cheka?
-Even I do not know. Perhaps a series of targeted accidents. When I was nine years old, my mother offered to go to one of the psychological training, which she attended. Children were little. The man who carried out this training, gave us all sorts of interesting tasks separately. Then my mother already without my consent sent me to apply to it the same. I was involved. Five years later, I realized how good psychological Exercises with great technology. And from nine to eighteen years, I have worked on this all the time. In our house there were regular people associated with psychology and its different directions. They also told some very interesting things.
< -What are your parents doing?

-Mom - Master of tea ceremony. Dad - the master of tea ceremonies and yoga instructor. We have often been one of the most experienced yogis Ukraine. A person could come from Siberia - just spend the night. And these here - very different, often bizarre, with my then standpoint, people have been many. In this atmosphere I grew up. And when it was in Kiev, in the second year, I was offered to attend a course very strong psychologist for a very modest fee, I went, and was since then been doing this myself. That's the story of 10 years.
< How did treat years of experience in the "Art of Fame picnic Frolova»?

 - It was more time between the base. I took people contacts and add them to the buddylist. Although there are some funny and present verification of professionalism. Originally people went because it was free. That is, since were not on status, then, either for fun or out of boredom, passing by. And I introduced myself to two criteria:
1. If at the end of a class of people more than at the beginning - so it was interesting and good. If on the contrary - accordingly, not so hot
2. I started to say that everyone can put his hat in the money as much as they see fit
< -And what was the hat dynamics?

-In The first time announced a financial issue, people are a little tense, as were for free. I am reassured that this act is completely voluntary. In the hat turned out to be 80 hryvnia. The second time - 5 began to experiment with filling activities. For the three months brought the average amount of one-time donations to 250 hryvnia.
From a purely professional point of view made for several interesting conclusions about the fact that such an instructor. First, I realized that the man driving lesson - it's not just sort of a cool dude who tries to tell you something new. This repeater. And you need to be taught not in the state, which is inherent in everyday life, but the fact that you want to work. And this is very similar to the stage when you do not just show you that now cheerful, and now - ready to kill. Need to be in this altered state.

< What do the priorities? Who do you see yourself a year or 5?

 - It is necessary to start from afar. In five years, I knew I needed to become a chef. And I thought so years to 10. While not go to art school. From 10 to 15 I thought I'd be an artist or designer or architect. Then Dad said that in our country, he did not see the good designers and, most likely, they do not exist. And his son golimy designer will not, and can not be good, because there is no place to learn. And I decided that I would become a programmer. When done in the CPI, had two options - electronics and programming. Tossed a coin - dropped electronics. For two years thought that I would become an electronics. And then I realized - no. I want to be a psychologist. In parallel, the Cheka came to the studio and realized that I wanted to be an actor. While this period lasts.
So with regard to today's vision, I see myself in five years certified psychologist and popular actor.
< -What trainings are planned for the near future?

-First November begins training in Krasnodar on the development of creative thinking in children. I spend it with my good friend. We work with children from 6 to 12 years. We will develop creativity, ability to think images
< -Kids just inherent to think pictures

-Vospitanie And education that puts emphasis on the sciences, and the second ones where you just need to remember - such as history and geography, leave no room for images and creativity. And this development and we will deal with.
< -Your relation to the concept of "talent" and its importance in the acting profession

-We Have Neelova wording "acting talent there, and what is considered as such - is a set of skills and behavior." And the kids have them almost everything. And more importantly, how it all had a man close. What is important is whether the acting talent in the profession? .. Without talent you will not become a genius. But its presence does not guarantee that you will become them. And let's say you have not seen it now, this talent. But who can know - and suddenly after 10 years of hard work he appears? One year is enough for its manifestation. Others - 20 years. Question intentions
< What do you closer - a dramatic or comedic

-I Would like to play a meaning. In this regard, I really like how it works Vadim Demchog. I saw him in different roles. And what he is doing, it seems to me, no one else does. He works in a different way with the idea. Contrary to the main cast postulate "no matter what, it is important - as". So, it is just the opposite. Important - that.

< -Oschuschaesh a director's inclinations?

-Never Wanted. To give birth to the idea of ​​the film, participate in the creation, play a role - yes. And to make a product from start to finish ... Maybe, I'm afraid. Maybe laziness. But now there is no such desire. I like to learn than to organize. Organize I get bad.
< -A how government school experience?

-That's When I realized it. The pleasure I was getting a lot of interesting information - too. But the final product are extremely rare.
< You like to work with children. Ready for the family and their children?

-Actually - Yes. Now - no. I put down in my mind two dates. 25 - Family 27 - children. Morally, I'm ready. But ready for all the family and the family is ready with a specific person - a very different thing.
< -When you're ready for the family "in general", you start looking for your man. Consciously, unconsciously - does not matter. If you're not ready priori, it will turn off either the relationship without bringing them to a frightening step, or behave in a way that she will leave herself, realizing the futility of

-Now I think that nothing can be sought not need. Despite the fact that I was the first time in my life it seems that you can not look, but just wait 25 years ...
< -And why wait? It's just a fad?

-Even I do not know ... This is the age at which, I am sure, I was not affect any immediate emotions and illogical
< -And why not 24 or 26?

-And I did not say that, it's definitely 25. Just now, I see this as a date. And then, well, suppose I need a family. And if the man whom I met, even necessary? Remember: "met a kindred spirit, and she was - no»

-Now The Cheka in a situation where it took a lot of "bison". Fires with Neyelov say, "Let's. You have the opportunity. " Feel internal readiness to take one of the places?
-What Does it matter as long as I'm apparently not ready?
-What Do you mean?
-In This case - the willingness artistic director put me on stage.
-What Do you give a product that will allow you to deliver?
-That's What I'm talking about. If I were writing about my life, it would be a story of the struggle with laziness. And I can be in fucking awesome guy, cool actor, playwright of genius, but as long as I do not give the desired product, you can not say that I'm ready or not. So the struggle continues
-What Would like to add myself?
Well, currently I can talk for hours. And on my own? If I were asked about the loan, then the answer would be - it is not approval, and questions. The first question I asked myself: "what I see - it's all or is there something else?" And how to take it. And most importantly - how to accommodate all there is? And the next question - "what can we do?" And if we talk about how I see the world ... One of my teacher said: "I know how the world works. I'm sure - the world is different "I'm not sure - but I, too, so kazhetsya


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