Interesting facts about the native twin brother of Vladimir Lenin

Not so long ago in the hands of historians got interesting photos of twins who allegedly called Vladimir and Sergei Lenin. Yes, if you do not know, Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin was a twin brother, whose existence was the founder of the Soviet state tried in every way to remain silent. Read more interesting facts.

Meanwhile, Sergei has been a full member of the family, parents are very fond of him and often spoiled.

Sergei was the complete opposite of AmBisome. He loved animals, and later, after receiving the diploma of education for all has become a vegetarian.

Once arrived in Ufa, Sergei accidentally met at the fair Volodya (Vladimir Ilyich left, and Sergey Ilyich - Right)

Cruelty Volodya and revolutionary views of other members of the family for a while separated brethren. 16 years old, Sergei, had left his home and settled in Ufa province, where he married a local girl - beauty Zukhra. The parents and brother did not come to the wedding, citing the raging fever.

Some time later, Sergei tried to involve his brother in paganism. But apart from this photo, we do not have accurate confirmation that VI Lenin shared his views.

For thirty years, Sergei Ilyich had made a good capital to trade with wax, thereby able to marry the three most beautiful girls now become his family, village.

After the uprising of 1905, began challenging times for the young Communist cell. Desperately short of funds. Then Vladimir Ilyich in February 1906 appealed for help to a wealthy brother. "The revolution will collapse without a livelihood," - he wrote in his famous letter to Sergei Ilyich. He does not remain on the sidelines and after some time, having sold all stocks of wax, going on a long journey to Petrograd to bring money for a great cause of the Revolution!

In those same years, Vladimir Ilyich is preparing the masses for the future of the Great Victory. He himself sharpens weapons, constantly agitating among workers and advanced sections of the peasantry.

Great October Socialist Revolution found brothers shoulder to shoulder at the crucible of the future of the Great Country.

Lenin always listen to the advice of his brother. "Together we are strong - Vladimir Ilyich liked to say," - later recalled Nadezhda Krupskaya.

The striking similarity Sergei Ilyich Lenin sometimes cause funny situations. In this photo you can see how Sergei Ilyich came to a photo studio to issue a pass to the Kremlin. The permit then mistakenly write "VI Lenin" (now donated to the Museum of the Revolution, Moscow)

Once a young country become stronger and stand on your feet, Sergei Ilyich went to his home in Ufa province, which is actively engaged in enlightenment and propaganda.

After the death of Lenin and Stalin came to power, it began a hunt for supporters of the great leader. The first target in this bloody list was bound to be Sergei Ilyich. Like two peas similar to his brother, he could easily lead the young Soviet state. But unfortunately, instead he was forced to flee to Lithuania, and from there through Romania to Switzerland. "I am afraid of repression, that can not serve as a homeland, to continue the work of my brother" - he wrote in his diaries.

But far from the homeland, Sergei Ilyich remained faithful to the ideas of Marxism-Leninism. In 1938, he attempts to associations of like-minded business Lenin, the light scattered by the iron hand of the bloody Stalin.

Mexico and its kind inhabitants became the second home of Sergei Ilyich. There he works published, there is the publication of his famous work "Turning back the clock of history." Subsequently, the book has been translated into many languages ​​and reprinted 40 times.

The main idea of ​​his life, Sergei Ilyich Ulyanov believed the principle of "Islamization" of communism, alas, does not enjoy the support of my own country.

To learn more about this religion, he went to Mecca, where he spent two years, and where, according to unverified information, he had a daughter.

Unfortunately, the theory of Islamization has not found any reviews in the homeland or abroad. In the 50s, at the personal invitation of Fidel, he comes to Cuba, where he remains until the end of his life.

Sergei Ilyich died in Cuba in 1965, and have not gone through the displacement NS Khrushchev, who sincerely loved and supported.


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