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Lenin and setter. Lenin and milkmaids with steelmakers. Finally, Lenin and children. The last picture is especially touches: a good-natured old man (beard, rays from the eye, and so on.) In a circle rebyatni. His wise bald head shines among the blond and curly heads of children. They tortured him about the bright future - he burr-confidently replies: "Vegnoy dogogoy go, tovagischi!" But ... this picture - from a comfortable distance.
 And today, the day of the 136 anniversary of the Leader, the younger generation is aware of the very human man? Who is it for them? And you are aware of its role in history? The results of the survey on "Lenin - is ..." held at our request at a Moscow school №686 (from 1st to 11th grade), we are surprised and shocked. We understand how the new generation away from the leader.

Joke of the day
 To the birthday of Lenin appeared in television commercials:
 - Sausage "Member of People's Commissars";
 - Powder "Dust Ilyich";
 - Three-bedroom bed, "Lenin with us".

So Lenin - is ... (printed with the author's spelling and punctuation. - MR)

Lenin - matimatik or pametnik, shop around
 Dasha T. 1 "A" class.

I know that this is the name of a person. On Lenin compose songs.
 Masha Ch 1 "A" class.

Human. He is an artist.
 Nikita P. 1 "A" class.

He was already dead. He has pametnik. He rolled in a mummy in 1924.
 Nastja S., 1 "A" class.

But hodet in cap and he chelovik. Pametnik which is far from us.
 Tanya B., 1 "A" class.

Lenin is a dreamer. None know.
 Zarina M., 2 "A" class.

Lenin is a composer
 Daria T. 2 "A" class.

a) I think that Lenin is a mathematician.
 b) I know that all of the metro did Lenin
 Sonia D. 2 "B" class.

It is he who ustroel galabalnuyu revolutsuyu in the history of Russ.
 He is a man of Ulyanovsk who chased and killed the king, ie atamstil his brother.
 Yegor G., 2 "B" class.

The great conqueror.
 He overthrew many kings.
 Arina Ts, 2 "B" class.

Lenin orestavali and taken by train to a certain city. And then his name came to be called the building.
 Alesha S. 2 "A" class.

Lenin is kosmonaft.
 Alexander E., 2 "A" class.

I do not know who Lenin.
 Paul Z. 2 "A" class.

Lenin was the ruler of the Soviet Union. As far as I know it was hard. He had a stern look, which is feared by all. But when he smiled, all I covered creepy laughter. It was a strange ruler.
 Valea AB, 4 "A" class.

He was prizedent Lenengrada. After Lenin's death was not Lenengrad city is named, and St. Petersburg.
 Christine O., 4 "B" class.

Lenin it was prizedent. He was not a very nice person, by the fact that he took the money from the rich and gave to the poor and etoge were all poor. He also made the revolution.
 Juliana P. 4 "B" class.

1. He was angry prizedent Russia
 2. He lived pomoymu 87 years!
 3. He rarely wrote!
 4. He did not like no one but himself.
 5. Yet he killed their loved ones.
 6. Angry man who rastrelivat people.
 BK, 4 "A" class.

1. Lenin it was prezedent.
 2. During Lenena were postroiny Communal flat on Taganka. But now there nahodyatsa own apartments.
 Tanya A., 4 "A" class.

1. Lenin is a person who has lived a life! By the way in the USSR !!!
 Sasha P., 4 "A" class.

1. First of all people. Even Lenin may be called a hero because he won the war. And now Lenin just a corpse. Was the ruler!
 Pauline A., 4 "A" class.

1. The ruler of the USSR (former).
 2. He was very strict, and bloodthirsty. During WWII he was Generalisimusom Russian Army.
 Dmitry V., 5 "A" class.

1. bastard and bastard (he is worse than scum far).
 2. I know that he has destroyed half of the Russian Church, to kill those who believe in God and those who were against him.
 Varya V. 5 "A" class.

Lenin is in my opinion a person dvuhlichny first he helped Moscow and then betrayed our motherland! My family is not very good for him is. Although his father - a German - was a good man.
 Maria L., 5 "B" class.

I know that Lenin was a good man. He was poisoned. His body was preserved due to the fact that his zapalzamirovali.
 Anastasia V., 5 "B" class.

Lenin - is the man who revolutionized. It is a lot of people put to death. He killed someone (like an aunt). And he showed his hand away and said, "Go ... Go".
 Lisa R., 5th grade.

Lenin - a grandfather who made the revolution. He helped the poor and took away the property of the rich. I do not know how he died, but he is a bad uncle.
 Sonia O., 5th grade.

Lenin - the seem a Democrat or communists. Who lies in a mausoleum in his honor named the city of Leningrad, he made a revolution, he also came up with that all people are equal.
 Stepan D. 6 "A" class.

The leader of the proletariat. Great tyrant raised the Bolsheviks. Lenin was for me one. I think it is better than Hitler and Stalin. People see him as a great leader, but I think it is a tyrant and a fool.
 Unsigned, 7th grade.

The only thing I know - this is what Lenin went to the garden. He was accompanied by a woman (can not remember name), and he was driving or riding in a sleigh. I heard that Lenin created a revolution. But I did not know it was true or not.
 Alina B., 7 "A" class.

Lenin - Russian ruler. He lived and ruled during the Soviet Union. If I'm not mistaken, he was a member of the Komsomol. I just now realized how little I know about the people who shaped my homeland!
 Daria D., 7 "A" class.

Lenin - a famous person, who was involved in investing in the development of the Soviet Union.
 Daniel J., 7 "B" class.

He had a nanny - Arina.
 Barbara W. 8 "B" class.

Lenin founded the Bolshevik Party, ran from tsarsih authorities. He founded the newspaper "Iskra" abroad, rode on the battleship, was the secretary general, died in 1924, a poor man, a good family man, married Krupskaya was resting in Gorki (village), lies in the Mausoleum.
 Cyril K. 9 "B" class.

Lenin was dead. He died and appointed in his place of Stalin. More details in the textbook of 9th grade in history.
 Ilya K. 9 "A" class.

I answer two questions in one. Lenin - a man! It is much more than a man. He is the only one who guided the Russians and the peoples of the USSR on the right path. He had not only military reovolyutsiyu, but also spiritual. It is on par with Che Guevara breaking records for the sale of T-shirts. If now the politicians will ravnyatsya Lenin, our political system will become much more organized.
 Alex P. 9 "A" class.

Generally about Lenin as a man I know a little, basically what he did, being the "leader." At least in my childhood I have always said that Lenin - is evil. Once this idea has taken root in my mind. I do not know whether it's my opinion, and it inspired me.
 Dasha Sh 9 "B" class.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, present. surname Ulyanov - the great reformer. With the Revolution, proplachennoy (sponsored) by the Germans / Nazis overthrew the monarchy. He was an atheist: burning churches, priests executed.
He was the head of the Communist Party. But for all its stiffness and surovsti all my life (almost) I was madly in love with polka by the name of Armand. Yet he had a brother Sasha ... He wanted to kill the king, but was caught.
 H. Amin, 10 "A" class.

The leader of the Bolshevik party ... The first leader of the Soviet Union. He left the revolutionary movement after the arrest and death of his brother. He graduated from high school to the spiritual good. He died in '24.
 Kate S. 11th grade.

Comments adults who know who Lenin

Vladimir Vinokur, Artist:
 - What surprised you in these responses? Our older generation have been brainwashed. We learned a long time, who Lenin. Some of us would say that Lenin - leader of the world proletariat, the happiness of the Soviet people. And someone - on the contrary:
a monster, a murderer, a German spy. Information about this man, come down to young people is very poor ... One will say, sadly, that the history of his country's youth do not know. And the fact that the children in this way to answer questions, it's trouble. But the problem is not our children, and the state ...

Vyacheslav Nikonov, President of "Politics":
 - It is evident that the younger generation is not interested in history. Besides books written so that they is difficult to separate the grain from the chaff. And we, the Russians, Iwanami are not mindful of kinship. And this, of course, reduces our potential in the geopolitical space. The prestige of our country, such responses are not added.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan actor:
 - Some people say, they say, we should not forget its history. Duty, cheap phrase! The first one should not forget about his soul! Only then will we to something come. A story should be dealt with by historians professionals. I think that we all live in a world of ignorance.

Sergei Kazarnovskii, director of the school №686:
 - Once at the turn of the century, I asked high school students to recall even one pioneer-hero. As "experts", they did not hesitate sprinkled into the pot all remembered, heard or read. The result was almost Astafyevskaya "Bersh" - Pavlik sailor who sent his father into the breach ... This is not nonsense, not a perverse fantasy, not banter. This time!
 Children texts of Lenin - is also a reflection of our time, "Brownian motion" in our brains. That's all we separated "kbarerami", "talk showman" and the expansion in opinion poll ratings. The oldest writers were born at the end of the restructuring. The youngest - after default. But children - as we are: who does not know anything, someone in the head cocktail made media, some religious and aggressive, while others did not sign their sharp lyrics. But most importantly - they are trying to speak in their own way. That's what I envy, and that they want to preserve.
 As for Lenin and the whole story ... This year introduced mandatory for all applicants to universities Unified state examination in history. Interesting!

Moskovsky Komsomolets
 on 22.04.2006


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