April 22 Lenin's birthday

April 22 marks the 141 year anniversary of the birth of the leader of the international proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
I will not give today rated this person, in terms of policy and will not write about his exploits and flaws.
But to downplay his role in the development of our country also think it is not necessary.

In this topic, I have collected a few pictures of Lenin in everyday life.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Lenin!

35 photo + my comments
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1. Little Volodya 4 years, with her sister Olga.
Simbirsk. 1874.

Some information from Wiki:

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (alias Lenin, born 10 (22) April 1870, Simbirsk. Died - January 21, 1924, the estate of Gorki, Moscow Province) - Russia and the Soviet politician and statesman of global, revolutionary, founder of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party ( Bolsheviks), one of the organizers and leaders of the October 1917 revolution in Russia, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars (government) of the RSFSR, the creator of the first in the world history of the socialist state.
One of the main organizers and instigators of revolutionary terror in Russia, 1905-1907, as well as carried out by the Bolsheviks in the years 1917-1923 the policy of Red Terror.
The scope of the main political and journalistic works - the philosophy of socialism and communism, the political economy of socialism, the Red Terror.

Lenin speaks at a rally
2. By the way Vick now lay on the number of inquiries on this subject.

Vladimir Lenin was born in Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk), the son of an inspector of public schools Simbirsk Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov (1831-1886) - the son of a former serf of Nizhny Novgorod province Nikolai Ulyanov (spelling names: Ulyanina), married to Anna Smirnova - daughter Astrakhan tradesman (according to the Soviet writer MS Shahinian, descended from baptized Chuvash). Mother - Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova (nee Blank, 1835-1916), a Swedish-German-born mother and a Jewish - on the father. I. Ulyanov rose to the rank of State Councilor.
In 1879-1887 years Vladimir Ulyanov studied in Simbirsk gymnasium, which was led by FM Kerensky, the father of Alexander Kerensky, the future head of the Provisional Government (1917). In 1887 he graduated from high school with a gold medal and entered the law faculty of the University of Kazan. FM Kerensky was very disappointed with the choice of Volodya Ulyanov, as advised him to enter the historical-verbal faculty of the University because of the big successes of younger Ulyanov in Latin and literature.
Also in 1887, 8 (20) in May, his older brother - Alexander - was executed as a member of the People's Will conspiracy to attempt on the life of Emperor Alexander III. Three months after the receipt of Vladimir Ilich was expelled for participating in student riots caused by the new charter of the University, the introduction of police surveillance for students and campaign against "unreliable" students. According to the inspector of students affected by the student uprisings, Lenin was in the forefront raged students, almost with clenched fists. The next night, Vladimir among forty other students were arrested and sent to the police station. All those arrested were expelled from the university and sent to the "place of the homeland." Later, another group of students left the University of Kazan in protest against repression. Among voluntarily departed from the university was a cousin of Lenin, Vladimir Ardashev. After petitions Lyubov Ardasheva, aunt of Vladimir Ilyich, he was sent to the village Kokushkino Kazan province, where he lived in the house until the winter of 1888-1889 Ardasheva years.

4. Family

Soon Lenin became interested in the workers' liberation movement. In the fall of 1888 Ulyanov was allowed to return to Kazan. Here he joined one of the Marxist circles organized by NE Fedoseyev, where he studied and discussed the works of Marx, Engels and Plekhanov.

5. The first revolutionaries.

Lenin loved children. At least, it is strongly promoted by the media.
6. Lenin and children

Perhaps that is why in the early grades of Soviet schools were organized Oktyabryatskie asterisk. Small cell consisting of 5 persons. The basis of the future pioneer organizations.
I was 5 years Octobrist.
7. Such an asterisk badges issued Octobrists.

The next step was to welcome the pioneers. That same day, April 22, I was accepted into the Pioneers in the central square of the city.


We have long prepared for this festival, they taught us
A solemn oath to hold meetings ... and because it was thought that the pioneers take only the most worthy!

"I, the young pioneer of the Soviet Union, joining the ranks of the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after Vladimir Lenin, in the face of his comrades solemnly promise: ardently love their country, live, learn and fight, as bequeathed great Lenin, as taught by the Communist Party, always obey the laws Pioneers of the Soviet Union ».

9. Tie icon and pioneer

I remember the excitement, the shivers when I tied on the neck particle red banner of the Pioneer organization - Pioneer tie! I became a pioneer! It was a great honor and joy!
Despite the chilly weather, I got home flinging coats-that-be have all seen my tie and badge!

10. Icon pioneer

His daughter brought home from school the old Pioneer tie and I thought:
 - Will I be able to tie it after many years? I try and get! Fingers all remember!

11. For those who do not remember, here's instructions.

Pioneer banner. Once I was a standard-bearer of the order.

So back to our birthday.
Lenin on vintage photographs appears in a totally different guises.
I think today, he would have to fly on airplanes, he sailed on submarines and treated bears as you know who

13. Lenin in Paris and a real dandy dandy.

If Lenin started in the contact page, I think this photo would go on an avatar.


But so could look Photo Lenin and the iPhone.


If Lenin came to the club. It could easily be mistaken for kokainschika.
Well, you know what it is he's just writing something to twitter


And Lenin liked cool cars, mainly convertibles.
That is why it easily overtook Fanny Kaplan with a revolver.
There is no protection and the armored Mercedes.


Sometimes Lenin came strange guests. They were called "Walkers»

In the photo, Lenin, the poet Demian poor and walker from Ukraine

Lenin did not shun hard work. The truth is sometimes exaggerated his work. As this epic with a log.

Photo Lenin helped raise the beam (rear)

20. And this is a picture of this photo. As you can see the difference is significant.

Lenin was a great orator. This is evident in all his gestures.
In this picture sculptured most of the monuments.

Although you can say that this is Lenin concert crowd pumps.

 - I do not see your pens !!!


The Soviet Union was the image of Lenin on almost all banknotes.
The famous gold piece. 10 rubles. For a week the family could live on that money.


Although Lenin was quite careless about securities.
This photograph was taken to a fake passport in the name of the working Ivanova.

23. Our peasant, worker!

Other exclusive photo taken in tsarist police.

24. The future leader of the world proletariat

And Lenin was fond of cats!



27. 28.

29. And another tomcat.

30. Dogs do not go unnoticed.
Rare photos, Lenin and dogs.

31. Lenin was building socialism not only in words. Here they are, along with Stalin lay the foundation.

32. But he reads the news in the newspaper Pravda Yap

33. Lenin goes to the theater. By the way look at how spammers were active at the time. All the walls are inscribed with advertising.

34. Lenin met with the famous science fiction writer, HG Wells, in 1920.
See how carefully listening to Ilyich. His face seemed to hint.

35. End.

And Lenin was perfectly played chess.

The photo VI Lenin M. Gorky on. Capri (1908)



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