15 skills mentally stable people who should take over

When Thomas Edison's factory in 1914 burned down, destroying the only one of its kind prototypes and bringing damage in 23 million dollars, Edison responded like this: "Thank God, all of our past mistakes burned. Now we can start all over again "reaction Edison - a perfect example of mental stability: see opportunities and act decisively, even when, it seems that the worse is nowhere

. There are some habits that will help you improve and develop precisely this quality. In fact, many of the characteristics of a mentally stable people are specific strategies that you can begin to apply to life today.

So, Website published an article that distinguishes the truly mentally stable people.

1. They know what is emotional intelligence intellektEmotsionalny - corner-stone of mental stability. You can not be mentally stable, not being able to fully understand and live strong negative emotions - and turn them to their advantage. All events that test the strength of your psyche will ultimately affect is emotional intelligence (EQ).

Unlike the IQ, which remains more or less unchanged, the EQ is a flexible skill that can be developed and bleed with the right approach and diligent effort. Not surprisingly, 90% of the most successful people have a high EQ, and that people with high EQ on average earn more than their counterparts with a lower index.

Unfortunately, the developed EQ uncommon. In TalentSmart investigated over a million people, and found that only 36% of respondents are able to pinpoint their emotions when they arise.

2. They are working on confidence in stable sebePsihicheski people agree with Ford: our mentality has a huge impact on the ability to achieve success. The quote above is not just a common phrase for motivation - it's a fact. A recent study at the University of Melbourne found that self-confident people get higher wages and faster advance in employment. This self-confidence - in contrast to the bravado, which people cover their fears - is visible at a glance. Mentally stable people are always one step ahead of the doubters and the timid, because self-confidence inspires others and helps them to carry out their plans.

3. They are able to neutralize unpleasant lyudeyImet deal with "difficult" people tiring. Mentally stable people control the interaction with unpleasant companions, keeping feelings at bay. When they have to face the kind of person they approach the situation rationally, monitored their emotions and do not let anger or frustration affect their own reaction.

They also know how to look at the situation from their point of view, and thus are able to find common ground and work together to solve the problem, even if it is unpleasant partner. If the conflict still flares up, mentally stable people can not accept what is happening close to your heart and do not let other people's words affect their well-being.

4. They know how to take izmeneniyaPsihicheski resistant people are able to be flexible and adapt constantly. They know that fear of change paralyzes and can become a serious threat to their happiness and success. They are always going to meet, and have ready a new plan, which should help to implement their ideas.

Only by adopting the changes, you can find them good. You have to meet them with an open mind, if you want to observe and use the opportunities that change brings with it. If you are trying to operate in the old way and hope that by ignoring the changes, you can cancel them - you are doomed to failure. It's pure insanity: doing the same thing over and over again - and expect a different result

5.. They know how to say "no" to study in the University of California, found that the more difficult for you to say "no", the more likely that you are suffering from stress, fatigue and depression-even. Mentally stable people know what to say "no" - is perfectly normal

. When it comes time to say 'no', mentally stable people avoid such phrases as "I-I think I can not" or "I'm not sure." Their "no" is full of confidence: they know that saying "no" to new commitments, they respect the ones that they already have, and give yourself the opportunity to successfully fulfill them

. Mentally stable people as well possess self-control - are able to say "no" to ourselves. They do not chase short-term pleasure and avoid impulsive actions.

6. They understand that fear - the main source of stable sozhaleniyPsihicheski people know that when all is said and done, they are much stronger than regret that missed, a chance than to have befallen failures. Do not be afraid to take risks.

I often hear people say, "What's the worst that could happen? This is what you kill "Nevertheless, death - not the worst thing that can happen to you. The worst -. It afford to die inside, while still alive

It takes a lot of awareness to walk a fine-line between memory and regret. If too long to regret their mistakes, it will make you experience all the time and afraid of new beginnings; if you forget about them completely, you risk to repeat them. The key to balance is the ability to transform failure into the inner progress. So you get used to rise after every fall.

7. They know how to accept defeat ... Mentally stable people know how to play, because they know that the road to success is paved with mistakes. No one has ever sought true success without learning to accept defeat with dignity. Errors give you to understand that you are on the wrong path, and thereby helping to pave the way to success. The biggest breakthroughs tend to happen when you feel that you have nothing. It is this frustration makes you start to think differently, to seek a solution outside the conventional framework, and finally to see what you missed.

8. ... Did not dwell oshibkahLyudi, we are talking about, know that the emotional state is determined by on what you sostredotachivaete their attention. When you get stuck on your problems, you create and maintain negative emotions and stress, which reduces performance. When you focus on what plays in your favor, you have a sense of personal effectiveness, which creates positive emotions and increase performance.

Mentally stable people distance themselves from their mistakes, but do not forget about them. If you keep the bugs at a safe but achievable distance, it will be easier to adapt to later success.

9. And they know how not to give anyone to limit their joy ... If feelings of pleasure and satisfaction is brought to you by comparing yourself with others - you are not the master of his own happiness. When mentally stable people like something, they do, they do not allow anyone to get into it with their estimates.

Although you can not just switch off and do not respond to what others think of you, you should not compare ourselves with them, and to the opinions of others is always treated with the grain of salt. Mentally stable people know that, whatever one may think about them, one thing is certain - they are not so good and not so bad as others say

10.. ... Without compromising the joy drugihPsihicheski resistant people do not judge others, because they know that in every person there is something good, and there is no need to belittle other people's achievements, to start better to treat yourself

. Comparing yourself with other people limits. Jealousy and resentment suck the life out of us; This is the best way to lose energy. Mentally stable people do not spend their time and energy on something to give to everyone around assessment, and not worry about his place in the ranking.

Instead of wasting your energy on envy, direct that energy to gratitude. When you enjoy the success of others, everything to gain.

11. They keep themselves in formeIssledovanie conducted at the Institute of Eastern Ontario, found that people who did the exercises, twice a week for 10 weeks to feel more competent socially and intellectually. They are also much higher assessed the state of his body and self-esteem. The most interesting is that the growth of self-confidence - the key to mental stability - was caused not by physical changes in the body: it was the immediate effect of endorphins, which are produced during exercise

12.. They have a habit of vysypatsyaTrudno overestimate sleep impact on mental stability. When we sleep, the brain proteins neutralize toxic byproducts of nervous activity. Unfortunately, he can do it, it is only effective while you sleep, so if you do not get enough sleep, toxic proteins remain in vashegolovnogo brain cells, causing chaos and weakening your ability to think. And no coffee will not help here.

Mentally stable people know that if they sleep enough - or misused - their self-control, attention and memory deteriorated; therefore, the quality of sleep becomes a priority.

13. They limit kofeinaSlishkom consumption of a large amount of caffeine in the blood causes the release of adrenaline, which triggers the reaction of "fight or flight". This survival strategy, in which the brain does not use rational thinking to achieve a more rapid response. This method works fine if yours chased by a bear, but it may prevent in difficult circumstances.

When caffeine causes your brain and body in a state of hyperarousal stress, emotions take control of your behavior. The long period of removing caffeine from ogranizma guarantees that you will remain in this state for a long time. Mentally stable people know that too much caffeine is harmful, and do not give in to his temptations.

14. They are able to forgive, without waiting izvineniyPsihicheski resistant people know that everything becomes much easier once you let go of old grudges and decides to forgive even those who did not bother to apologize. Insults allow adversity last destroy your happiness in the present. Hatred and anger - the emotional parasites, damaging your ability to enjoy life

. Negative emotions associated with bitterness, creating a stress response in the body, and the constant stress can have devastating consequences (both physical and mental). When you forgive someone, it does not justify their actions; you simply cease to be their eternal hostage.

15. They know what to direct their energiyuPoprobuyte follow up, news in any way for a long time, and you will see that this is an endless cycle of wars, economic collapse, disintegrating companies and environmental-disaster. Without deciding that our world-rolling downhill.

And who knows? Maybe the way it is. But mentally stable people do not worry about it, because do not want to waste their strength that can not control. Instead of trying to make a revolution, they direct all their energies on the two things that are completely at their mercy - their own attention and efforts

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