25 brilliant ideas for your home

IKEA furniture loved around the world - for the elegant Swedish design at an affordable price. Few fantazii- bestsellers and IKEA will be even more practical, saving more than one square meter of living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom komnaty.Redaktsiya Website is sure: these inspiring ideas to help you put things in order in the house! So ...

idea number 1: upright podhodNavesnye shelves solve the problem with the storage of shoes. Attached to the wall of a V-shaped manner, they will save more than one square meter.

idea number 2: Book Corner covered with dense rack mattress or blanket, you make a cozy couch. It is useful to read and store books.

idea number 3: rukamiMechtaete about their cozy sitting windowsill? Build it yourself, using komods two drawers. Place it as close as possible to the window sill, garnish with a blanket and pillows - and no one would guess that it really is a chest of drawers


Idea number 4: with intelligence and polzoyNe sure to use the lower part of the cabinet - for example, an inverted picture frame easy to store multiple sets of shoes


idea number 5: all colors radugiUzkie shelves come in handy in the nursery - for a cozy corner of the book. Do not forget to paint them in juicy summer colors: kids will love


idea of ​​number 6: A little trick compact kitchen stands become indispensable helpers parents newborn baby


idea of ​​number 7: All mestamMnogofunktsionalnaya hanger effortlessly restore order in the children, freeing her from the many soft toys


idea number 8: Antiquarian galereyaKuhonnye rails come in handy in the living room - for a nice storage of books and magazines. Why tell the guests about tastes in literature, where you can show them?

Idea number 9: Area bizhuteriiChtoby rings and bracelets are no longer lost, hang them on the wall behind the mirror. Now you will be convenient to pick up decorations to the dress!

idea number 10: knigolyubaIz dream table lamp bracket get comfortable bedside holder e-book. Now reading bedtime exactly a habit!

idea number 11: the full poryadokVoroh linen will bring to mind anyone! But we have a way out - folding laundry into the net for the box, you will not only impose order, but also save space in the closet


idea № 12: usable primerDlya compact storage in a small bedroom in handy shelf with drawers. Under the bed, no one will notice!

idea number 13: Assistant of bambukaBambukovaya stand for the tablet is indispensable during cooking. No more greasy spots on the screen, and your favorite recipes will be always at hand.

idea number 14: a spectacular dekorChtoby free up space in the kitchen drawers, store cutlery and blades for cooking in elegant milkman


idea № 15: force prityazheniyaDva magnetic holder for knives, glued back to back, can be attached to the refrigerator. The concept is simple!

idea number 16: along stenkiVnutri cupboard conveniently stored not only dishes, but also a box of macaroni and test. Attach the door rack for magazines - and it fully live up to its new location


idea number 17: a kontrolemChtoby to maintain order in the kitchen, not necessarily to buy bulky cabinets. The competition they easily make functional dividers for drawers. Now keep order will be much easier!

idea number 18: in dostupaKarman zone for remotes should buy, even if you do not watch TV. It is useful in the car - for children's notebooks, colored pencils and napkins


idea number 19: Always at hand a narrow shoe cabinet can be placed in the bathroom - for storing detergent and toilet paper. That they were always there!

idea number 20: side bokAkkuratno expansions in vintage pots, the army of the tubes and brushes longer disturb the order in the bathroom. And supports cosmetics clean will be easier!

idea number 21: to take vysotuNeskolko dryers for cutlery to replace the cabinet in the bathroom. Hang them on the hook along the doors - for a reasonable space saving


idea number 22: soboyZabyvaete with all detergents in different rooms during cleaning? Fold them into the turquoise truck that is easy to carry from room to room. Now your mates are always at hand.

idea number 23: for the malenkihMalenkim things - comfortable capacity. Store the clips and rubber bands with the mind - in the kitchen metal containers


idea number 24: kryuchkePoveste on hooks on the shower curtain rod. They are useful for sponges, towels and toys. A loose shelves for shampoo and shower gel.

idea number 25: cosmetics Ryan gluing magnets packaging of cosmetic products, you will be able to store them vertically - on a beautiful metal board. This will save space and give the interior highlights.

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