Simple protection from damage.

Protective rituals from damage and the evil eye
* Do not scatter your photos at home, keep them in albums or boxes. Do not give your photos unfamiliar people and do not leave your photos ex-wives or husbands. You do not know what they will be partners in the future, and how they will be jealous.

* Never pick up any items, even very expensive, if they are at a crossroads. This may be the removal of damage, and it will move you. Never pick up a coin from the threshold of your home, if it lies in the corner between the door and the wall. In short, if you think you can bring damage, never touch anything strange and unusual, appear near your door. Take a stick or tree branch and reset everything that appeared there, and away from your home. If possible, wash the traces of water.

* Never step over a bunch of balls of wool or dogs or cats, birds' nests, related thread bundles feathers, suddenly appeared on the path to your home or strip salt, white or black, on the doorstep of your home. If you suspect that this is the possibility of damage, and not a children's game or a joke, removing it from the door or washing at home or with the door handle, say, "I am not me, and not my damage. Go damage, to the one who sent you. " It sounds like a silly and very childish, but the vibration rhythm is correct, and Hex works flawlessly.

* Items with which witches induce damage (eggs, ground, millet, etc.) are capable of very long time to keep the negative energy. While prepared black witch thing lies in the bed, it can every day to poison the lives of victims of black magic. That slipped to the threshold, giving a negative charge to the victim immediately once careless man come into the trash or will remove it with bare hands. Items such as eggs in the attic will pull up to the house of trouble until the prepared object is found and destroyed. The best method of destroying things, transmission damage - burning them away from their places of habitation. Be sure to use any flammable liquid (petrol, acetone, kerosene, etc.), avoid direct contact with the smoke from the fire. Do not touch with your bare hands to suspicious objects.

* Any waste your door threshold can be either "share", or just regular garbage. In any case, all that is necessary to burn without recording the apartment. Bare hands do not touch the trash, before burning drench it any flammable liquids, do not fall into the smoke. Over the next three days did not let us out of the house to those who may come to you suddenly and urgently asking for something. By the way, if soon announce a sudden visit, keep in mind that the burning of rubbish really was a "surprise", and all this is the work that most guests who, well, oh how urgently needed money, matches, salt, cereal or something else .

* For Debris found in the pillows, it is possible to determine what exactly to do damage. Various items can be used very flexible. However, there are enough stable relations. Thus, the seeds often enclose guidance for lack of money. Different types of cereals and seeds - to quarrels, sometimes - to disease. Threads and ropes, knotted - to tumors or male impotence ("tie"), sharp objects - operations. Rings, woven feather - loneliness. Crosses made of feathers or indicator sticks damage to death. Dead animals - to miscarriages or infertility, although there are other options.

* There are easier ways to guidance damage to the person who eats, drinks or just yawns. At such times, it is very vulnerable to the penetration of witchcraft, and knowledgeable person, looking at the victim's mouth, quickly making the appropriate setting. In the old guard widely practiced simple method: before eating necessarily baptized mouth. This can be done not pointedly at the table, and where any privacy. If you yawn, be sure to cover your mouth with your hand. Here, the traditional means of help and from the evil eye: the pin on the left side of clothes, hidden from the eye, the mirror in the breast pocket, and so on.

* Spoilage it is possible to clean and on the phone. If you think that you may be in relation to an attack of this kind - take precautions phone svyachenoy sprinkle with water, it is advisable to disassemble the phone and at the location of the microphone under the plastic grid put a needle. In the event of an attack it will mirror your spells on the sorcerer.

* Hall on plants. This method of damage was distributed before the revolution, is now reborn. If you suddenly come to his garden, notice that you have the plants are twisted in a knot, the heat of the moment, do not touch them with your hands. Go around them three times clockwise three times the cross-hairs, sprinkle holy water and sprinkle with salt, and then carefully cut away, taking care not to touch his hands, taken out of the territory of his plot and burn, watching closely so that you do not come under the smoke. When the twist will burn, then say, "Your case - yes you in the body."
Sometimes in front of your windows on the trees twist hair, thread, cloth and so on. In this case, proceed as described above.

* Corruption in the correspondence, especially with the help of letters. If, after the arrival of a letter from a certain destination you have a family scandals occur, family members fall ill, or a misfortune, that, having received such a letter without opening it and trying not to pick up, burn. This way you protect yourself and your family from trouble.

* Corruption in collectives. The women's team made when a colleague came to work or to visit, she asked to try a thing. Like and enjoy your stuff but ... Do not let us. Perhaps in the eyes of others make you look a miser, but on the other hand, save yourself a lot of trouble. The same applies to perfume and lipstick.

* It is possible that friends and strangers ask you for a drink of water. In no case do not let us drink from their mugs family because the family can begin scandals and disorders. Give water, but better give her a mug, which you do not use, or from banks.

* People arrange different celebrations, weddings, celebrate birthdays, baptisms, in short, it is an occasion to sit and have a drink. Such events often, and use wizards and witches. To determine if someone does not direct damage, pick up and sprinkle with poppy consecrated the place where you will be. Witches and wizards under any pretext to go out. This can be done at work.

* To get rid of severe damage to the patient needs in person. To remove or cure the damage at a time is almost impossible. This happens very rarely. Imagine that you have done damage 10 years ago. During this time she let down their roots throughout the body (usually the "roots" crawl on the lymphatic system). During this time she was so entrenched that no one time or two and not three times you will not catch it from there.

* Have you seen at the threshold of his apartment spilled earth, salt or seeds, cereals or coins from the husks of sunflower seeds and millet. Thrice have to walk around this place clockwise three times to cross it, then pour collect, for example, on paper (not a hand) to make away from home and light. When all this is burning, it is necessary to say the following: "Where did - go out there and who did - and take one." If you threw someone from neighbors or friends, you can learn about it - from the perpetrator will face red, as if burnt.

* In Lutkov your door sticks hammered a nail someone, and then the needle. Wrap the cloth items, pull and take it out of the house, where they burn and then bury.

* Get out of the apartment in the morning, and near the threshold of a puddle of water. Sometimes, soapy water (for stronger action here is added to the water in which washed the corpse). Take the time to step or to join it. Pick up and drop into the puddle ordinary rags and vymoknite the water. Hands of a wet rag do not undertake, and everything was done with the help of a stick. After that, take out the rag into the street, her spray the gasoline or kerosene and burned. Watch closely so that the smoke does not go any side of your house or you.

* If you see that the door handle something smeared (here witches use soap that washed the dead man), take a plain paper, light it, and anneal a cross fire of this pen. After that, wipe it with a clean paper and then burn it or bury in the ground.

* The old way to protect against damage: after sunset did not give anyone any money, no knives, no needles, no salt, no scissors, no matter who asked.

* The most common form of corruption - a hall. Signs of the crease - the feeling of fear in the flat, constant scandals in the family, frequent illness, and so on. D. If this felt not lazy to sort out their pillows and feather beds, shake them well. There you will find the associated thread feathers, bones, earth, all kinds of grain, needles. Most of the items will look like wreaths. All found the same to be burnt, but in any case it is impossible to do it in the oven, or even more victims. Burn must also outside the house and the plot.

* Feeling uncomfortable in the apartment, carefully inspect your home. In the corners you can find unfamiliar objects - the same ground, wrapped in paper, needles, but not yours, scissors or knives. Found items moved out of the apartment and burn just like to talk about it above.

* Do not raise money or valuables on the street, especially at intersections. You do - teach the codes trouble in the House, would damage their health or the health of their loved ones. At intersections always dirty energy accumulates, it was there doing damage witches and wizards, reduce disease and others for money. Items. If you suddenly have something to lay out, take it to the place.

* When we go away, do not comb combing someone else and keep their hair there is no need to trim the nails, being in someone else's house. All this may serve as guidance for the damage against you.

* You can use an ordinary mirror, wearing it in the area of ​​the heart, the front part of the mirror should be directed outwards.

* If you wear a cross, remember that spoilage is best helps aspen cross, and only then, but much weaker - silver and gold.

* Do not like the "impure" crybaby-grass, aspen and poppy and some other plants. Crybaby-grass (scientifically - loosestrife) breaks only at Midsummer, before sunrise, but at this time you should not have any metal objects. Sprinkle crybaby-grass in front of the threshold. Wild poppy cultivated much stronger. Consecrate it to Macovei, or saved and osypte them their home. Council of the villagers: that nothing bad happened to your cow, pick up her horn drill a small hole and pour a little consecrated to poppy.

* Many people wondered why our ancestors liked steam bath, cold douche. This is due to the fact that, using the difference in temperature of the human body and "impure", people simply burned in a steam bath. But for this to be on the chest cross. To enhance the effect of the pair used a broom made of oak and birch. Oak and birch - trees is used to fight the "evil spirit." In addition, when a man swam in the hole, he just froze "unclean" spirit that was in him.

* In order to during sleep is not afraid of "unclean" should make a pillow from birch leaves, buckthorn, thyme, plantain, cornflowers and mint. Among other things, it will calm the nerves. If no such cushion, collect herbs in bunch and put it under the pillow or on a bedside table, a table or a chair.

* If in your garden you find eggs, pieces of rotten meat, dead animals or birds - pull them out, but do not touch hands, burn. Places where it all lay, consecrated treat salt and sprinkle holy water.

* Do not open windows, especially in the summer night with twelve hours to three. If you still want to sleep with the open window, then hammer it four pins and tighten crosswise yarn than Protect yourself and your apartment from the visits of "black power."

When induced damage to the house, he begins to creak and crack. To remove the need for damage to the four corners of the foundation dig a small pit, the depth of twenty-five centimeters, and put to the consecrated salt and crybaby-grass. In addition, the four walls draw crosses candle taken on Good Friday.

* If the nights come to you wizards and witches, devils, demons and Polubes and you start to press, mocked and suck your energy, for this there is a drastic remedy. It is necessary to invite the priest, that he sanctified your house or apartment. Be sure to buy the store brand new unused long knives fifteen to twenty centimeters. In each box on the right side in the upper part of the frame is necessary to put the knife: thus, the blade is perpendicular to the frame as the shared window to half. If you put the knife on the left side, it protects the ability to decrease by a quarter. On the front door should be placed perpendicular to the two knives Lutkov so that the blade divided doorway into four parts. Knives should be set on the ground constantly.

* If you live in public housing, in each vent otdushnik need to put on the knife. If you live in your home, then you need to put on the pipe knife, so that it also shared the tube diagonally upwards blade.

* If you have windows worth protecting, and you want to get into the apartment, "unclean," that will blow the glass, as if the window threw a piece of brawn. The fact is that through the glass doors and "unclean" are unchecked.

* If you give flowers, you brought them home and beginning to suffocate, lose consciousness, to feel weakness and headaches. Be aware that these are not simple colors. Before we get to you, they were up all night in the cemetery at the fresh graves or near the deceased. In this case, the flowers must be taken out of the house, pour gasoline and burn, and then drink holy water.

* One way of targeting corruption is a "friendly" handshake sorcerer. In the middle of the palm of a man is the chakra through which a witch or sorcerer can suck the human energy. After this handshake man a few days the patient walks. Therefore I advise to avoid shaking hands with family and friends. In the old days there were no handshakes as ancestors knew this and greeted raised cap, hat or a nod.

* When you give wedding gifts in hand, in any case, do not take them, ask them to put on the table or in another location. When your guests leave, sprinkle holy water crosswise every gift. If you feel the smell of burning hair, know that this gift was "spoilage."

* Through money and different touch to your hands can also be induced damage. To guard against this, it is necessary to take the spark out of the church in one of the twelve annual religious holidays. Before you leave the house, on the left and right hands of the candle draw crosses from the top down and the fingers from left to right.

* We forget the good old traditions, such as early in each apartment, as a rule, in the rooms was a whitewash on the walls. The old is not for nothing that the white whitewashed their houses and rooms. This is due to the fact that in the room, whitewashed with chalk, create a special protective background in which to live and could not be "unclean." When people began to hang wallpaper on the walls, the gates there was a favorable environment for the "unclean."

* One of the typical cases where pricharovyvayut men or women during various feasts: he or she is drinking from a glass, but did not drink up until the end. Keep in hand himself cast spells and transmitting glass or her chosen beloved. To avoid further bitter fate, do not drink from the cup unfinished.

One of the most common types of pricharovyvaniya - when a woman is trying to drink her menstrual blood chosen most often by adding it to a filled wine or vodka. It happens that the blood was added to the roasted seeds. A favorite day they have to do - Saturday. The sign that "drugged" - men temperature rises may start vomiting, later the husband starts to aggressively treat his wife and children. Niggles for nothing, swearing, unkind eyes shining light, hatred.

* Many of you keep in the house cats and dogs, they can feel "unclean". The dog hair on the nape rises, it begins to bark at the corner where the "guests". And the cats, if the house is settled, "unclean" often leave home.

It also happens that the night your dog somewhere lunging, growling and barking. In the morning, near his home or in the garden, you can see traces of similar marks on horses or sheep. So here the night dancing or walking demons or devils. To get rid of such visits, hammer nails in these tracks.

Cats are well removed from the human damage - especially cats with three-color painting.


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