Energy vampirism.

Energy vampirism - a social phenomenon, which can be considered as a disease on the basis of the implicit and explicit interaction between people. In this disease there is a power fence vitality, energy. In other words, we are dealing with a form of corruption.

Energy vampirism as a phenomenon was a constant companion of man, and to our XX century has encountered everywhere. The more complex and tense relations between people become, the more it becomes vampirism cause and exacerbation of many diseases.

The disease - it is always a punishment for the unjust way of life, thought and action. Vampires are not aware of their illness, they just feel bad when other well. In contact with them we begin to get sick, and they - to recover. We there is a weakness and lethargy, increased irritability and exacerbated old diseases.

Coming into contact with healthy people, vampires take their energy themselves replenished forces, peace of mind, while the victim of their vampirism feels fatigue and mental anxiety. Vampires take away our joy, deprive us of love, switching attention to themselves, leading us to the irritation. Vampires live on our junk energies. We do not just give them force, and always on the stimulation energies broken, reset. They force us to be their donors, and we then get sick.

After a stay in the stage of vampirism takes each person, but some can get out of it, filling her soul with love, joy, and the other to the death are vampires. If you isolate the vampire of the people around him, he, not being able to charge, fed by others, will die painfully, but could not stand it, can commit suicide. Mental patients who exhibit aggression towards other people, too, basically have a diagnosis - chronic vampirism.

Accepted to share all the energy vampires in the sun and moon.

solar energy of people hot and dry, it is always aggressive. It is a cruel and supremely selfish energy bandit. They provoke scandals and quarrels, causing mental and physical pain. Sunny vampire acts arrogantly, causing an explosion of our indignation, in the face of insult. He is driven by envy, malice and hatred.

If we do not react to solar vampires, they can hit us, just to get a portion of knockdown power. Determine solar vampire can be the lines on the palms of his hands. They have dark red or purple color instead of a smooth red. In Russia, used to facilitate bleeding disease, which is dominated by heavy blood, t. To. The blood of the vampire intoxicated. However, the most effective way of treatment was the use of medicinal leeches.

The energy of the moon people vampire opposite the sun, it is cold and wet. Lunar Energy has a strong magnetic quality. These are people who quietly, gently and quietly pull-out of our soul.

Moon vampire - an energy thief is quiet and secretive. He always complains about their problems, and pretends to be deaf not to understand. It's boring. He does not swear, do not quarrel, do not prove it aches and it takes us out of mental balance.

Man is so constituted that, if it is not attacked, not destroy, it seems to be no reason to alienate someone who supposedly looking for advice and help. Do this always the same problem and, as you may say, neither the Council, do not change the problem, and this is starting to get annoying. From contact with him lost power, reduced vitality, begin to yawn, the throat something compresses and tickle.

Moon vampires cherish friendship with you, because you were able to pick up a key and have learned to gently open the floodgates of your energy channels. Outside the house are quieter water below the grass, ingratiating, lisp. Generally, all vampires peculiar duplicity: on the job they are alone, and houses are quite different.

When the head of the vampire, on this basis there are sycophants around him, and saints. This weak people, and that they protect themselves from energy shocks. Head-vampire like bread slovens needed, it will keep them near him all the time, keep those who can with impunity on a daily basis to offend and insult.

It often happens that the work that you prefer, there is a person whom you do not like, and so he begins to annoy you. Just what you always think and talk about it, your energy goes to that person, and you have to periodically from someone recharged. Those who have to work more than any other judge, who is a potential vampire. A normal healthy person forgives all.

Technological progress has created another kind of vampirism sophisticated telephony. Phone vampire calling, shares with you the joy and throws at you next, or the same problem. The more intense our response to the irritation, the quicker and better we fueled a vampire, and he's only that it should be.

Another hidden reception of vampirism, which is used vampires - they require evidence. You had them and in no way persuaded, they will still be in my opinion. How many nerves spoil you with; and how devastated you get out of these conversations! There vampire important conflict, it provokes us to the energy collision. We rush in front of him, and he is filled with contentment. Vampire loves only himself, he does not know how to love others and enjoy life.

The family even lunar vampires always aggressive and daily spend the whole family or someone to one of its members energy shake. The first indicator of vampirism among spouses is jealousy, and it is - not a sign of love, and of tricks to keep his victim in a constant energy (mental) stress and disruption.

The vampire did not see or hear the object of his love, until he tryahnet energy visor. Family vampires live painfully slow, giving life to their household. They experience their donors, and we wonder why good people die earlier bad.

A characteristic detail: vampires never invite you to visit me, and strive to come to you, a cup of tea, but they had not treated to tea. Vampires away you will feel at ease, and you will leave him with a headache, weakness in the body, with a sense of time spent in vain.

Creative people do not become a vampire, but his enormous energy use carnal vampires. Their envy corrodes. It is difficult to convince the envious. Envy - a sense of frustration caused by the well-being or success of another. Envy shakes and de-energizes a person, he is in a state of discontent and irritation.

Take into account that when there is a power attack, then, basically, it shows the weakness of the attacker. Weaknesses of the physical, spiritual and mental. Doctors know how much it comes to patients who find it difficult to diagnose. Complaints many analyzes almost normal, and they whine and cry, everything hurts, and nothing in particular. In-kind energy vampires induce damage to healthy people.

Institute, leading the fight against energy vampirism, is a Christian church. The commandments of Christ taught the weak, in need of the support of people to draw the necessary energy not from his neighbor, and of the prayers and spiritual communion with the Creator.

It is known that the silence - a good energy protection. Silence gives man wisdom, but on one condition: there should be no internal dialogue - reproaches, insults ...

When we see that we are having a psychological attack, and understand that this is vampirism, the only wise dialogue will be your appeal to God: 'Lord, forgive him, for they know not what they do'.

This sincere prayer with compassion to the person able to stop it, but you keep on suffering. Only calm, but filled with joy the soul of man can resist mental attacks. She feels them in advance and turn away, because that is shaking around, does not correspond to its inner world. Where joy and love, there is no disease. Vampires like annoying flies, trying to sit on the sick part of the body.

Neutralize the vampire can only be our common patience and silence.

And then he izvedet themselves.

Stop talking and get annoyed vampire, do not hold resentment toward them. As long as you remember her abuser, keep at it anger and resentment until you wash it bones - you will shake, and the energy and the power of your will continue to go to the abuser.

I advise you to: see and be silent, to watch and see what happens and how. vampires create problems themselves, but blame the other. Spare, and do not irritate them. And if you're next to them on a daily basis, and then only you will be able to change their way of thinking and living.

Remember how it is written, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself'.

And now some practical tips to protect against energy vampirism:

● After contact with an energy vampire or after being in the places where people need to take a shower, better contrast, since the water is carried away.

● Hot tea or hot water intake in the amount of 200-300 ml, which is an excellent means, cleans the body and contributes to an increase in its energy force. That cup of boiling water, which is drunk slowly sips on an empty stomach, relieves headaches, lowers fever and improves appetite.

● tea from herbs to neutralize solnechnogovampirizma should include: saxifrage, hawthorn, peony, licorice, Sophora flavescens, nutmeg, astregal, cranberries, lily of the valley, eucalyptus.

● tea from herbs to neutralize and treat the lunar vampirism should include: elecampane, thyme, tansy, wormwood, celandine, bearberry, Gloucester, strawberries, mistletoe white, mint, rosemary.

● Tea from medicinal plants for the treatment and neutralization of the solar and lunar vampires simultaneously: yarrow, rhubarb, sweet flag, march dyeing, plantain, sishoha, horsetail, calendula, burdock, blueberries
Power protection
Short circuit your biofield:
Protection "Crossing»
The most simple method of protection is the crossing of the arms or legs during a conversation with the person from whom you can expect trouble. In this circuit you close your biofield and thus prevent its breakdown.

Protection "Ring»

Thumb and forefinger of one hand are connected to the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to form a ring, and the other fingers are overlapping. This technique is traditionally used in China and Japan. Protective reception "ring" is effective.

Protection "Enclosure rings»

An effective technique that is commonly used by yogis, is the "attachment of the ring." Connect the thumb and forefinger of one hand, so that they form a ring, which is "embedded" in the palm of the other hand. Then the thumb and forefinger of the other hand should form a ring, which in turn is "embedded" in the palm of your hands first. These steps should be repeated three times. Usually after the third time the person performing this technique, feel that the atmosphere around the compact, head and squeezes like a hoop. This is due to the fact that the attachment ring "not only closes the bio-field circuit, but several times it condenses consistency.

Protection "Mirror Wall»

Imagine that from all sides and from the top you are surrounded by a wall of bricks in a row or more. Outside this wall is covered with a continuous layer of highly polished mirrors facing outward. And no matter what side of the attacker may try to attack you, it will get reflected and reinforced back. Fulfilling welcome "mirror wall", try in any case do not give their intentions.

The man who is trying to have a negative impact on you should not guess that you use special protection. Seeing your calm and friendliness, it will be each time to increase the power of his punches to give back blows even greater force. As a result, he is tired of this fruitless struggle, certainly it refuses to continue his efforts. This technique is very popular and has proven its effectiveness. Unfortunately, no effect on mages.

Protection "Egg»

Try to feel (but do not imagine) that the intercostal space at the front, back and sides at arm's length crosswise arranged four warm golden ball. In other words, there is a cross around you, lying in a horizontal plane with the axis extending along the midline of your body. Upon rotation of the cross formed by the hoop, which is not difficult to turn into "egg" that surrounds your body like a glass ball, and protect it from any adverse effects.

The walls of the "eggs" must be very thick and layered. Imaginary shell that you again and again cover the ball, can be one-color, two-color, tri-color. Presently preferred are gold, blue, and orange. It is important to clearly perceive their actions in space.

Protection "Cross»

Imagine that on all sides surrounded by crosses your body (so what you can imagine), located on your body in the vicinity. Slowly, with effort, starting from the head, mentally move away from these crosses itself at a distance of one meter. If the exercise is done, right, you will feel that your physical condition has improved and crosses merge and form a single whole wall.

Protection "Combined»

First of all, do receive cross protection, pushing crosses a distance of 2 meters. Then follow protect reception with "egg" or "bio-field rotation."

Protection "Rotation biofield»

It is felt that the space between your body and the nominal edge of the shell is filled with a kind of viscous medium, resembling smoke. This medium is rotated around the axis of the body in the clockwise direction. If the rotation of the reception is performed correctly, the feeling of your own body disappears, giving way to a sense of a homogeneous mass, which is in rotation takes the form of a cocoon.

Protecting and restoring ENERGY SALT.

✒ Sol recovers lost our strength, healing the hole in the astral body. But evil people and especially those who took the soul of the sin of witchcraft or damage, do not tolerate salt. No wonder our ancestors took the salt on the road as a talisman. The "unclean" areas throwing her over his shoulder, to the forces of evil can not harm a person. Salt was used in magic rituals - white crystals returned happiness, removed from human evil witchcraft
How to protect themselves with the help of salt?

✒ Method 1. Our ancestors noticed that the easiest way to jinx person at a time, when he carried away in conversation and not paying attention to what is happening. It was then that the envious evil eye and suggests, distracting you sycophantic conversation. To avoid such a misfortune happened in Russia on the table to put salt in open salt shaker. She's "extinguishes" the negative energy, removes the evil eye. And evil wishes back through the underworld to the one who sent them.

✒ Method 2. To determine whether there is in the house unclean spirit, but it immediately and expel the threshold, take the usual clean metal pan between 11 and 12 hours of the day (Teflon or enamel sours), put on a strong fire and pour a thin layer of salt . Calcined salt should be from one to three hours. If there is a dirty energy - to exude salt dark spots. As soon as the evil in panic leaving the house, they brighten. In addition, we recommend a walk with hot frying pan in all the rooms to clean up their energy. In urban areas it is best to prodelyvat "salt cleansing" on a weekly basis.

✒ Method 3: Well, if your home and the owners imposed spell mortal danger, repeat the ritual with a frying pan: salt will warn you that there is indeed a curse, a bang and a loud "shots»
✒ method 4. Salt is also a great healer - she heals from bad dreams and insomnia. If you are born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, dissolve three pinches of salt in the water, put it on the night at the head of liquid in the legs on the floor. Those born under the sign of Aries, Taurus, Leo - Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn, you just need to put at the head and feet (on the floor), two bowls of dry salt. And in the morning salt or salt water should be poured into the toilet. Do this procedure for three nights in a row, and your sleep will be strong and deep.

✒ method 5. And what about the salt in its direct appointment - in the kitchen? Podsalivaya writing, especially soups and sauces, try to speak and think only about the good - remember that your wishes are recorded in the aura of dishes. Angry words may lead to indigestion. And the best hostess when salts food, take it a rule to recite the "Our Father." This helps to preserve the health and strength of body and spirit.



There are times when a person is in danger of getting a negative energetic influence from other people in contact with him.
At such moments a person can get a dose of negative energy that it can be reflected in the deterioration of health, loss of strength, and in some cases develop into a serious problem with the grid.

Stay somewhere for a minute, hold a tree or bush with his left hand (the left hand in the human energy - radiating), visualize that you are installing energy contact with m mentally push yourself from negative through the left hand.. Imagine how you pulls out negative energy. Say to yourself, "Take from me all the dirt and negative energy." Only two to three minutes.
Breathe it, imagine that negative energy is transferred to it. Then insert the end of the match it to the ground.

Do not ignore them, for all their apparent simplicity.


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