Energy vampirism on the Internet.

Many reason that avoid this problem, but social networking, it can lead to mental problems. And even more than that in reality communication. The article addresses, primarily dependent on the social networking!

Energy vampirism is a longtime companion of mankind. People with a lack of psychic energy fill her capture or steal from others. Psychologists call these people - emotional vampires parapsychologists - energy. On the Internet you will find many articles on this topic. All they tell us about vampirism in real life, but only in the abstract issues touching virtual vampirism.

Needless to say then, that numerous reports of scores with life after communication in social networks, forums and chat rooms - the result of the usual harassment, but not venturing into the psycho-emotional manifestations and biopotagennye users of virtual networks ??? In this article, I decided on the basis of personal experience and research (for which realization is necessary to repent), meditation and the study of this issue on the basis of the knowledge gained to try to explain the essence of the problem. Consider the process of mutual exchange of energy. Man being a social entity in need of fellowship. When communicating people exchanged emotions, information, and the auxiliary member are facial expressions, gestures, eyes ... All these factors in communication required for full exchange of energy. Internet access is limited to a number of elements in communication, so that may give a distorted picture of the interlocutor (even veb.kamera, unable to fill the gaps thinner bonds), which in turn will cause the loss of human energy. That is, the communication network is blind! Hence the strange feeling that causes mistrust, jealousy, envy, because you do not know the full conversation. A feeling of jealousy, mistrust, resentment, envy, can give a direct negative impact to your opponent. You quarrel, spend energy, and if you are with the people energetically neutral and your partner, too, then who will get your energy ??? She will fill only the Internet. It's a shame, is not it? So try to talk to people you know personally. And if you do not know personally, try to control your emotions and if there is a feeling of anxiety leave the site. Realize that a person has his own life, and he is free in his decisions. This also applies to you. If a person tries to stick his head out of your monitor and see what you have at home going, strongly interested in, and even demands and put pressure, "which went to?", "Which for so long was or was?" Creates a sense of presence - it the first bell, the user vampire!

Energy vampires are divided into the conscious and unconscious, hot (solar) and cold (lunar). At its core, vampirism - a disease that is caused by shocks, setbacks in life, emotional crises. But not all the fault of failure and stress in a person's life, and the unwillingness to overcome them spiritually. Simply, as they say, "eat" other people, and some in the internet at the same time he named himself trolls, and his vampire promysel- trolling. So, you notice that you have a FaceBook comment on the board criticizes you, or even abusive. So it could be a negative word to your opinion or statement without explanation and evidence. He could appear by hand, and could help with mailings. Some vampires could be owning software. You start with a troll (energovampirom) keep skirmish. He does not need the truth in the arguments, it seeks to ensure that you have broken him with curses and hatred, angry comments. However, this vampire - conscious. When you swore at him, he loaded your emotions, it was not only the lulz, but knowing that you are thinking about him and selected energy. He is happy - you are depressed. One woman wrote in a comment on the troll that when he was writing nasty things about her daughter of her parents, her daughter had a fever, and from these insults with a bad mood all evening held a family ... all trolls are conscious vampires! Moreover, in the community of trolls there are a number of methods by which they operate.

Trickier energy vampires can not themselves participate in the persecution of the victim, and to incite its lower-level counterparts. One realization that the victim suffers it feeds (otherwise why would he?). That the Internet has become a very warm place for all sorts of evil, and the destiny of the people offended.

Another kind of trolling (vampirism) is already fine (cold) - it charms the naive victims and then throw over time, and may exchange all kind of show it to you (if you know it's just their complex would not have been so split) share (blatantly shoved) messages with veiled morality when they write that it is immoral, they pretend that you have offended them. You soften and keep in contact with him. But he was selfish, he wrote you that it is bad, and the monitor, his smile wide. He continues, increasing their attack. It goes all moral limits, and you do not understand why you have a broken state. Between the lines start to feel a nuisance and breaks friendships, or cursing at him that he was right, or just delete. Then you as a cultured man, gnawing guilt. You are trying to come back, but are afraid of repetition. While you argue about all this, the mood falls and therefore the energy goes. To whom? At that time, he or she knows what you're thinking and mood of the user grows. It feeds your energy. Another trump energy vampires on the Internet is a mask of anonymity. Anonymity gives rise to impunity, as well as an energy vampire knows his essence, but a coward because he is selfish, the mask of anonymity, just by the way. The probability that you will find less. But not all energy vampires use the mask of anonymity. Trickier it is not needed. Many unconscious, mostly cold vampires, do not hide their data. They whine, complain about life, but your problems are not interesting to them. Because of this injustice, you are in the doldrums. But as they say, there is a blessing in disguise!

Network energy vampire is very dependent on the Internet, as opposed to a real vampire. If such a favorite of emotions and suffering of others off the Internet, it just die of boredom ... Lies, selfishness, arrogance - all those "quality" that use energy vampires in real life, are here. At the same time, the Internet they have more technical means and actions of the blindness of communication increases at times, unfortunately in their favor! But the acquisition of new means of public communication and communication, you should always know about the other side, and, with all the possibilities of the Internet for a favorable attack energetichesih vampires. Protecting them also exist. Moreover, it is much easier than the protection of the real world of vampires. Immediately I give to understand that building a wall is not valid because there is no close contact with biopotagennym man. It will help only to realize that the Internet is not life. You have a real! Therefore, instead of entering into a dialogue with the vampires, close the active window and go wash the dishes, do some household chores. Take time to family, home, parents, friends. But you know, the real world is fraught with its own dangers. It is striking that at a meeting with the virtual vampires person receives a small immunity and from reality. It says only that when communicating on the network, you lose not just emotions and mental energy, and it worked out a little immunity. As for the trolls themselves, the so-called vampirism doing they become hostages of their dark dealings! The simplest danger that awaits them, is of course the physical contact in reality and acquisition issues from those you have wronged (hackers spets.sluzhb, communications). The other danger is the spiritual essence. Many network vampires got drunk a foreign power, stand up from the computer chair and go about their real actions, if any, they have. And involuntarily wonder why people like - that sidelong glance at me ??? This creates fear and bewilderment. Congratulations! Payback your started. After all, eyes and facial expressions very well talk about your thoughts! You think about who you hurt in the Internet and inadvertently shining eyes about it tell passers-by. A head held high, just screams around "With me not to mess!" It turns out that the store you tired rude saleswoman. The guard decided to check it for you, even though you "do not steal", and on the street stopped by a police for identification. And if you're a schoolboy or schoolgirl begin to hurt classmates, teachers. And what would you like? You stole power through the Internet from others. Actual energy vampires see it in excess of you and robbed. Rather than start something - to change something in yourself, you do not deal with their spiritual issues. Try to drink or sit down on the matter, to muffle his facial expressions and eyes. Here's another addiction. Concludes that people are bad, come home, and create a new turn to the deterioration of his life ...


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