Vampire and neighbors. Tale

Farmers organized mob sent to the castle. Crowd, because the crowd is not terrible and miserable responsibility. Well, what? "All gone, and I went." "I have one, too?" These and other excuses in the crowd handing out immediately to all newcomers.
In this case, the crowd did not need excuses, because the crowd was directed to administer speedy but fair lynching.
 - Well, what? Vampire after all! A short conversation with the vampires. Stake through the heart - and the business of all. The whole world suprotiv. Bribes are smooth! Since the dawn it was - talking to the crowd.
 - A Castle - burn. Or library to arrange it. Checked already - if the library where to organize - without fail kapets building. Roof leaks, syreyut books, on TV reportage, there is no money for repairs, the building is declared an emergency, the doors nailed, and in two or three years building kapets. Although, of course, burn faster - offer particularly zealous.
As you approach the castle, increased commitment and constructive suggestions grew into vociferous roar, "Come out, you bastard !!!»
Shouted in vain for about fifteen minutes.
 - It is necessary to break down the door! - Cried out in a crowd. - While the voice is not lost everything - Breaking necessary.
 - Wait, wait! - Tried to reassure the Chairman. - Wait a minute break, the villagers!
 - Coward! - Sternly replied the crowd.
 - Bad stupid! - Snapped Chairman. - It is necessary to call first. Vaughn, the call is! And then break. Break - not to build!
 - Call, ringer! - The crowd cheered.
"BAMMM!" - Sounded somewhere in the castle.
 - Look at you! - Marveled at the crowd. - Loud bamkaet. Come on, one more time?
"BA-Bamm!" - Struck on the ears again.
 - I've just call someone! So I call now! - Barked speakers from the walls.
 - Run! Well it nafig such passion! - Shouted back. - At night, even cornered! Durnogolovye! Athas!
 - Stop! All the same, in fact catch up! - Responded dynamics.
At the door stood a man of medium height, dressed in a bathrobe manor, with a cigar in his mouth.
 - I'm waiting for an explanation, my dear, - he said to the villagers. - What do I owe?
 - Nothing! Passed by! Dai, I think, go! - Zayulil Chairman. - Check takskt. And then there are some saying: "Vampire, vampire!" ... And I told them, and say, "What are you, stupid? What zhezh a vampire? Nice man ... In all such robe. Evenings at home ... Though now gone, so make sure that he did not a vampire ... "Here we are. Well you tell them stupid that you do not vampire. And we'll go myself.
 - They were right. Vampire I - calmly replied the master of the castle. - But I really do not understand you ... something that?
 - Oh, nothing! Just fun. However, guys? - Chairman and giggled accidentally dropped a stake out of the hands.
 - I see ... - Vampire chuckled. - Crucifixion in the face, stake through the heart, pour holy water all around? As usual all?
 - And why not ?! - Shouted back. - Vampire zhezh! We do not need those! Divorced evil!
 - Yes, what I'm in your way, then? Live itself - not bothering anyone! - The vampire replied. - At least one victim is? Not a single fact!
 - Duc, while like no ... - agreed in the crowd. - And who knows something? Well you eat something it is necessary or not?
 - But it is not necessary to stick! I come to you with respect, and you - so please. How many years live here - was not affected. And will not. I bet - showed vampire teeth.
 - With such teeth and do not eat anyone? - Did not believe in the crowd. - Do not believe!
 - In your village - no one! - Said the vampire. - In general, in the area - no one!
 - And ... And then where? - Said the Chairman. - Then to the borders of the district for twenty miles in any direction. Not far to the canteen, krovopiets?
 - On the wings of something - a piece of cake! - Vampire suddenly took off and fly-walked over the crowd. - What do you escape what's for dinner to fly. I do not want to run, though. That's why I explain - you have nothing to fear. Neighboring district let him think.
 - Ha! And really, razlyubeznye! - Chairman rejoiced. - Oh, now, then our district on their gross domestic product, but the yield udelaet quickly! There's something there will be nobody to work soon! Historical documents so orders will go! As a reward! Hooray, I suppose?
 - Yay! - Agreed to the crowd. - Let the district and then eats! So we were the first in the district! The village has only let not touch anybody!
 - Yes, yes, Comrade Vampire - The Chairman agreed. - What do you much in the neighboring district Dangle something? Possible and in neighboring villages in the district center ... again. Why is not there something?
 - And do not burn then? Neighbour something? - Cautiously asked vampire.
 - What do you mean? - Yelled the crowd. - Yes, we will leave if foremost, you do not give offense! As a stand!
 - It's true! - Chairman picked up and whispered in the ear of a vampire. - And I really give you a little list then - to whom and in the village you can come back. Rubbish little people ...


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