Skin Diseases - Psychological reasons


If you came here hoping to find, finally, the very psychological reason for your skin and heal, then we disappoint you, here you will not find this. Open you a secret - no that same psychological reasons, these reasons are many, and their roots are deep

. Found in the list of diseases set out below, your - you will only be able to understand and to identify for themselves the scope of life, which is in urgent need of "fixing", that's all. A dig in the desired direction you have to yourself. The results and the speed of such an event, of course, depends on which tool you've selected for this.


Allergic rash on the face. Man humbled by the fact that everything was clear against his will. Seemingly a good and fair man humiliates so that there is no strength to endure.

Itching. Desires, which are not against the grain, does not tally with reality. Dissatisfaction. Remorse, repentance. Excessive desire to go outside, to become famous or to get away, to escape.

Urticaria, rash. Small hidden fears. To make mountains out of molehills.

Rash (potnichka) - irritation over delays, delays, children's way to draw attention

. Inflammation of the skin

Abscess, abscess, boil. Person concerned with the thought of the evil that it caused, on the lack of attention and of vengeance.

Pus - accompanies anger caused by the helplessness and powerlessness - humiliated anger. This hostile anger caused by general dissatisfaction with life.

Purulent acne - specific malice or foe, but anger that he holds a

. The value depends on the location of the pimple:

chest - unbearable humiliation associated with the emotions and feelings of love. Love is such a person is rejected or not valued at its true worth.
under his arm - the human desire to hide his feelings of love and its attendant need for intimacy and tenderness of feelings of shame and fear of sin against the established traditions
. on the back - the impossibility of the realization of desire
. on the buttocks - the humiliation associated with major economic problems
. The purulent process in the face, which leaves scars (Demodex). Its causative agent is the person who lives in the skin and moves paving the tick there. In the place where it is being humiliated rises to the surface, which would take a breath and give yourself a bit of freedom, there is a purulent Volcano, after which remains an ugly scar.

Scar says that it is according to the last, because can not forget injustice. If they dug tunnels in the process of cleansing and therapeutic procedures are opened and people see him hiding the humiliation and self-destructive from the fact that the illusion is not fulfilled, then he does not do anything but to openly express their unbearable humiliation, leaving behind traces of hideous possibilities.
< br> Thus he says: "Do not touch me! Now that deprived me of my freedom, then at least do not go. Do not tease humiliation. Due to the collapse of the illusions I fall into despair. I need not physical, but spiritual freedom. " The tick has to respond to every curious humiliated anger that sticks his nose into his affairs. He is forced to do for you is that you do not dare to do.

Whenever you bring up the topic of bad or unfulfilled dreams and openly expressing impotent rage humiliation of thought, in word or in deed, you are giving hopelessness physical freedom, as if the air mite. If your words of hope vosprjala, it would remove the tick. But your words only exacerbate hopelessness! Start from now to release their beznadezhnostpo about unfeasible illusions!

Acne - the rejection itself, dissatisfaction

. Scleroderma - a disease of the skin and underlying tissue seal. The feeling of insecurity and danger. The feeling that you annoy other people and threaten you. Create protection.

Acne - feeling dirty and unloved, little explosions of anger

. Nodule - resentment, indignation, resentment, upset plans, frustration and wounded egos regarding career

. Fistula, fistula - a block in the settlement process to develop

. Boils - constant boiling and bubbling inside

. Eczema - an extremely strong antagonism, mental explosion


Lupus, tuberculosis of the skin. Yielding, renunciation of the struggle for defending their interests. It is better to die than to stand up for themselves.

Herpes zoster. Waiting when the other shoe to subside feet. Fear and tension. Too much sensitivity.

Ringworm - herpes on the genitals, the coccyx. Full and deep belief in sexual guilt and need for punishment. Public shame. Faith in the Lord's punishment. The rejection of the sexual organs.

Ringworm ringworm. Allowing others to get under his skin. You do not feel good enough or clean enough.

Cold on the lips (gerpis) - bitter words are not expressed

. Scabies - infested thinking, allow others to get under your skin


It protects our individuality. The organ of perception. Leather hides the spiritual life of man, it first gives him a sign.

Skin diseases - anxiety, fear. Old, hidden deep slime, dirt, something disgusting. I was in danger.

Skin Types:

Dry skin - people do not want to show their anger than the skin of the land, the latent anger over
. Oily skin - a man does not hesitate to throw out their anger. He stays young longer.
Normal skin - balanced person


It represents what we show the world. It expresses attitude towards visibility, to illusions.

Problems on the face means:

Thickening of the skin and covered with tubercles - anger and sadness
. Papilloma - constant sorrow over the collapse of some specific illusions
. Brown spots or pigmented papilloma - a man against his will makes the will of his own temperament
. Saggy features - comes from the skewed thinking. Resentment about life. Resentment towards life.

Violation of skin pigmentation

Vitiligo (depigmented spots). The feeling that things are out. Not connected to anything. Do not enter into any of the groups. Unconscious guilt because of what man does not dare to assert themselves in life. Man inhibits itself due to other people's opinions, often it is the duty of karma past life.

Pigment - a "spark" of life, temperament. Suppression temperament makes the skin white.

Congenital spots, birthmarks - the same problems, but the mother, because of the similar stress

. Red spots - the excitement, indicate that there is a struggle between fear and anger

. Brown spots - man lacks recognition, he can not assert himself, his dignity hurt

. Nails and hair

Bald, baldness. Voltage. Effort to control everything and everyone around. Do not trust the process of life.

Nails - represent protection

. Bitten nails - upset plans, frustration, devouring itself, anger at a parent

. Baldness. Fear and frustration that I do not like to destroy the scalp, both women and men. Severe hair loss occurs after mental crisis. Users can not type of fight without love to move forward in life, but they want it. To this end, the bald man unconsciously seeks contact with higher forces and finds it. The spirit of such people is more open than that of a man with good hair. So there is a blessing in disguise.

The defeat of the skin, hair and nails. Excessive sadness over the appearance, in which he sees the reason for their failures, and efforts to correct the appearance of the fruit does not bring. The degree of bitterness and proportional to how people waved her hand.

Dandruff - the desire to get rid of annoying thoughtlessness

. Formations on the skin

Warts. Small expressions of hatred. Belief in your own mess.

Warts on the sole of - anger about the very foundations of your understanding. The deepening sense of frustration about the future.

Corns. (Usually on the legs) hardened realm of thought - a stubborn binding to the pain experienced in the past

. Psoriasis. The natural masochism - heroic spiritual patience, delivery person happy with the scope. Devitalization feelings and himself, the refusal to take responsibility for their own feelings. Fear of being hurt, wounded.

Peeling dry skin - is an urgent need to get rid of anger, but that is impossible because of the inability

. Redness, dry skin - became an explosive anger. Peeling and redness of dry skin in patches characteristic of psoriasis.

Skin damage

Sores, wounds, ulcers. Unreleased anger outward.

Burns. Irritation, angrily burning.

Cuts - punishment for something that does not follow its own rules

. Wounds (chopped, sliced) - anger and guilt on himself. The amount depends on the degree of killing of sadness, the amount of bleeding depends on the strength of revenge.

Depending on one in whom one sees the enemy and from whom require to fix your life, come and appropriate Assistant:

by hating the evil and does not recognize his own cruelty comes offender,
to hate the state and do not consider themselves a part of it comes surgeon,
who hates himself because of his own unworthiness, he kills himself.
Combing scratches - a sense that life drags you that flayed off you

. Bruises, bruises - slight collision in life, the punishment

. Scar - a sign of unforgiveness. Who forgives, in order scars disappear. If it does not disappear, it means that you want to get a result, without any special effort.


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