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We come from yesterday and go tomorrow. Their mistakes can correct today. Today it is still possible. Then you'll be able to come tomorrow.

The food compensates for the loss of the positive energy of the body. It balances entering the body of negative energy and thereby does not allow the body to die. Remember again that negative energy, are guilt, fear and anger.

Appetite for various dishes and products occurs as a subconscious desire to compensate for the lack of energy.

If Your mind hasn't opened yet, then pay attention to the body signals and will learn how to use them to think and recognize stress.

Appetite it contains information about what is happening in You, and this simple information:

If You want to sour, the fed needs a sense of guilt. If You don't release the guilt and continue to lean on acid, there will come a time when guilt will grow to extraordinary sizes will be deadly, and You will be the Prosecutor. You pull to sour and pull on the sweet.

If You are experiencing irresistible sugar cravings, it means You have great fear. It requires a recharge. The consumption of sweets is a nice peace of mind, and thus sweet imperceptibly becomes a means of complacency. Those who are too fond of sweet that fosters your fears. If fear makes a man run to escape from the bad, even though he does not refuse from sweet, but more hunting beats a hasty retreat. It burns calories. Who thinks senseless vanity a waste of time, he sits down and begins to think about how to extract action benefit. Meanwhile, the fear of possible failure receives nourishment in the form of cakes, coffee, drinks, etc. this time the fear was fed, the action plan is well thought out and started in. Calories, almost spent on mental work, are transferred to storage in adipose tissue. Hobbled fear turns into anger, and excess calories contribute to obesity.

Craving for meat means that You are angry, but anger can nourish only meat. If angry people not getting cold, then he becomes even angrier. The habit of eating meat cultivates anger. Angrier than a man, the more he consumes the meat. Saltier than anger, pershenie and hotter, the saltier, sharper and pertenue should be meat on his dining table. If you force the angry man to eat only vegetable food, he will smiley, losing weight and becoming more and more human.

Nutritionists and vegetarians subconsciously trying to save humanity, but the evil done this even angrier. Because a meat eater and a vegetarian and do not want to understand each other, and begin to impose each other his innocence. A winner of the malice, and then vegan starts from time to time to eat meat because he feels that otherwise he will not survive. Fear of being defeated by life demands of increased combat readiness. Medically proven harm of excessive consumption of meat food, however, the evil materialist continues to death to eat meat.

Promotion of plant foods is great, but it would be better to start with the release of anger, for then automatically there is an aversion to meat, and that would be the true sense, not the violence. With the release of fear disappears excessive appetite for sweets. In turn, with the release of the guilt disappears the need for sour. The heart is very strong.

There are diets for weight loss prohibiting sweet and starchy foods. Vegetable and meat you eat, how much you need. Because the necessary heavy physical labor the calories easier to get from meat, and the required number of plant food stomach simply will not hold the person consumes meat, ridiculing those who claim that meat is fattening. Such a person becomes more daring. May feel emboldened so that it begins to despise the timid, and then to destroy them physically or mentally, because of his anger, ignoring the raised warning finger of fear that grew to large sizes. Soon begins the self-destruction of man. Life once again proves that everything excessive is bad.

Everyone dreams of perfection. Who starts the meal with a sour, soon drawn to sweet, and when eaten sweet, then salty. People under stress always eat more than necessary. He eats mixed after salt is taken again for the sweet, acidic drinks, etc. If you balance the stress of unreasonable diet, the appetite does not disappear, just the stomach longer holds, the appetite remained the same.

If the person with equal force, rage, guilt, fear and anger, then this person needs to stick to the exact regime and diet. Even if he constantly overeat, obesity will follow. The weight of the three types of stress in the body determines the appetite at the moment. It is considered that a solid daily routine promotes good digestion and health. In fact, with the right mindset the time is irrelevant. Enough to signal a hungry stomach to go with the love of his digestive tract and to food.

Can be a long story about the relationship between appetite and specific disease. In the beginning of the disease to talk about what food used to have the sick, that he can not have and without which he could not live, but the purpose of the book is not that. If You understand the principle, then the rest will think out for yourself.

For example, with increasing feelings of guilt with pleasure, leaning on acid, man, one day he feels that will not go more sour in the mouth. Abdominal pain indicates that there is peptic ulcer disease. The guilt turned into an accusation. Now, a person should go to the frequent consumption of meat and dairy, otherwise the stomach starts to eat itself. The charges arose from increased acidity angrily rushes to the attack at the available meat, without asking whether it is his own (stomach) or someone else (food). The same is true for people with peptic ulcer disease. When the ulcer begins to bleed, the anger became very bloodthirsty.

People with a balanced spiritual life does not abuse food and seasonings. His diet is not needed.

The spirit does not need physical food. The food needed by the body. But the body without the spirit do not exist. The need of spiritual food nourishes also the body. Each stress has its amplitude of oscillation, and each food item or meal — its. When they match, the body's need is satisfied.

Think together now. We say:

I don't want sour.

— I can't stand sour.

To say it differently — spasm in protest or demanding, or wrinkling his nose at the food, calling it bad, nasty. What does it mean? This means that:

I don't want to be to blame.

— I do not tolerate when you have to be to blame!

You want to avoid increasing feelings of guilt. Subconsciously want to avoid a situation in which You have to play the accused. Your sense

guilt has reached a critical point. If You don't release the guilt and continue to eat sour, even in the circumstances, then turn into a Prosecutor.

We say:

I don't want sweet.

— I can not stand sweet.

— I die from the sweet.

What does it mean? This means:

I don't want to feel fear.

— I can't take anymore fear.

— I'll die if my fear will intensify.

These people are subconsciously trying to avoid increasing fear to himself not to scare then others. We say:

I don't want meat.

— I can not stand meat.

I'm a vegetarian.

What does it mean? This means:

— I do not want the growth of anger.

— I do not tolerate the growth of anger.

— I freed myself from anger.

NB! Vegetarians who do not eat meat is a rare phenomenon. The broth is also meat.

The body is an integral part of one of the stages of human development. When we learn to deal with the physical world to bless it, not to destroy, as they did until now, we will be worthy to rise in the spirit. At the same time we liberate from this physical body that wants to eat and suffer.

Perhaps some of the readers will find explanations about the consumption of milk and fish. The need for milk symbolically means the desire and the confidence that someone will adjust his life. Excessive consumption of milk contributes to the life of passivity.

— Who loves milk, he is inclined to deny their mistakes, but notice the mistakes of others.

Who does not like milk, he wants to know the truth, even terrible. He soon agreed to the bitter truth, than sweet lie.

— Who does not tolerate milk, he does not tolerate lies.

— Who was over the top with the milk from that truth will not wait.

Who likes fish, he waits for the miracle which with great pleasure he himself is doing. Craving for fish means the desire of man to ensure that everything will work out. Consumption of fish is a subconscious search for peace of mind.

— Who catches the fish, he loves peace, in whose name they efforts.

— Fish who does not love does not want neither apathy nor peace of mind. He fears passivity, inaction, laziness.

— Who abhors fish that does not tolerate indifference, laziness, and even peace of mind. He wants around him was teeming with life.

Who loves fresh fish, he wants to live in the world quietly, so nobody touched him and he did not disturb others.

Who loves salted fish, he beats his breast and says: "Here it is, a real good man!" Salt increases the determination, self-confidence. Peremeshivanie destroys this quality.

On water consumption:

— If a person drinks enough water, he has a keen vision and acute perception.

— If a person drinks a lot of water, the world for him is vague and unclear, but supportive and friendly.

Came in recent years from the West a fashionable craze to drink water gallon a day dulls the perception. However, the water decreases, that is, dilutes aggressiveness, fears and emotional experiences, but until then, until a person seeks resolution of problems only on a physical level, they will not be resolved definitively. Just as everything physical is subject to destruction, subject to him, and in this way peace of mind. The same will befall all subliminal attempts at physical level aimed at the improvement of life.

Continue the conversation about the energy of certain foods. Lean meat, secret sneaky anger, fatty meat — fair open anger, cereals responsibility to the world, rye — interest to understanding the deep wisdom of life, wheat is of interest to understanding the superficial wisdoms of life, rice — a finely balanced perfect vision of the world, corn is easy to obtain the most from life, barley — confidence, oats, a thirst for knowledge, curiosity, potatoes — seriousness, carrot — giggling, cabbage, warmth, rutabaga — thirst for knowledge, beets — the ability to lucidly explain complex things, cucumber — yearning, daydreaming, tomato — belief in yourself, pea — logical thinking, bow the recognition of their own errors, garlic — opinionated obstinacy, Apple judgment, fennel, patience and self-restraint, lemon — critical mind, a banana — levity, grapes — satisfaction.

Any excess leads to the opposite result. And good food from binge becomes bad.

For example, the egg represents the desire for perfection. Who eats a lot of eggs, and thinking can not, in fact, the demand for perfection. And because nobody him on a Golden platter perfect life does not present, it becomes embittered. On the physical level, this is manifested in the increased content of cholesterol in the blood.

Natural wonder — honey — gives a perfect mother's love and warmth like a mother's hug. So honey cure all diseases. If a person never experienced such love if he is afraid of his mother's love causing the pain, he hates honey.

Food Allergy has spread so widely that there is hardly a food that would not cause allergies. In developed countries, cases of celiac disease — a disease in which the child does not tolerate grain products. Constant diarrhea sucks the life out of the child's vital substance that impedes both spiritual and physical development. It is a disease of metabolism.

Allergy is a topic of protest.

Metabolism means the ability to turn to their advantage the laws of life in its unceasing movement, the ability to improve their lives through life's wisdoms. In short, metabolism is the essence of exchange of ideas. No product is bad no one thought not be all bad. Who hates the rye, he wants easy to get ahead in life, he hates trouble. Who can't tolerate wheat, he is not satisfied in life is small, he is a perfectionist who hates poverty. Who does not vincitore, he can not stand the lack of freedom, hates the strict limits and constant predetermination of life. Anyway, celiac disease is the inability to comprehend the laws of life. Parents of such children would greatly change itself.

Metabolism shows how a person buys, sells and exchanges. If he performs these operations for fair rules for trade, the metabolism is in order. But if he wants money to pay for the core values of life — love, honesty and integrity, then there is a violation of metabolism. The more he errs, the harder and heavier the consequence of this is transferred to children and grandchildren. All the organs of the metabolism is composed of soft tissue and energy is supplied from the main energy channel located in the spinal canal. In short, metabolic disorders reflect a disruption of the balance between giving and receiving.

Man is born in a particular geographical area of the Earth, because it wants to study the relationship between the area and yourself. Food is one of the possibilities to do it. So useful to man are those food products that are produced in the area.

Who begins to think correctly, the physical body learns to do everything a smaller amount of food. One who succumbs under the burden of stress, this food seems bland and inadequate. Because it is necessary to feed also and stress. Calories of its diet remain with him, to enlarge the dimensions of the body.

Who decides to start with a diet, but knows nothing about the release of stress, that will be difficult or even impossible to adhere to. The guilt of the man is hollow inside. Fear requires food, otherwise there is no strength to flee. And the anger wants to grow up to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy.

When a person is dreaming about a beautiful figure, with each meal refuses even one extra piece, the body reacts the least painless, albeit slowly. The body begins to understand that he will now have to take on a portion of the negativity less. So through the power skills to form concepts.

This way of thinking develops in a person's thrift. But if a person goes too far and becomes a cheapskate, its good he drew bad. A typical symptom of the miser is constipated. Constipation shows what turns skuperdyaystve in life. Meanie wants only to receive but unwilling to give anything. Stingy is the one who knows, but his knowledge is not divisible, because he is afraid, as though the other was not smarter then him. He jealously cherishes their knowledge and is offended or gets angry if someone presents to the world what the miser thinks his own discovery. Such a person, in addition to other wounds of the soul, certainly is constipation. Free forgiveness skuperdyaystve, and constipation will.

An example of life.

In a tourist trip, one of my good friend complained to me that here-here will burst from constipation. If at home, it is still somehow possible to transfer the trip it becomes unbearable flour. I said, "Sweetheart, let go of your skuperdyaystve, why suffer!" — "What I trap, I have and all the money spent. But you haven't bought anything yet!" — she objected. "Only miser will be to talk about it, and only the hog, the money goes through your fingers. I have no such problem. I spend money with pleasure and not regret later" — said I.

The whole day went on her release from avarice, and by evening the problem was withdrawn. Since that time her regular bowel movements three times a day.

I sometimes cite this example to amuse the sufferers. Especially the fact that she considered herself to be an extremely generous man and did not understand that fear of being branded a miser recklessly spend money on others. The gifts that she had been to others, was not so pleasant as the ones she makes for the same money now. Before people felt its debtors, now saw in the gift expression of love.

Skuperdyaystve is one of the most easily freed of stress.

Peace and love to You

Dr. Luule Viilma

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