A professional coach of bodybuilding and fitness, rawfoodist-frutarianets.

Yatlenko Alex, 55 years old, rawfoodist-frutarianets 3 years. A professional coach of bodybuilding and fitness.

Raw food diet and weight.

Many beginning raw foodists in the transition period, faced with drastic weight loss. This rapid loss of tens of kilograms "accumulated" for many years, weight, many people are very scared. I get a lot of questions on this issue - what happens to the weight, if he will recover, when and how quickly

? So what caused the sharp relief of body weight, and why is this happening?

Let's talk on this vital topic.
I want to help you understand this question from the point of view of physiology, experience an athlete and coach, as well as 3-year experience of raw foodists frutariantsa.
Talk on clarity, simple language, without any scientific terms. Let me forgive pundits, if I explain something is not correct from the point of view of science.

And so it began.
The ordinary man, eating everything that does not have any of serious health problems, do not bother to physical work and sports, to 17-18 years, had an average weight of 55-70 kg. For example, consider a person 170 cm in height. And 60 kg. This is the normal weight for a young man of that age.
Eating traditional cooked food, with a lot of meat products, a variety of cereals, dairy products and drinking it all a drink (beer, wine, vodka), daily "pampering" yourself sweets, desserts and at the same time leading a sedentary lifestyle, our average youth almost every year is gaining 3-5 kg. weight. And it is not noticeable to the 30-35 years becomes solid, chubby man weighing 80-90 kg., And even more! What is it? 15-20 years - 20-30 kg. lishneg weight. This is not a mass-professional bodybuilder, not the mountain of steel muscles. Typically, such a person usually looks - untrained, puffy body tum. Already emerged from the "bouquet" of diseases, tired ... So ugly picture. And it is considered the norm. What do you want - "approaching old age," all the same "for 35 years!?!" And this picture I see more than a dozen years

. So where did the 20-30 kg. overweight?

Eating Traditionally, we load the body on a daily basis a large number of mixed, precooked food. The body is unable to process all of this. One portion is superimposed on another (for not yet fully digested the food, added another and another). We will not go into details of digestion, and just say - the body is literally littered with indigestible compounds. It starts slagging organism. The man literally blown from the surplus does not eliminate toxins, mucus and water. A love of high carbohydrate foods (different cereals, potatoes, biscuits, crisps, sugary desserts, soft drinks, etc.), which goes directly into the fat deposits in the body, completes the picture.
The plus to body fat, and our love goes to all the fried, fatty, smoked, salty.
Man is not just fat accumulates on the body, but also accumulates fat in itself. For large surplus body weight, virtually all the internal organs are covered by internal (visceral) fat. This is the worst! It disrupts the normal operation of the whole organism. And every year people becoming fatter. If everyone could see this very visceral fat (and not a pleasant sight - a loose, yellow, nasty bunch, which is stuffed between the internal organs), he would not be able to eat more than usual. INGOs years ago, my client lost weight by 40 kg, once he saw in the pictures your internal fat. She did not have to agitate for proper nutrition, it is simply no longer able to eat as before, so she was disgusted by what he saw. Moreover, she began to help other people to eat correctly.

Not to be unfounded, I will share the results of their experiment.
Somewhere in a year-frutarianstva raw food, I had a Science Experiment that demonstrated how increasing body weight on the traditional "balanced" diet.
Within 2 months, I was eating high-calorie heat-treated pischschu. To mix proteins and carbohydrates, eating every 2, 5-3 hours is advised for a set of muscle mass. I trained extensively. As a result, these 2 months, I gained 12 kg. !!! Due to what happened this rapid weight gain? After all, the human body can synthesize only 18-20 g of pure muscle a day. Taking into account the fat and water, I had an average score of about 4 kg. weight. And then as much as 12 kg. Through analysis of the state of his body, I became convinced that the increase was due to a large amount of fat and water. Muscles increased the least, and that only through training. And we must remember that I ate very well, as a professional, nothing fried, fatty, harmful. But most people, even those precautions in food does not comply with and do not exercise just do. Only absorb a huge amount of all kinds of food until late at night.

Large weight gain occurs from mixed ptaniya. And we have, traditionally - cutlets with potatoes and bread, meat dishes with vegetables, macaroni and cheese, etc. And all this seized desserts, drink Coke or sugary soda. Between meals, "satisfy hunger" cookies, pastries, candies. And so every day. The body is unable to cope with the arrival of such a large amount of carbohydrates, and even mixed with proteins and sugars. Hence all superfluous - in the fat. Not processed food settles in the form of fecal stones in the large intestine.
On average, a person manages the entire life of malnutrition, accumulate in itself and on itself 20-40 kg. This "good". And it - illness, loss of energy, unpresentable appearance. A typical picture of a modern society. Today met a peasant 50 years slim, trained and cheerful -. A rarity
Therefore intake of fast weight gain on a mixed, high-calorie diet, are the artists to gain weight for a particular role. Such a diet - the main feature Sum
fighters. And my experiment is demonstrated (by the way, all the customers thought that the Russian coach knows some extraordinary secret speed dial mass). Yes, we have this secret holds the whole country!

After this experiment and return to the pure raw food diet, I lost those extra 12 kg. for 1, 5 months.
I repeat, that such a large increase occurs only when a mixed diet.
If you eat "varёnkoy" separately, without mixing proteins and carbohydrates in one meal, the weight is growing much more slowly.
Therefore, in recent years, many professional bodybuilders have switched to separate food. And for better health, and fat gain less.
Ideally, it looks like this: a protein product + herbs, vegetables. Rest for 2-3 hours. Carbohydrate product + fresh herbs, vegetables. Fruits and juices - separate meals or 30 minutes before a meal. With this power will be much less harm.
A separate food - this is the best transition to a raw diet, I believe. And then, you can gradually replace "varёnku" on raw foods. Such a transition is much smoother and psychologically easier for a person.

And so you decide to give yourself a "battle." We switched to a raw food diet, and faced with a sharp weight loss. What's going on?
Firstly: the body begins to easily digest the living, vegetarian food. All food, almost no residue goes to the cause, to the needs of the body. Unleash a huge amount of energy is spent on digestion is not indigestible mixtures and for personal needs of the body - it begins to heal itself. Starts to get rid of accumulated toxins and other things "good". He has no time for growth, you must first display all superfluous and alien that interferes with the normal functioning of all internal organs. It begins a cleansing crisis, because any disease comes with an exacerbation. Second: that you eat only raw vegetable products, is not a guarantee that the body copes with it 100%. Hence "Jordania", eat a lot of raw food and nutrients is absorbed by little. Over the years, the power "varёnkoy" we killed our microflora completely. Our digestive system, during the transition period, simply can not cope fully with the new, natural food. The body gradually grows a new flora, adjusted to absolutely usual for self catering. It takes time. The practice of a raw food diet has shown that if all the conditions, it may take 7-8 months, and sometimes more.

From here and sudden weight loss.

After the cleaning is finished, the microflora is updated, then begin the long-awaited restoration of weight. The body will be able to receive and absorb a much greater amount of nutrients from the minimum amount of raw plant foods. You will no longer be the original "Jora" of fruits and vegetables will decrease. You will easily go without food for several hours, it will be easy to starve (and this will need). This will not occur no weight loss. Everyone will have the weight that your body needs for natural, healthy functioning.
But the weight of recovered, the figure has become a beautiful and natural, it is necessary to help the body.
For this purpose, it is necessary several times a week to carry out intense weight training. I repeat, it was intense! This is the work with the iron in the gym. We need a competent training in supercompensation phase. Then there will be growth of muscle mass. Without literacy training, you look emaciated raw foodists. The lack of serious training -. It is one of the main mistakes many raw foodists

Be sure to add the to your daily diet of a large number of green (at least 500-800 g) For the purification phase is over. By defecating fruits and vegetables, you need to add synthesizing products. And this will greatly assist the chlorophyll greens. Fruits and vegetables - it's vitamins, and herbs - trace elements. One without dugogo not conceivable.
Use this simple formula: FRUITS + VEGETABLES + Green + TRAINING = health, energy, strength, beauty

. Appearance is decent, despite their age.
But note that even with reinforced training, you will not be able to gain a lot of weight raw food diet, as in the traditional diet. The body will maintain the necessary weight to it, for the normal functioning. Plus a few kilos of muscles from training. No more and no less. If we take the example of raw foodists Height 170 cm., The good weight and appearance of the raw foodists will have 60-67 kg. And if you eat and exercise correctly and intensely, it is possible to gain weight to 70-72 kg. at the same height. But it will be really functional, durable, strong, muscle definition. It does not matter how old are you, 30 or 50. Raw food diet equalizes all. All are slim and beautiful. The main sound approach to everything. Raw food diet is no exception. Studying a raw food diet, I came to the conclusion that there should be much more honest approach to muscle gain than traditional power.
Here is an example yourself. Genetically, I'm not prone to muscle gain. From early childhood, I struggled with the help of training per kg. masses. At age 17, I weighed only 56 kg. Pursuing a professional bodybuilder, I scored the dry weight of 80 kg. with growth of 170 cm. It is only natural training and using natural food (never in my life did not use steroids, basically). This is very modest for pitching in today's time, when the market is filled with a huge number of various sports supplements, but even this result was very good for me, given my past illnesses and poor genetics.
On the raw food diet I lost 13 kg. But it was my natural weight. This weight will not go anywhere, if you continue to exercise. Yes, of course, does not have the volume that used less power rates, but look decent. Even at age 55, on a raw food diet, I look better than many in 35 years on a traditional diet. It is clear awareness of other life priorities. But now I am happy with everything (although I will not dissemble, I want to gain more weight kilogramchikov 5, is haunted by the past bodybuilder - a professional). But on this I'm working.

In these photos I'm on a raw food diet, with growth of 170 cm. Weight 67 kg. Excess fat not muscle tone, according to age. I feel myself physically for 30-35 years.


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