Yatlenko Alex, 55 years old. Raw foodists-frutarianets 3 years.


MY EXPERIENCE raw food diet.

Many raw foodists, face difficulties in the first months of the transition period. Scarecrow weight drop, do not know how and what to eat. They can not understand the calorie foods. Eating too little or not that is necessary for the first time to cleanse the body. Do not know how to train and whether it is necessary.

I understand you perfectly, he has passed this period of transition, full of ignorance and neponyatok. I will try to help you a little bit, a few tips from my own experience.

About the weight fall Now do not think. He falls to as much as the body needs to be cleansed. But it's all temporary. After proper raw food diet, fasting and periodic training, after 6-8 months, your body will take the natural shape, weight increase. Now your task is to help the body to do it as quickly as possible.

I, for these 3 years the raw food diet, did not a few mistakes, but now found the "flavor" of food and training on the raw food diet.

I tried and germinated grains, and eat vegetables. Include nuts in your diet. Eating enough fruits, eating a lot of fruit, making green smoothies ... I tried everything ... But the result does not suit me.
After serious study of the issue in all aspects of the raw food diet, I came to the current understanding - what to eat, and not least, as a (more on that below)
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Getting help the body to be cleaned.

The first thing to do - is to hold a short fasting. Those who have never practiced it, we must begin with 2-3 days of fasting on water. Or to 1 day dry fasting. Do not go to extremes and to start with a 7-day dry fasting! This is a huge burden on the body. This will start a strong movement of toxins and excretory system can not cope. Only inflict self-harm in the best case. Where appropriate saying: "Hurry up, but slowly." Who has the practice of fasting, can start with 7 days of water fasting or 2-3 days of absolute dry fasting. This way you will prepare the body for the transition to a new, syroedcheskuyu diet. Remember that hiring the right way out of hunger - this is very important! This you can read in the book of prof. Stoleshnikov "How to come back to life»

. In the first step, we try to eat smaller synthesizing products (nuts, buckwheat germ, avocados, roots). Includes more cleaning, juicy fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons, pineapples, apples, papaya, watermelon, melon, grapes, mangoes, tomatoes (it is also the fruit), fresh fruit juices).

A very important point that raw foodists do not think seriously.
It is necessary to include in the menu, a large number of greens. Vegetation - a chlorophyll is microcells, the composition is substantially hemoglobin blood. Raw foodists without greenery, just silly. Greens must be at least 500-800 g per day. Greens should be varied (parsley, cilantro, celery, spinach, beet leaves, lettuce, LECHUGA, broccoli, etc.). Serving Size, at least 200-250 of course, the person is unable to chew so many herbs. Help comes blender.
Make a mixture of herbs - 200-250 g, add approximately 100-120 ml. water and stir. It turns so thick herbal soup. I take it 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes before eating the fruit. Some say that it is not tasty (although I really like the taste can be seen on the raw food diet was a natural). Then make green smoothies - add herbs to fruit in a blender. I started so early, but now my body requires all separately, requires taste herbs (previously could not drink and 100 g, and now I drink and a bastard, like a cow). Try as you like best.

If you want to be active and exercise (which should be done necessarily syroendenii to the body at all times been in the aerobic mode), you need to get from fruit and vegetables, at least 2500-3000 kcal. It is not difficult.
I - frutarianets, do not eat nuts, cereals, vegetables (although a transition period I really wanted). Now, my body requires only fruit and herbs. Of these, I get everything needed for the organism.

At first, I could not push as much a fruit, to collect the necessary number of calories.

There was a time when I could no longer look at the bananas and other fruits. Intuition suggested way - is a blender. I take 3-4 large bananas or 5-7 medium (depending on variety), add 400-500 ml. of water in a blender and blend. It turns a beautiful banana cocktail. You can add more papaya. It will be very delicious and nutritious shake. Or try using papaya, add greenery. Try looking at your taste. I am in search of their food, I spend a couple of years. I'm nobody, nothing is advised, all found empirically. Also, I do apples in a blender (5-6 pieces) - whip directly to the bones, not cleared. Pineapples I chew too tired - again bailed out the blender. Pineapple cocktail, I like more than the pineapple slices. Tomatoes (5-7 pieces), I, too, whip in a blender - turns funky tomato soup (can be added to sweet, red pepper Delicious and satisfying
.. If the first 2 years of a raw food diet, I eat the whole fruit, but now it is like to drink fruit cocktails. Everything is changing with taste (may soon want to drink only juices). We will see. The body will tell itself.

Over the years, my diet has been transformed several times.
I have very good intuition and I always listen to your body. It is very important. No need to stick to bigotry zhёstskih schemes imposed by someone. We are all individual. That's my diet, may not suit all. It vsёgo only my experience. And you try and decide what is right for you.

Today, my daily diet is as follows:

1. Lemon drink - 400 ml.vody + juice of 2-3 lemons
. 2. Fresh orange juice (6 pcs.)
3. Green (200-250 g) + Pineapple Cocktail (1 pc.)
4. Green (200-250 g) + Banana cocktail (6 pcs.)
5. Green (200 -250 g) + tomato soup (or apple cocktail -5 pcs.)
6. Green (200-250 g) + Papaya (3 pcs.)
7. Apples (2-3 pcs.) Or tangerine juice (3 pcs.)

And it all gives me about 3000 kcal. On the day of the training, an additional portion of the banana or avocado cocktail (1 pc.)
At the weekend, instead of a daily meal, add grapes (500-750 g) or watermelon.
Lots of good fruit, lots of greenery - all this is a very balanced diet
. A lot of energy, a lot of strength. There is no hunger.
By the way, over time, less and less hungry. The body has all lacking. I started early with 7-8 meals per day - was "Jordania", and the weight is still falling. And now I can eat 3-4 times and everything is in order. The body is already lacking. In this exercise seriously.

Another very important point, which I mentioned - THIS IS HOW

. People do not think about eating automatically.
I studied the medical literature, analyzed, tested on himself. The sensations and the result was awesome. Do you want to be healthy, have good physical shape - EAT RIGHT. It turns out there are clinics in the world, healing, teaching people is right.
When I was 2 years frutarianstva, I learned about it and tried to imagine - and I was very pleasantly surprised. And only then I started my real, pleasant frutarianstvo.
There is a right - it is plus 50% of the success in the raw food diet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

And right there - very simple

. I'm not vain, intuitively I came to smoothies. They helped me understand and feel like it is right.

There should be very slow. The rule is - solid drink, and the liquid has
. I am now all their liquid cocktails - EM. Yes, that's it. Firstly, I eat them with a spoon, and do not swallow from the glass. And secondly, every cocktail spoon before swallowing, just as it start to chew. This is the beginning of the unusual. But suddenly, you begin to feel a very different taste of the fruit. When you chew it for a long time (even if it is a liquid drink), then there is the other, the real taste. I, for every cocktail takes 15-20 minutes. Try also chew fruit. Very carefully and tastefully. And before you want to swallow it - a little more to chew on. The taste of the fruit becomes delightful. I, for the first time since tried to chew a banana. And found that bananas, which I used to have a very different, more intense and pleasant taste. You just have to not eat fruits and drink. Try it - you'll like. You will be pleasantly surprised new taste of fruit.
This is a very useful food practices. Only in this way, slowly and carefully perezhёvyvaya any food with pleasure, without being distracted, you can get rid of many diseases. This is evidenced by the world practice of specialized clinics.

We all eat automatically and usually very quickly. There must be correct.
Yes, it will have to learn, it is not very usual. But the result is worth it.
I mastered this practice and now I feel a new, real enjoyment of the fruit.

Every year, the raw food diet, comes some new understanding, seemingly well-known things. This constant new discoveries, new pleasant sensations. The way of living, solar food - this is the path of knowledge. In any case, it is for me. I'm starting to like it more and more.

Now let's talk about physical activity.

This is a very important question.

When a raw food diet to gain good physical shape, beautiful, muscle relief, necessarily need to seriously train with iron. But other than that, with a raw food diet, it is necessary that all the time the body was in the aerobic mode. Only then, it will be an excellent and fast results on a raw food diet. A big mistake many raw foodists that they do not attach importance to this important point. And not giving yourself a serious exercise, leading "Divan" lifestyle - doom their lives on the part of the "failures", the psychological discomfort and eventually to return to "varёnku". Unfortunately, I know such cases, real people living here in Ecuador.
We need a very serious training.

I always repeat that the component of health - a raw food diet + TRAINING + starvation. One without the other is unthinkable. Point.

But in matters of training, you can not make mistakes.
We should not just walk in the room, namely to train properly, taking into account the laws of physiology. Average, thoughtless pulling "iron" in the hall, as many do, will not work.
Need strictly dosed, cyclical exercise, only supercompensation phase. Be sure to take into account the necessary level of physical fitness, body type, the nervous system, the degree of muscle recovery.
Many raw foodists, just train a lot, for a long time and almost on a daily basis, without taking into account the physiological laws of the body. Consider - the more, the better, and then wonder what is happening and not the desired muscle growth and strength. And believes that to blame the raw food diet.
Training - this is a very serious science. There can be little things. Everything should be taken into account, then there will be real results, regardless of whether you rawfoodist or conventionally powered athlete. Even taking a ton of sports supplements, you can not achieve results if you do not come to training with a head (which I observe in the halls, for many years of his coaching career). I always say to my clients - "The main muscle in the body - is the head»

. And so, let us summarize.
During the transition period, the raw food diet, pay close attention to defecating products, train as much, conduct periodic, cleaning starvation.
Thus, we can help themselves in the speedy acquisition of desired health, good physical shape and psychological comfort.

I would be glad if my experience can help avoid mistakes during the transition period.


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