8 myths about strength training

About bodybuilding, weightlifting and those physical activities that accompany them, steeped in the most incredible rumors. Consider and analyze a few common objections to strength training.

Myth 1. Rods are only suitable to menthe Truth: Men are physically stronger than women. However, the physiology of men and women in General is no different: those and other equally occurs blood circulation, breathing, cell regeneration, muscle growth etc. that is why in gyms you will find exclusively male or exclusively female shells. Similarly, it is not purely male or female exercises. And the bar, and the trainer is not the individual shells on gender type, and complementary tools to improve any body.

Myth 2: "Iron" is not conducive to weight lossTruth: training with "iron" are different. Of course, if the goal of your workouts — develop strength and masonboro, lose weight and you certainly won't succeed. But using dumbbells and barbells can also be engaged, for example, aerobics. And how does the additional load of an intense workout, we all know. So if your goal is to lose weight, then just give preference strength aerobics.

Myth 3: Rod can not raise children and teenagersthe Truth: Everyone knows that the immature organism cannot be overloaded with heavy objects. And indeed it is. At the same time, training with weights stimulate in children and adolescents the production of growth hormone, which, in turn, stimulates the growth of bones in length. So don't be afraid to let your child in the gym. Moreover, the percentage of exercises with a barbell even in adult athletes is during training rather insignificant part of it.

Myth 4: in Order to remove belly fat, it is enough to download the pressthe Truth: Absolutely false. To get rid of fat only in one place is possible only surgically. You have no desire to go under the scalpel? Then the only way out — regular exercise and a calorie deficit of 10-15%. The only way you'll be able to create for your body the conditions for fat burning. The result with the new reduced size you will experience throughout the body, not in one particular place. And, agree, this is much nicer!

Myth 5: to pump hands do not need to be sprayed on everything elseThough: As we have seen in the previous example, our body is a unified whole where everything is interconnected. Now one fact: to increase biceps 1 cm it is necessary to add 3-4 kg of total muscles in our body. And due to what most quickly build muscle mass? Right. Due to the large muscles, which are on the legs, buttocks and back. Perhaps this sounds paradoxical, but if you aspire to develop strong arms to swing the legs!

Myth 6: stress on the hands makes them overpoweredis the Truth: typically, this is one of the biggest female fears. Such a threat exists, but only on the condition that your body is crammed with a huge number of anabolic steroids and testosterone. Otherwise, how could women not shaking their hands, they will not be able to achieve men's results.

Myth 7: you Can simultaneously remove fat and build musclethe Truth: unfortunately, without the use of anabolic steroids is impossible. Lipolysis is a catabolic process. It is associated with the destruction of the body, that is, with ramalingam of complex substances to simple. And the muscle pump in the volume — this is the anabolic process that is associated with the construction of the body. In this case, simple substances are transformed into complex. Consequently, our body can be either in the anabolic phase or catabolic. So you'll have to determine a priority sequence for their aspirations.

Myth 8. If you eat after a workout — not lose weightthe Truth: the average for one class in the gym we get rid of about 300-500 kcal. Naturally, our body will tend to bring them back. And if not to spare him from this stress, obliv something nourishing, in the future our body will try to accumulate the fat out of everything that will hit him. That is to say, a "rainy day". So eating after a workout is necessary, but it is important to observe that. Otherwise, really, you have a chance not only to lose weight gain extra pounds.

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