The original clubs of the world

Firehouse FitnessLocation: Bilin, TX, USA

This sports centre is equipped in a former firehouse. Firehouse Fitness specializiruetsya on personal training, group classes at the gym, martial arts type kickboxing, and JIU-jitsu, yoga and Zumba.

Unlike many fitness clubs, Firehouse Fitness is not open for the franchise, and one family, which owns and operates the club, which allows them to create a truly family atmosphere for their customers. There's even a kitchen where you can cook yourself to a healthy snack after a workout. And throwing off a lot of pounds, you can get on the honor roll.

Sky WellnessLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

The club is located in the former restaurant, built on the Danube embankment in the 70-ies of the last century. In the 90s, the restaurant was converted into a fitness club, which is famous for its unusual geometric ceiling and panoramic Windows, which adds the feeling of space in the gym.

Brooklyn BouldersLocation: Brooklyn, Queensbridge, new York- Chicago, Il – Somerville, mA, USA

Really the idea of the future! The creators of the fitness establishment decided to fight the sedentary lifestyle when working in offices, combining into one co-working centre with fitness club and climbing wall. To work definitely more interesting and therefore more productive. Each visitor of the center shall listen to the introductory lecture, where they talk about safety and rules of conduct in the community. These rules are simple: every 30 minutes you must do at least 5 sit-UPS 5 pull-UPS, and to start a conversation with at least one stranger. For staff working in the centres, all services are free gym, offers fitness workshops, classes in capoeira and yoga.

Sportplaza MercatorLocation: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Perhaps the most beautiful gym in the world — from the Sportplaza Mercator resembles a hobbit house. Inside a large green hill in the area of 7100 square metres, the fitness rooms, pool, sauna, steam bath, cafe, Playground and other facilities for healthy activities.

Fitness on the busLocation: new York, USA

In fact, a mobile gym on the bus — part of a fitness network, Inform Fitness, more traditional institutions which are located throughout new York. While the fitness bus is a kind of mobile advertising, however, is functional: in the hall on wheels, it is possible to work out at the gym, and an innovative program based on the latest fitness.

Easy GymLocation: Arrigorriaga, Spain

Not to be confused with other clubs of the same name! This fitness centre in the Basque country is very different from all others — it offer to do fitness... in the Nude! The owner of the establishment Merch Lusaka looking for ways to make your club the most popular in Arrigorriaga and found her Easy Gym is a gym for nudists! Fortunately, they are in these parts quite a lot, so the idea is just in the air. And have something to train: there are 12 famous throughout Europe nudist beaches.

EcoPower FitnessLocation: Portland, or, USA

Environmental friendliness the highest level! At both fitness clubs, working on this brand, pedal bicycles equipped with generators that produce 50 to 150 watts. The resulting electricity is used to operate fans, lights, music and televisions. The creators of fitness outlets initially set ourselves the task to save on electricity, and got an additional is eco-gyms can show by the largest American television, write about them in the press. Not surprisingly, the end of visitors to EcoPower Fitness, and the idea has been replicated in other U.S. cities.

Boxing club Wild Card GymLocation: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Fitness club near Hollywood attracts not some special interiors and other "chips," and what may: the star visitors. At the Wild Card Gym to meet the Boxing Champions and wrestling, the celebrities of cinema and show-business. For example, among the frequent guests of the club Mickey Rourke and mark Wahlberg. This is no accident: the Wild Card Gym signs contracts with professional athletes and other stars, according to which those several times a month must conduct the training in the same gym with the usual customers.published


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