7 Russian athletes with the most expensive contracts

In early September, a two-month contract epic hockey superstar Ilya Kovalchuk (№13 in the rating of "Stars and Money") finally ended with the signing of an agreement with the club New Jersey Devils. During this period, Kovalchuk made a choice between three clubs (all the same Devils, Los Angeles Kings and St. Petersburg SKA). He signed the first contract with the club from New Jersey for 17 years and a total of $ 102 million, which is not registered NHL. Then there was an unsuccessful arbitration upheld the decision of the league. Agents Kovalchuk and Devils made a new contract that this time the NHL approved. The total amount - $ 100 million over 15 years. But Ilya Kovalchuk - not only Russian athlete who managed to sign a long term contract for a large sum. Forbes has made the list of the seven athletes who have signed agreements with their clubs for more than $ 40 million.

Ilya Kovalchuk

Club / League: New Jersey Devils / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 100 million over 15 years
Term of Agreement: 2010-2011 seasons - 2024-2025 gg.

Failing to achieve sporting success with his club Atlanta Thrashers, Ilya Kovalchuk in the final year of the contract in effect rejected the two versions of the new agreement proposed by the management of the club: $ 101 million over 12 years and $ 70 million over 7 years. As a result, Thrashers traded him to the Devils, which is more suitable for ambition Kovalchuk (Devils have won three Stanley Cups, and Thrashers - none). After two months of negotiations between the agents of a hockey player, the club and the League signed an agreement for $ 100 million. The amount is less than the suggested Thrashers, Kovalchuk but now will have more chances to win the Stanley Cup.

Alexander Ovechkin

Club / League: Washington Capitals / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 124 million over 13 years
Term of Agreement: 2008-2009 season - 2020-2021 gg.

With his first season in the NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin became the league, having collected subsequently whole scattering of individual awards, including the Calder Memorial Trophy (Award to the best newcomer) and two Hart Memorial Trophy (most valuable player award). In January 2008, Ovechkin, doigryvaya last season by rookie contract, signed a new agreement with his club Washington Capitals, while leading the negotiations himself without agents. Team owner Ted Leonsis made him an offer he can not refuse - the most expensive deal in the history of NHL.

Alexei Yashin

Club / League: New York Islanders / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 87, 5 million for 10 years
Term of Agreement: 2001-2002 season - 2010-2011 (in fact the 2001-2002 - 2006-2007) years.

In the last season (1999-2000 gg.) Agreement with the club Ottawa Senators Alexei Yashin went on strike: it is not satisfied with the salary, the provisions of the contract, and it required raising it to other All-Star team (from $ 3 to $ 6 million 6-7 million) . In response, the Senators disqualified him for the season. Then followed arbitration, which took the side of the club. Yashin had no choice but to work out the final year of the contract in the 2000-2001 season. Expectations hockey players were rewarded in the summer of 2001, when he signed a record contract with the New York Islanders club for $ 87, 5 million. But in the end, this amount has decreased. After the lockout (abolition of the season) in the NHL in 2004-2005. the league and the players union signed an agreement on the reduction of salaries for existing contracts by 24%. Two years later, the club dissatisfied with the game Yashin, bought the last four years of the contract for 2/3 of the total amount ($ 17, 6 million). These funds will receive Russian hockey player for eight years (through 2015). After the redemption of the contract, no NHL club has not offered Yashin new agreement, and now he plays for SKA St. Petersburg.

Andrei Kirilenko

Club / League: Utah Jazz / NBA
Details of the agreement: $ 86, 4 million over 6 years
Term of Agreement: 2005-2006 season -2010-2011 years.

In terms of salary for this season ($ 17, 8 million), which will be the last year of the current contract, Andrei Kirilenko is among the ten highest-paid players in NBA. However, his contract includes various "tops" the worst kind of agreements or most overrated players. Equally successful multimillion-dollar contract and Kirilenko was able to sign because of the change of generations in the Utah Jazz, when the Russian basketball team became the leader, and even spoke at the All-Star Game. Later Kirilenko had no place in the game schemes Jazz, and because it has become the leader in the conventional role of basketball. The following summer, he will sign a new contract, and most likely, the amount of the agreement is several times lower.

Pavel Bure

Club / League: Florida Panthers / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 47, 5 million over 5 years
Term of Agreement: 1999-2000 season - of 2003-2004.

Recent campaigns in the Vancouver Canucks in 1998-1999. We went to Pavel Bure in conflicts. The main star of the team, earned the nickname "Russian Rocket" for his speed on the ice, in exchange demanded a stronger team. The club lost to hockey player in January 1999 and traded him to the Florida Panthers. In summer, Bure signed with the club a five-year contract for $ 47, 5 million (plus an option to extend the agreement for the sixth year with a salary of $ 10 million). In 2002, he traded in the New York Rangers, but there Bure most of the time played, and treating injuries. Russian hockey player missed the season of 2003-2004., And in 2005 announced his retirement due to a knee injury.

Pavel Datsyuk

Club / League: Detroit Red Wings / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 46, 9 million for 7 years
Term of Agreement: 2007-2008 season - the 2013-2014.

Pavel Datsyuk, which was fixed for the unofficial title of "the most intelligent players from playing" in the NHL in favor of one club - Detroit Red Wings. The relationship between the player and the club has always been the business and Datsyuk has signed a new contract without scandals and sensations.

Evgeni Malkin

Club / League: Pittsburgh Penguins / NHL
Details of the agreement: $ 43, 5 million over 5 years
Term of Agreement: 2009-2010 season - the 2013-2014.

The selected number two to the NBA Draft in 2004 NHL Evgeni Malkin began performing in the North American league a year later than Alexander Ovechkin, received on the same draft of the first number. With a difference a year Ovechkin and Malkin received prizes for the best newcomer and snipers League. But their new contracts they have entered into in 2008. However, for Ovechkin, he began acting with the 2008-2009 season. And for Malkin - from the 2009-2010.

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