The biggest scandals in the history of the Olympic Games

The conflicts, misunderstandings, criticism of the winners and their environment - without it can not do any one Olympics. However, sometimes it happens so scandals that their memory is preserved to this day. About the loudest of them, and we want you to tell us today.

Winning or losing Michael Phelps (Michael Phelps)

According to some keen supporters of conspiracy theories, video and photo evidence from the scene say that Phelps actually in one of the heats has conceded the opponent a hundredth of a second.

These people have even created a website on which they accused US officials that Phelps' victory was bought, and that in fact the athlete took second mesto.Odnako Olympic Committee replied that no doubt Phelps victory they did not cause, and all attacks reacted calmly.

Logo «Zion»

After the logo was presented to the Summer Olympic Games of 2012, Iran said that in fact the logo - it is not the numbers "2012" and the word "Zion", and threatened to boycott the London Games. Zionism - the ideology, which is the main content of anticommunism and chauvinism. The Iranians were not the only ones who criticized the logo. The multi-colored logo, worth 650 000 dollars, has come under a barrage of criticism for the fact that she is ugly, and what a waste of money. However, only Iran has openly called emblem of the Zionist message.

Underage gymnasts

During the Summer Olympic Games, the Chinese gymnast 2000 Fangksiao Dong (Dong Fangxiao) won bronze. Ten years later, she was stripped of the medal after it was discovered that during the games she was only 14 years old. According to the rules of Olympic competition, the athlete must be over 16 years old to have a tolerance for the game. Moreover, it is not the only time when China was suspected of sending to the Olympic Games of young gymnasts. During the competition, the Chinese gymnasts 2008 Xe Keksin (He Kexin) and Yang Yuyan (Jiang Yuyuan) because of their children's appearance too came under suspicion of Olympic officials. The girls were admitted to the games only after presented their passports, of which it became clear that both of them for 16 years.

Counterfeit tickets

According to the British newspaper Sunday Times, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially allowed to make a 20 percent surcharge on tickets. This allows event organizers to collect the necessary sum of money. However, some believe that this is not enough, because the Sunday Times reported the existence of a huge black market for Olympic tickets. For example, there is information that the Serbian authorities to offer for sale of counterfeit tickets in 1500 with a promise to purchase in the event and also to falsify passports. IOC threatened to investigate it.

Hot Cubans

Matos (Matos), the Cuban athlete teykvandist, received a lifetime ban after the Summer Olympic Games in 2008 dealt a kick in the face of the judge. The incident occurred after one of the fights athlete was injured, he asked for a break. According to the rules, in such cases, it is given a pause duration of 1 minute. However, after that time, Matos has not resumed the fight, so the victory was awarded automatically to the opponent. Here's the hot Cuban and could not resist. Fidel Castro rushed to the defense of his fighter, accusing Olympic officials in perpetual conspiracy against the Cuban athletes.

Black September

During the Summer Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich, Israeli athletes were taken captive by the Palestinian terrorist group called "Black September." As a result of this act of killing 11 people, including athletes, coaches and German police officer. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir instructed the Committee for the defense of Mossad to track down and crack down on those responsible for the attack. Rumor has it that one of the terrorists still alive.

The political order. The explosion in 1996.

July 27, 1996 during the Olympic Games held in Atlanta, there was an explosion. Two people died, 111 - were injured varying degrees of severity.

At the very beginning of the investigation, the authorities have been several versions regarding the perpetrators of the attack. However, later in the whole blamed American Eric Robert Rudolph (Eric Robert Rudolph), who had already made something like twice (once he blew up a clinic specializing in abortions, and once gave a blast at the bar for lesbians).

After five years, the man remained on the run, he still managed to catch. Currently, Eric is serving a life sentence without parole.

Because the trial took place behind closed doors, as well as the fact of cooperation with the investigation of the terrorist triggered the emergence of a lot of rumors about the motivation Rudolph to commit such an act, including the rumored and political order.

An animated logo and epilepsy

Within a few hours after the onset of online animated version of the logo Summer Olympic Games in 2012 there were 12 cases of epilepsy. Olympic Committee removed the logo from the official site, while blaming the incident on animation, not the creators of the logo.

The Olympic Games in London. False attacks.

According to the theory of conspiracy 2012 Olympics was supposed to be a springboard for a series of fake terrorist attacks by such groups as the Illuminati or bilderbergtsy. Proponents of this theory say that imitation can occur invasion of aliens, or even can be simulated mock terrorist act with the aim of establishing a new world order. To extend the theory of people pointed to the emblem of the 2012 Olympics, speaking of it as proof that the UK will attempt to create a "new Jerusalem." "New Jerusalem", for the uninitiated - a new world order, referred to in the Bible, and which will be preceded by the apocalypse.

Athletes with superhuman strength

Many conspiracy theorists believe that during the Cold War East Germany wanted to create a race of supermen, pumping their athletes with steroids and other doping cocktails.

Evidence of this theory - the case of Heidi Kroeger (Heidi Kreger), gold medalist. As she later told Kroeger, use of certain drugs caused her mood swings, depression, and other unpleasant side effects.

In the 90 years she has become more like a strong man, and eventually underwent a sex change operation.

Now Andreas (this is the name Heidi chose a surgery) accuses the officials of the former GDR that they used it as a guinea pig for their tests.

Basketball Championship

During the 1972 Olympic Games men's basketball team against a team from the United States fought the Soviet Union for the gold medal. In just a few seconds before the end of the game the Americans were ahead of Soviet athletes at three points.

This is where the coaches have decided the USSR team to take a timeout. After the break, the Soviet basketball players have not been able to score. Americans are just beginning to believe that they have won. But it turned out that their joy was premature.

At the end of the match lasted allotted time because Olympic officials noted that the clock has not been set correctly. Soviet athletes were not taken aback, and won by a margin of one point.

The Americans abandoned the silver medal from the fact that, in their view, the results were rigged, despite the fact that no evidence has never been provided.

Cheating scoreboard

In 1976, Soviet athlete Boris Onischenko brought the concept of "unsporting behavior" to a new level. He established in his sword for fencing a special device that made judicial bulb, which recorded a successful hit, light whenever Boris pushed a hidden button.

However, the device was observed when the competitor clearly did not hit the target, and the light, however, ignited. Onishchenko and other members of the Soviet team were disqualified.

After this incident, Boris, by the decision of the sports committee of the USSR, was banned for life and stripped him of all previously received awards and titles. The sportsman prefer privacy and never gave any comments on this issue.

Rigging judges

In 2002, the Russian pair skaters Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze won gold in the short program, beating the Canadians Jamie Sale (Jamie Salé) and David Pelletier (David Pelletier).

The victory of Russian athletes proved controversial because the referee inexplicably does not punish a couple of them from falling during a performance. In doing so, the judge denied the existence of any violations, and were accused of conspiracy.

As a result, the gold went to Canadians. This scandal led to a revision of the assessment system of the Olympic Games in figure skating.

Corruption scandal

The most famous case of bribery may have occurred at the 2002 Winter Olympics when the IOC members have been accused of taking bribes from the Olympic authorities to Salt Lake City on the eve of the selection of games venue. As a result of the IOC were laid off 10 people, and another 10 have been punished because of the scandal. Allegations of bribery and fraud were brought against Tom Welch (Tom Welch) and Dave Johnson (Dave Johnson), the heads of the Olympic Committee of Salt Lake City. However, later the charges against them were dropped, and the game is still held in this city.

Olympics 1924 - the reason for the deployment of the Second World War?

In 1924, Germany was still recovering after a crushing defeat in the First World War. In part, the Germans were planning to restore its reputation with the help of the Olympic Games. However, because of the hostile feelings towards the German nation, remained after the war, most of the competitors have voted against the participation of athletes from Germany to the games that are deeply hurt patriotic pride of the state. In the months following the games nationalist movements are active, and about one year Hitler very quickly able to fully seize power. Perhaps if Germany were allowed to engage in play, an aggressive Hitler would not have found such massive support his dictatorship.



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