Sochi Olympics will not (46 photos)

I have for you is very bad news - no Olympics in Sochi will not!
It will be in Krasnaya Polyana and Adler, who are about to Sochi to Moscow as Moscow - a territorial association under the name "Big Sochi».
In the city of Sochi Olympic facilities is not, from him to the event site 70 kilometers on mountain roads.
But if you do not pay attention to these details, on the whole, well, the Olympics will definitely!

For example, "Rose Farm" - remote place near Krasnaya Polyana. "Rose" - it's not the name of a poor Jewish girl, is the name of Estonians deported in this region still with the king. Actually before the announcement of the Olympic Games here was just farm, and in 2009 began building, and here:

In appearance - a typical European town. Is that the wider streets, but larger buildings - mostly hotels.

In the "city" even Hall has:

However Magdeburg right here spent the night and the villagers realize that it is a fake. Even on the ads the word "Town Hall" are quoted:

Bird's helicopter flight Rose Farm looks like this:

And it's still a farm, and the main settlement Esta-Sadok (yes, also Estonians and "Zadok Cherry colo Hati") is nearby and much larger:

There, too, there is a continuous construction and readiness is not 100%. If the "Rose" most of the hotels have already put into operation, in "Este" often to the finish still not started, and in some places still concrete frame sticking out. Whether cope for the year - HZ

Actively build a railway to the Krasnaya Polyana, bridges, tunnels and road junctions. One only railroad vbuhali 40 billion rubles, while the branch is short, only 40 minutes to go. Locals joke "going at a speed of 1 billion per minute» :)

As for the road, it seems to be much in it may invest, especially not change anything happens. The road mostly one lane, something which it is expanding, but in most places it is necessary to demolish the house and mountains. Simply build a new parallel. And if now on the old road constant traffic jams, what will happen when the Olympics come hundreds of thousands of people at once? .. In short it is now the bottleneck of the Olympics. Correct or not - I do not know.

But in the mountains everything done on time. Slopes a little more than a web of trails fully tightened lifts and kreselok for 10-15 minutes "fly" to any point rather big mountain range.

There are even here such "crossroads»:

"Alice, flipnёm Spaceport?»

At the same time the most modern equipment, recreation in the mountains, too, are built "on Europe", in short you feel somewhere in the Alps.

Mulled wine at the ski resort - is sacred:

In the mountains here and there, hotels, camp sites and large Olympic complexes:

Olympic track also mostly ready. They are high in the mountains, the snow melts here late.

On the last photo you can see the Tajiks, working to clear snow that loosen the snow behind the jump. Well this is if the athlete does not calculate the parabola and grohnetsya by slides, then it will not hurt so much. And look for it to be longer.

Speaking of snow. During the Olympics, problems with snow will not, because in the first place high in the mountains in the winter, he is likely to be, and secondly it now "canned" - put in storage in the same place in the mountains, interspersing layers of chips (insulation, so as not to melt ). Third is the "snow cannons" that generate snow on the move:

If you wish, you can fill with snow only track:

Pictures from the height of the helicopter made through the window into the sun - all very glare.

By the way, you know what they are doing this snow? .. From the water, of course. To do this, in the mountains made a reservoir from which water is supplied through pipes to the guns.

Better artificial snow or worse - a moot point. Recently Olympic Committee is inclined to think that the best artificial and everywhere the same, because the situation when an athlete trains on the same snow (looseness / density / moisture / slippery), and acts on the other - it's not fair, get the benefit of the owners of the Olympics.

A separate topic of preparedness for the Olympics is worth noting coating Megafon, which is the general sponsor of the Olympic Games. Megaphone set in the mountains about a hundred towers, with the result that the coating is everywhere. At the opening of one of the towers I attended, but this will be a separate report.

And not only can talk, but 3G internet is everywhere, 4-6 MB / sec. We when a helicopter flew over the mountains - in the helicopter was too 3G :)

No hotel or restaurant vayf? Yes nafig need it, in any cave 3G now. In the long-auto tunnels internet until disappears for a moment, but representatives of MegaFon promise to put there repeaters.

And the number, capacity and power of the base stations is done is based on the arrival of the crowds of tourists who (for example) during the competition will say SMSit feysbuchit and at the same time - and all should be enough bandwidth.

Here's a more beautiful scenery with the "Internet helicopter»:

Will Sochi-Adler-Krasnaya Polyana popular winter resort after the Olympics? Hard to say. Still, the snow is stable only at the tops, below it is necessary to generate artificially. If the Olympics such costs are normal, then in the "simple resort" Sochi will cost to play the Carpathians, the Urals and inexpensive European resorts, where the snow lies all by itself. Half of the hotel Adler and Krasnaya Polyana after the Olympics will be blank - what to do with? .. No, of course a good thing that they are :) But I want some kind of economic feasibility. It is not good if one-time mega-project will be constantly eat the budget money to support themselves in a living state.



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