Sochi Olympics will not (46 photos)

I have for you is very bad news - no Olympics in Sochi will not!
It will be in Krasnaya Polyana and Adler, who are about to Sochi to Moscow as Moscow - a territorial association under the name "Big Sochi».
In the city of Sochi Olympic facilities is not, from him to the event site 70 kilometers on mountain roads.
But if you do not pay attention to these details, on the whole, well, the Olympics will definitely!

For example, "Rose Farm" - remote place near Krasnaya Polyana. "Rose" - it's not the name of a poor Jewish girl, is the name of Estonians deported in this region still with the king. Actually before the announcement of the Olympic Games here was just farm, and in 2009 began building, and here:

In appearance - a typical European town. Is that the wider streets, but larger buildings - mostly hotels.


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