Torches Olympic Winter Games

In the Moscow Guma recently held exhibition of the Winter Olympics torch. I think due to the recent scandalous events surrounding the torch and the Olympics in general, you will be interested to know the background of the torches from the torch of the Sochi 2014 Olympics torch ending with the first Winter Olympics in Oslo, which was held in 1952.

And what of pattern you like more? I'll start in the order in which I saw the torches, that is, from the Sochi Olympics torch, the torch to the first Winter Olympics in Oslo, which was held in 1952.

At the heart of the design of the torch of the 2014 Olympics - outlines pen Firebird. It is made of aluminum and high strength polymer. Weight - 1.5 kg, height 95 cm.

I think that the torch of the future Olympic Games in Sochi in design is no worse than the previous ones, I have to it claims, at least not in this context, is beautiful, in a word. Torch with the fire will move around the country on airplanes and trains, in cars and even deer.

It will carry 14 thousand torchbearers and will see 2,900 locations. Fire will visit the North Pole, at the bottom of Lake Baikal and on Elbrus at an altitude of 5642 meters, and the length of the relay will be about 65 thousand km which is a record.

Design Torch 2010 Vancouver Olympics. We came up with the artists of the manufacturer vehicles Bombardier and Hudson's Bay Company. Its length - 94, 5 cm, and weight - 1, 6 kg.

The shape resembles a torch ski tracks in the snow, as well as the Canadian landscape. Side openings for combustion in the form of carved maple leaf. On the white plume emblem of the Olympic Games in Vancouver - Inukshuk. Inukshuk - a heap of stones in the shape of a man divorced his hands to the sides. The indigenous people of the region, the Inuit, set them as road signs.

By building the Olympic symbols Turin Olympics a hand famous Italian design firm Pininfarina, working with such giants of the automotive industry as Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar.

The shape resembles a torch ski and filtering through holes create the illusion of flames fireball. However, despite the slim design, the torch has been criticized by representatives of the various Olympic Committees for what turned out to be too heavy. Many athletes do not feel too comfortable, carrying almost dvuhkilogrammovy torch.

The design of the torch in the form of icicles made of silver and copper with glass tip, is designed to illustrate the motto of the Olympic Games 2002. in Salt Lake City: "Light a fire in itself."

Tongues of flame as it makes its way through the ice. Along with the athletes participated in the relay relatives of those who died in the tragic events of September 11 in New York.

Japanese torch for the Games in Nagano, made in the image of traditional Japanese torch Taymatsu, but with some modern elements. He was entirely out of aluminum, and burned by propane - and was considered the most environmentally friendly of all made so far.

The hexagonal shape of the top of the torch symbolizes the snowflake and silver color - winter.

The honor to make the Olympic flame into the stadium fell Nagano Briton Chris Moon, who lost an arm and leg in Mozambique, which neutralizes anti-personnel mines. Under a barrage of applause Moon ran around the stadium, despite the fact that instead of one of his prosthetic legs.

Winter Olympics 1994. Lillehammer was opened just two years after the 1992 Games. This was done to between summer and winter games was a certain period. This torch is the longest of all - 154 cm.

This slim torch passed tests for stability in windy conditions. The fact that it has made the stadium of Lillehammer ski jumper, holding a torch in the air at arm's length. And again, as before the Olympics in Oslo, a fire was lit in Greece is not, as in the Norwegian Mordegale.

At this time the torch relay lasted for 12 thousand kilometers. But suddenly the Greeks protested, calling the organizers of the Games return to the Norwegian tradition. As a result of the fire in Greece was still delivered to the opening of the Games, and it is from his lighted torch, which was entrusted to a ski jumper.

This torch for competitions in France, to be honest I have been associated with reproductive organs of some elephant from all presented in GUM did not like me most of all.

The torch for the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville. Stainless steel ushering in an era of extravagant forms by world famous designers. By building his torch attracted famous French Philippe Starck, famous for its furniture and other home furnishings. For 10 years prior to the Games in Albertville Stark came up with the design for the apartment of French President Francois Mitterrand.

For the 1988 Olympics. Calgary was established torch weight of 1, 7 kg was made in the form of the tower is a landmark of the capital of games.

The handle of the torch is made of Canadian maple. Bowl itself - alloy steel and aluminum. For the first time the Olympic torch has been engraved with the motto of the Olympic Games: "Faster, higher, stronger." Made laser pictograms on the handle represented the 10 winter sports on the program of the Winter Olympics.

The relay lasted 88 days. Calgary torch carried from the east coast in 10 provinces and two territories.

For the Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984. the torch was made by the Japanese company Mizuno and in common with the Tokyo Olympics torch: a small circular platform and a thin rod into which the burner.

In Yugoslavia, the torch carried by two routes. The idea was that the baton has passed on all the main regions of the country. Five years later, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to fall apart.

In 1980, the Winter Games in Lake Placid takes. Olympic torch found a classical form. But for the first time the number of participants was small relay.

From the torch ran 26 men and 26 women from all US states. Among them were not only athletes, but also the outstanding representatives of other spheres of activity. The route of the relay started in the area where the British established their first settlements, and passed through all the historic areas of the United States.

This torch Austrian Olympic Games 1976. - A relative of Munich, sample 1972. He, too, like a sword, decorated with Olympic rings on top.

This torch lit just two bowls - as a symbol of the fact that the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck held for the second time. From Greece, the torch flown to Vienna and from there to the capital city of the Games two routes: via the north and south of Austria.

The Olympic torch relay for the Games in Sapporo in 1972. Torch carried exclusively young people aged 11 to 20 years.

And again, as before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Olympic flame divided and carried several routes to be able to welcome as many people in the country.

Made of aluminum alloy, in the form of a torch resembles a Japanese sword - katana. And the torch, and a bowl of identical design were invented by the artist Munemiti Yanagi, known for its original butterfly chair.

Torch made for the 1968 Olympics. Grenoble also seems nice.

Travel torch made of bronze and steel in France passed adventures. Through one of the mountain passes, Puy de Sancy, torchbearer broke literally on all fours because of the strong snow storm. And in the old port of Marseille, it carried the swimmer, holding the torch above the water at arm's length.

The torch of the Olympic Games in Innsbruck 1964. something similar to the US, the sample 1980.

Bowl with the Olympic flame lit party in Innsbruck Winter Olympics in 1956 skier Josef Rieder. Torch flown from Athens to Vienna, and then relay - in Innsbruck. Winter in Innsbruck in the year stood out with little snow.

But this was not the main problem of the organizers of the Games have been marred by the deaths of two athletes during training.

In 1960. Olympics came to Squaw Valley.

Honorary Mission spectacular opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in California, as well as various events throughout the Games has been entrusted to the company Walt Disney. One of her paintings, John Hench, invented the torch design, using elements of the London and Melbourne torches.

The capital of the 1956 Winter Games. He became g.Kortina Ampezzo located in Italy. This torch is very similar to the previous one.

Olympic torch to pass in northern Italy Games was lit at the temple of Jupiter, the Roman Capitol, as the capital shortly before the Summer Olympics of 1960 was chosen Rome. The first ran with the Olympic flame athlete Adolfo Consolini. Part of the baton passed on roller skates.

Finally the Winter Olympics 1952. Oslo, which was first held relay carrying the Olympic flame. More precisely, its torch. Concise, elegant, pretty.

The first torch relay of the Winter Games began in Greece is not, as usual, and in the Norwegian town of Morgedal, popular among ski jumpers and slalom.

Norway has long been a tradition at night skiing with torches in their hands, and skiers from Morgedal decided to bring the fire in Oslo. The handle of each of the 95 torches made for the relay, had a length of 23 cm, and the cup was a picture of an arrow as it connects Morgedal and Oslo.

And on top of the story I would like to say a few words about the damping of the fire, will give only the historical facts. Before the 2012 Games in London, the fire was extinguished during the rafting on the mountain river - it was extinguished water spray and strong winds. Before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, similar incidents occurred twenty times, no less - the Chinese manufacturers of torches then long excuses, saying, sorry, somewhere flawed. And at the Summer Games in 1976 in Montreal, the fire went straight into the bowl of the main Olympic stadium! Too strong pouring rain.



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