And if the Olympics were in the United States?

Blaming Russia to some extent justified, but if the Olympic Games held in the United States ...
Mariusz Zawadzki (Mariusz Zawadzki)

A spectacular opening ceremony of the Games, despite the absence of five Olympic rings, made several poutihnut camp defeatists, meanwhile in the English-language press continues to voices that the Sochi Olympics - it is a scam with the Byzantine scale of $ 50 billion, an emanation of unhealthy imperial ambitions of Putin's shameful neglect of discrimination Russian gays and lesbians and so on. All these charges are justified to some extent, but their endless repetition, and some lateness caused in the minds of many people is something that Goethe called the eternal spirit of contradiction. "What if the 2014 Winter Olympics took place not in Sochi, as well, for example in the city of Aspen in Colorado? - Whispers the insidious spirit. - What would you say if the current duty grumbler? »
If they are actually defending the purity of the Olympic idea, they said something like ...

Why the Olympics takes place in a country that for 12 years holding in detention without trial or charge 200 foreign citizens ?! These accidents are in prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where, as they say, does not apply American law ... Can you imagine a greater mockery of the law? For comparison, the girls from Pussy Riot, who were charged, came from a Russian prison, having served there for two years incomplete.
Why the Olympics taking place in the country where the persecuted gay ?! Nine US states law prohibits sodomy, anal intercourse that is, by the way, often incorporating it in one paragraph with bestiality! And in the three states (Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas), this kind of relationship is only allowed for heterosexual couples but denied to homosexual. For comparison: in Russia, however, banned the "promotion of homosexuality", but gays do not dictate what you can do in the bedroom.
Why the Olympics takes place in a country that still use the death penalty, and even carried out its barbaric methods ?! Three weeks ago, he was convicted in Oklahoma died long 25 minutes, making terrible moaning because he entered a low-quality poison. For comparison, in Russia the death penalty is not applied in 1996.
Why the Olympics takes place in the state with the most restrictive policy that keeps the prison 2, 5 million of its own citizens? While Americans make up only 4% of the world's population, 25% of all prisoners in the world is America! Worse, as the US Supreme Court announced, for example, in California they are held in overcrowded cells and generally in conditions incompatible with human dignity ... For comparison, the Russian prison population rate is also high, but it is not up to much of the US.
Why the Olympics takes place in a country that is massively spying on its citizens and even more shamelessly eavesdropping and spying for foreigners ?! American intelligence agencies for many years to listen to conversations between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (Dilma Rousseff). These two ladies, apparently, in Aspen would not come.
For comparison, the Russian special services, even if someone listen, do not allow yourself to catch a hand. They publish their entries in the rare and completely justified cases, such as when US Undersecretary of State says in a telephone conversation «Fuck the EU!»
Why the Olympics takes place in the most militarized country in the world that spends on arms almost as much as the rest of the world put together ?! For comparison, Russia spends on the military sphere is eight times less than the United States.
Worse, the American public is taking a cue from their leaders and also arming: in private homes is stored about 300 million pieces of firearms, including machine guns to the shops for a few tens of rounds! The law allows in Aspen (as in Westerns) to wear and display weapons in public places. And under such conditions can ensure the safety of the athletes? After Aspen is in the state where a madman came to the movies, Batman in disguise and began to shoot a machine gun at the audience.
For comparison, the Russians have kept only 13 million firearms, and if you take away from this the number of guns KGB agents, leaves even less. Civil person can buy a gun, only received government permission.
And finally, why the Olympic Games held in Aspen, where from January 1, 2014 and legally sold without any restrictions marijuana ?! How can expose young athletes to this temptation? What kind of example does this send to young people all over the world? For comparison, sales of marijuana in Sochi is strictly prohibited.
Yes, as you can see, the Olympic Games in Aspen, too, could cause a lot of questions. Of course, provided that we come to America and Russia alike, ie assess the two countries soberly, not guided by sympathy or prejudice.
But it is, is not it?



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