The reaction of the British readers to a scathing article in the "Daily telefgaf"

Immediately after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, a columnist for the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" Ian Chadbend wrote a review of it under the name of "Sochi opening ceremony: From Russia with love -" Swan Lake "," War and Peace "and the Russian Revolution ».

"There was no need to Vladimir Putin to steal the Olympic show, and so it was the most expensive in the world and his - name»
The entire article was riddled with negativity, spiced stinging barbs about Russia, Russians and their president. Almost the entire article went to denigrate the idea of ​​holding the Olympics in Russia, how much was spent, how did not disclose the fifth ring, as the Russian team was marched before their president has been bored the whole evening of ballet and historical perspective, in Sochi met the whole army of the Russian security as two former hero lit a torch "Vladimirovna Olympic».
In short, Chadbend tried in the best traditions of the many British media list all the negatives from the Olympics in Russia.
And that's how readers responded to his comments: Wow, another article in the style of "I-hate-Russian" by Mr. Chadbenda. Although we must admit this one is not very much and aggressively as before. Surely, he (and perhaps even its editors) read the previous comments and to draw conclusions for themselves. Next time, I advise you to use when writing the article facts and arguments rather than slander, interpretation, and fiction. Remember: Journalism - responsibility. Remember that! alex al
For God's sake West would be worth to admit that he is on a sloping, while countries such as Russia and China are progressing. While criticizing Russia for its actions against gay rights, we should like to recall that not so long ago, we are treated similarly in relation to gays (even if they have made a back-breaking contribution to the Second World War), and the bias of the same kind in the air in our society. The criticism of Russia, we would be better to concentrate on solving their problems. Sal20111
In my opinion, the author of this article is simply not understood or misunderstood idea of ​​the whole presentation (opening ceremony). "War and Peace" and "Swan Lake" are not stereotypes, and a shining example of the different eras in Russia, which, incidentally, clear to many non-Russians.
Basically, the whole idea was presented to us in the period of Russian history from the Middle Ages (with its wild culture) to the XVII-XIX centuries - the so-called "golden age" of Russian literature and the birth of the Russian Ballet; and further to the October Revolution, World War II, and culture in the USSR. Of course, as has been stated here before the other, instead of "War and Peace" could show that some of the works of Dostoevsky and Pushkin. However, for many non-Russians those works would seem unfamiliar, while the "War and Peace" is a perfect example of the Russian literature and philosophy at the time. The same can be said about the "Swan Lake" and other "stereotypes", made by the author.
To be honest, I was very disappointed in reading such an article in "Telegraph". I myself watched the ceremony on the online broadcast, while my brother was lucky enough to be in Sochi and watch it live. We were both surprised and amazed at what he saw! However, in this article, all the beauty and atmosphere of the Olympic Games were simply ignored, replacing them with some political jokes, bile and narrow-minded prejudices. Dmitry Moor
Absolutely malevolent article degrading author and newspaper. In my opinion, we were certainly presented an amazing show that I've ever seen. Telecasting was absolutely irresistible - I can not even imagine how to saw it sitting there on the podium.
Excellent summary of Russian history and culture. That is what we have missed for presentation at our Olympics. And what we found then? Mr. Bean, Queen and Bond. It is remarkable to see how the Russians are proud of their amazing history of music and culture. And on our Olympics we forgot all the "English". Do we celebrate your heritage? I do not even remember. It's so easy all the then easily forgotten.
If all the remaining days of the Games will be at the same level of magic (opening ceremony) - it will be remembered for a long time.
Enough to beat the Russian! They turned out great. As a nation they have more than they can be proud of. Especially while they started the Winter Olympics. Thank you for a memorable show and all the best for the next two weeks. EmilyEnso
I think we set a precedent showing their country and its history, and not a demonstration on stage template stupid dances and purposeless movements of scantily clad women. As always, Britain steers.
And that we can celebrate in their culture? We have many great dramas such as «Coronation Street», «Eastenders and Emmerdale»; great poetry such as Pam Ayers and Walter McCorrisken; Great opera such as «The Pirates of Penzance», «Cats» and «Phantom of the Opera»; great novels such as «Kane and Abel», «Goldfinger», and «Harry Potter»; arts such as «Jalomo» and «Damen Hirst»; great composers such as Ozzie Osbourne and Tony Hatch ... These names are familiar to the British public, and they represent their ideas of art, as we have a great history. Not surprisingly, Europeans from Portugal to the far corners scoff at us when it comes to arts and cookery.
The Europeans, who come to us are aware of our great more than we do. Once I asked a Spaniard, whether he had heard about the «Joyce's Ulysses». In response, I got something like: "What not everyone knows about it?»
Despite the fact that in Britain many great painters, artists, composers and writers, they are not particularly promoted. Also shit! Many of our great had to leave their country and live in exile because our nation taxis philistinism. In our country it is appreciated completely rough, pathetic and pretentious dirt that immediately gets into the headlines. For Europeans (and southern Irish) culture - it's part of their daily existence, which is rooted in the distant past.
Many British people like football, soap operas and tabloids. Each by itself, but if the majority of British people just try to see a little more of their home threshold, they would see that much of Europe is built around culture. And our "culture" zhizhdetsya on what we cram a gang of pimps. I now wonder, do all this bile against Russia based on the fact that they believe homosexuality is a perversion. As our media demand, we must not offend Muslims or homosexuals in our country. And the media are obsessed with pleasing both groups. martinhoran
Perfect your education! NedKelly1982
I think you too underestimate our contribution to the world. Democracy and civil rights. Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen. Marlborough, Wellington, Nelson ... industrial revolution, medicine ... EmilyEnso
I think Martin had in mind that all these great achievements muted fashionable, politically correct nonsense. Huggy_Bear
Legendary Opening Ceremony - I would say really interesting, educational, and colorful. marie1797
Oh, God, again an article aimed at humiliating Russia. What's with you "churnalistami"? I am 100 per cent sure if Putin changed its policy under the inspiration of the children about the benefits of homosexuality, you have praised the Sochi Games, telling how it all perfectly.
I now wonder why our media do not criticize Qatar for their aggressive attitude towards homosexuals. Putin opposes only the promotion of homosexuality among children. In Muslim countries, homosexuals hanged. But I doubt that our media have the courage to write even one word against Qatar.
But in reality our "principled journalists" such as Maria Miller, Stonewall and other radical homosexuals do not keep the information war for the purpose of removal from Qatar the right to host the World Cup.
And we'll ever see as Maria Miller and Co. will travel to Qatar to organize a protest? I think we all know the answer to that question.
Yes, they are afraid of the Muslim reaction, so they prefer to drive, oppress and terrorize the Christian countries.
"Churnalisty Telegraph" expose themselves not serious, sarcastic and miserable. outofEUnow
If they do the same against Qatar, the British cut off gas supplies. The Lone Ranger
Wonderful opening ceremony - actually inserted London "liberal brakes» (libtard) pozornik. The ceremony opened our eyes to the fact that we could just as well could show our history, let us just will. RobotUnicornAttack
Another propaganda of a dying media. I am glad that we have the alternative media that develop on the inaction of these dinosaurs. Stinks' 70s of the last century: "Russian Bay"! Guest
I do not like it - do not go here. HonkyFronky
Thank you for your positive comments about the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Glad you all liked it. I am from Sochi and happy to deal with honest and intelligent English people. And as cheap propaganda and primitive journalist - do not worry. They do not stand. Welcome to Sochi and I hope you really like it here. PS. I watched the ceremony from London, and it was great.
Yes, it was a third-rate shit. HonkyFronky
It is sad that in this time the media selects only the negatives and try to ignore the positive - the beauty, the great work of thousands of people who worked on this project. Good for you, Russia! It does not matter that one ring is not revealed until the end. Follow the dazzling beauty of simply blocked the hitch. God bless you, your people, and Russia! antonio dias
Irritability, yes, Chad? Russia - guided by a true nationalist regime. The horror! Lol. Barroso to convey greetings and Dave. mourningcloak
Fantastic, great. Good for you, Russia! Hammer on the sweet so-called Western "leaders"! tiggertooaswell
Sport European princess - that is to say a member of the IOC, if I'm not mistaken, I took part at the opening ceremony - once said something like, "The extravagant opening ceremony - is unnecessary spending because athletes go by the wayside." I hope she choked on his own words; probably I could not even pronounce it there.
Bach said the IOC President excellent speech, which was addressed to all, including athletes who were at the stadium and watched the show. He said the athletes - the most important part of the Games. And the Russians have done everything to prove it in practice. Whether Putin was able to force the West, especially the lack of a notorious leader of the first magnitude, swallow it all? Answer: Yes, he did, and the best way. cheetah43
Awesome, beautiful, artistic and historical show, which everyone liked. Dolly Sperry
& lt; spectacular achievement - just as China has once dazzled the world, but at the same time failed to convince that he was right, in 2008 at its stadium "Bird's Nest". & gt; (this quote from the article). Oh my God, where is the annoying habit of speaking on behalf of the whole world? Miguel
What asshole focuses on unsolved ring when it was arranged so creative and interesting show in Sochi? The journalist - a real loser. jakesal
Copied from the British Olympics (insert name of the country) HonkyFronky
Really? England flew into space? British ballet? No, I have not! Continue to next? Supracrystal
It was a very beautiful and charming ceremony. The elegant ceremony where history harmoniously with the Games. An incredible spectacle! Worthy of all praise! pearlsandoysters



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