How to cook a pizza with his own hands

It is well known that pizza - Italian national dish in the form of an open circular scones, which is covered in the classic version tomatoes and melted cheese. It is one of the most popular dishes in the world. In this post, the author tells us in detail the recipe of this famous dishes.

So the most important thing in a pizza - it is water, firewood and flour. So let's start with the wood. Pinned wood oven, melt - is half done. No pizza oven does not work, because the oven will not give you the desired temperature. I cook a pizza in the grill at the fireclay stone. Pizza is quite possible to do at a temperature of 300 degrees, but 350 is better, of course.

Now flour. With all the flour is difficult, so if you do not want to spoil a bad pizza flour, Dorogomilovskiy go to the market, looking for shops selling Italian food and buy ready-made flour for pizza. This flour mixture of hard and soft varieties. In this case, you take a meal.

Now prepare the dough. I give the recipe for 1 liter of water.

Thus, the flour 2 kg per liter. The water should be mineral or out of the filter, not from the tap with bleach.
Sol 40 g
Yeast 10 gr. In winter, 30 degrees, but I do not quite understand why.
Sugar 20 g 30 g white or brown. Instead of sugar, you can add 50 grams of honey (chestnut flower)
Olive oil 80 g per liter


The most important thing in the recipe - not to allow women to the kitchen. Remember zhanschina the door - 50% success rate. The fact that women have a genetic memory homemakers. Each time, getting into the kitchen, it will stop you and give advice. So, the last time I trusted a woman to make the dough and it turned unsalted. In this case, daughter, sister and wife chefs watch threshold for test preparation.

The dough is ready! It turns out this is such a lump. Here we did almost 10 kg of dough with 48 pizzas.

For each cake you need 200 grams of dough.

Cut the dough, then the kata of his balls and remove the whole thing in the refrigerator for an hour.

Passes 1:00

Dough first unrolls from the center of the edges with your fingers. It is important krai can not touch it. Another piece of advice - use cornmeal. It is heavy and your kitchen will remain clean after cooking.

Then we take the cake in his hands and twist it.

Now make a tomato base. To this end, in a blender grind the tomatoes, a little salt it. All. Nothing but tomatoes should not be. Then, if desired, you can add the oregano and spices to taste.

Spread the sauce over the cake layers.

Pour olive oil on top. It is important! Some dobavlyaeyut oil in the tomato paste, thereby spoil the whole pizza.

In some cakes add the butter.

And throws everything into a fiery furnace!

A minute later, when the cakes are golden brown and covered with blisters get them back.

Now we decompose cheese cakes. Traditional mozzarella.


On some pizza add cream cheese, mascarpone, turns unusually tasty!

Pizza 4 cheese: mozzarella, mascarpone, gorganzola and gouda.

Once expanded cheese, pizza send another minute in the oven.

In the process of preparation to move them from a hot place to a cooler.

We obtain and decorate. This pizza with truffle (mascarpone, mozzarella and black truffle)

This is a very cool pizza with carpaccio! Raw meat decompose on the hot pizza and it is on it is cooked by the temperature of pizza! (this is after you got the pizza from the oven)

Then cut

This one turned out very cool - here we mascarpone cheese and tomato paste, everything. After cooking top decompose delicious meat (ham can be, or to taste anything)

This pizza with tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella

This is the most delicious pizza in the world!

This truffle.

4 cheese!

This pizza should be crispy on the thinnest test! Beware of imitations

Like this! To cook pizza at home, you can buy a special home pizza oven.



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