How to eat pizza in Minsk and in other cities?

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Whether to eat pizza with your hands? Hot or slightly warm needs to be pizza served on the table? What dishes should be served with pizza? We are sure that most do not even think about these issues. Because the pizza in our understanding – rather, fast food, fast way to eat during lunch, or enjoy the evening with a glass of beer. But for the reception this dish has its own rules! Even if you order a pizza in Minsk with free shipping, you can try to comply with them. And then you get a new and pleasant experience from the usual lunch or dinner!
What should be the pizza?

Will tell everything in order and start with the General condition of the dishes.
Despite the fact that in many countries has become fashionable and normal to eat cold pizza, it should still be hot. This will allow you to fully enjoy the taste of the dish. The upper layer of crude should be hot enough to slightly burn your lips. There is even such term – "pizza burn".
By the way, cheese is one of those items that could not be accurately talk about the quality of cooking pizza. In addition, it should be hot, the cheese should stretch out, forming a kind of "cheese thread". If such effect is not present — safely require new, hot dish, after all, so it needs to give you. Remember, however, that this rule does not apply to food brought into the house. Naturally, on the way to you it will podstine. To make it hot again, just use the microwave.
How to cut a pizza?

For a start, it should be noted that the pizza should be cut at least 4 pieces. Cut the product in such a way that the pieces resembled the spokes of a wheel.
With regard to round products. And what about the unusual us square? Here everything is even simpler: cut into squares or rectangles.
For better cutting use a special rotating knife. It will allow you to cut the pizza faster and more convenient.
As the pizzas bring to the table?

So, meals cut. But what to serve it on the table? Usually just napkins or plates. Dishes, by the way, may not be porcelain pizza can be served on a paper plate, without causing damage to its taste.
But with food delivered to the house all the easier: if it was delivered in the box right there and eat it, to shift into another container is not necessary.
How to eat pizza?

Cut pizza is eaten in small pieces, starting from the sharp edge and holding a piece of the solid crust. However, for example, the Americans have their tradition of eating this dish. They fold the cut piece in the shape of a Taco and eat the whole thing.
Often the crust is dry and not delicious, which people didn't eat them. This defect chefs sometimes correct, covering the pizza filling completely. It was then that the American way of eating will be most appropriate.
As you can see, nothing complicated about it! You can order food online-the pizza placeor anywhere else and to practice the culture of eating pizza at home. And then to take – and amaze everyone with your knowledge!


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