Italian pizza chef tries Belarus (43 photos)

Professor of the Swiss Academy of Culinary Arts, a three-time winner of the International Festival for the preparation of pizza FantaPizza Ignazio Rosa, tasted pizza and Belarus expressed his opinion.
Let's find out whether what we call pizza is pizza?

- In the world there is a new trend: the pizza - it is a complex food and pizza - is fast food - complains Ignazio Rosa. - Traditional pizza first appeared in Naples. She came up with the man who baked bread. He came up with the first pizza "Marinara", which were the tomatoes, oregano and garlic. In 1674 in Italy there was mozzarella cheese. It was then that he came up with a new pizza: tomato, mozzarella and basil - three ingredients in the colors of the Italian flag. This pizza tasted Queen Margaret and King Federico II, she really liked them. It remained in history: the traditional Italian pizza is the name of the Queen.

- Original forms of pizza - a circle - the Italians took from the Arabic cuisine. Underlying - pita bread, add the ingredients and come up with a completely different technology, test preparation: live yeast, wheat flour, salt and water. The dough should be at pizza like bread: with the same golden color and smell, and, of course, with a border of 1, 5 centimeters wide.

- All I see - it is the raw dough. It is white. I am sure that in the batter add the sugar and butter. Pizza - it's not a cookie, this is the bread - the first thing the master said after the pizza looked at.

1. "Marinara»

- This pizza "marinara" - but here it is only by one name.

- Pesto? - Surprised chef. - The ingredients should not fall on one another: cheese, squid, dried tomatoes, pesto, onions ... Shrimp is already dry, and combined with all the ingredients, the taste is lost. This pizza should be felt saltwater fish, and then some sun-dried tomatoes. The dough is also not as ingredients. This pizza - improvisation.

2. "ham with mushrooms»

- Where the mushrooms? I would like to see the mushrooms instead of porridge. And the ham should be whole pieces, but not look like minced.

- Pizza should be and stay when you take her hands. And it depends on the quality of the test - can see for yourself what is the dough.

- This pizza is undercooked. Cheese glued, ham multiple layers, and as a result, in the middle of it is wet. There is - it is dangerous to health.

3. "Margarita»

- And the "Margarita" is like a volcano of Vesuvius. It is a dense layer of cheese, so when it is brought to such a state, not roasted dough inside. This pizza is too crude. Cheese must reach, and no matter in what form, cold or hot. Pizza in the oven should be put quickly and smoothly, and not hesitant and pushing. Therefore, we see that it is unevenly roasted: then burnt, and now white. This raw dough - you can not have it.

4. "Diablo»

- This pizza has cooled off a bit, but look on it as fat. And when it is hot, it will not be able to pick up - says the chef. - Fat flows and salami - as dry chips. Mozzarella pieces, which should not be. Raw dough. This pancakes! I do not even want to try it.

5. "Children vegetarian»

- Olives - why should they be cut? If nature has created a beautiful product, then you can put the whole - just says Cook.

- And I do not want to try. What kind of parents would give such food to the child? Babies is better not to show! There's even a raw leek. Olives, mushrooms - junk food, and even more so for a child. Children need broccoli, spinach, cauliflower well or conventional tomatoes, mozzarella and ham. This pizza can eat an adult, if he is very hungry and he urgently needed to fill the stomach. And is this vegetarian pizza? Olives - a berry. Mushrooms - it mushrooms. Vegetables for me - it is paprika, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, carrot, celery, spinach, cauliflower beans, asparagus, artichokes.

6. "Four Cheese»

- It is a yellow cheese, and it does not melt, so as to put the pieces. As a result, we have a block of cheese, under which the raw dough. This is not the gorgonzola and even Dorblu. It is evident that this Marble - the cheapest cheese. And it is not necessary here tomatoes.

- This pizza is a fire in the stove dirty. There can not be burnt at all - it's cancer. I can not try. As for the ingredients of the pizza only want friendly cheeses: Gorgonzola, Camembert, Roquefort, Brie. Well, if you want a crust on top, then cheese.

7. "Calzone»

- Oh, the dough !? - Ignazio rejoices. - It is even crispy. The smell of bread to eat. Fires also nothing, that's just a thick border.

- Pizza weighs a lot. This put a lot of toppings, because of this it is wet inside. Three layers of ham? Why so many? I understand that Belarus love to eat, but we want to fill their stomachs or there is quality food?

Ignazio interested in this pizza, it was even interesting to try it.

- Mmm, there's even a sweet pepper inside, though it did not immediately need. Yes! I say "yes", "calzone". It is normal for the test, but a lot of ingredients. Mozzarella, ham, sour pickled mushrooms give a lot of moisture, so it's a bit raw inside.

8 and 9. "Margarita" and "4 Seasons»

Ignazio long look at pizza and silent.

- These pizza ruin the whole image of the original Italian dishes. I do not know who prepared the pizza, but I would have dismissed it immediately. Where basil? Where beautiful mozzarella? Where fresh tomatoes? Dough - as ice on the street, I think it was bought in the store.

- I do not see a single season - throws up his hands Ignazio. - Well, well, mushrooms are always available. Now, if put mushrooms, it would be better. The ingredients of the pizza must be changed four times a year, that is, what foods to eat in winter, spring, summer and autumn, are and should be the mushrooms, vegetables, fish and meat. Shrimps, tomatoes, mushrooms - a year-round season.

11. "Hawaiian»

- This pizza is called "Cocktail"? - Says Ignazio. - Immediately pineapple!

- This is the "Hawaiian».

- And what Hawaii has a history of pizza? - He is perplexed. - "The Mexican," "Cuban", "Hawaiian", "The Sicilian", "Soviet-style» ...

- In combination: tomatoes and pineapple - do not, ham and pineapple - more or less, pineapple, ham and chili - well, pineapple, ham, beans - is still possible, but it is closer to the "Mexican." This pizza can be fed to people from America, Europe, you would say, "Eat this themselves." This pizza should not be fruit!

12. "Pepperoni»

- There are two kinds of "pepperoni": the European manner - with paprika
- And the US - with salami, - says Ignazio.

- And it seems that the Belarusian mixture: here and salami and paprika, - says we are.

- And yet, and Chile - he smiles.

After tasting, the chef verdict.

- Well what can I say ... Damn! Very thin dough, which has even sugar. The border should be 1, 5 cm in width, but it is not. This dough roll out even without hands, and, most likely, a rolling pin or a machine. The dough should rise evenly, and it happens when the dough is unwound hands. How did this get up, all the air out Roll out the dough. Plus dough sticks. If the "Pepperoni" un-American - but if the European way - not, as should be only grilled bell peppers.

13. "pizza with sausage and beans hunting»

- What is it? I do not understand: green beans, sausages and bacon? Again, mozzarella chunks. No fresh tomatoes, and, most likely, is the tomato paste with water and stir the dough smeared. This is not a pizza.

14. Alla diavola

- Here is the pizza, in principle, done properly. But why so much paprika on top? It kills all tastes.

- Salami retain moisture and salt. But the pizza is kept more or less to taste and too personal.

15. "Four Cheese»

- What are the tomatoes? Why put seasoning? - Ignazio surprised and then answers his own question. - To hide the smell of stinky cheese? I want to feel the cheese rather than oregano. Pizza should be white with a delicate melted cheese, not with chunks of cheese. And, of course, the size of a pizza? Must be 32 centimeters, and here is how much? If my chef is prepared, I would be fired immediately.

- And he did not even fall. It's not cheese, and silicone.

16. "The Sicilian»

- On it's scary to watch. It is not "The Sicilian". What chicken "Sicilian" !? - Outraged Ignazio. - I myself am from Sicily if I brought a pizza, I would pay 200 thousand. And said, "eat it himself, and I look at it».

- For me, this is not pizza. 99, 99% - it is bad, and 0, 01% - try. Cooks need to learn. That's why, when a person tries to real Italian pizza, smelling ham, salami, cheese, he did not like. All this is the result of just such pizzas. I think the woman at home do better than what we have seen and tasted today. Pizza dish can be called only if its cooked Italian chef or for its preparation have been used Italian products. In this case, neither one nor the other is not. I cook a pizza from the Belarusian flour, because I can not buy here Lithuanian or Italian. When I see a package that says "Pizza of the Italian pizzerias" or «Pizza from Italy», becomes insulting. I do not go to Italy and do not write "Belarusian potato pancakes" or "Belarusian potato." They use the image of my country and the dishes for your business and make money. And it's a shame.

- Each pizza has to have a good smell, look and taste. And you can use it with a good glass of beer or wine. All of these pizzas one defect - the dough. Why add sugar, milk, butter? Are they shortbread or puff pastry cook? The dough should be simple - says Ignazio Rosa. - Of course, when a person is hungry, and despite the fact that eating - yes, please, you can fill the stomach, and a meal.

Ignazio said: It is better to save on jumpers, but not good food. After jumper can be thrown out and buy a new one, and health - no.

At the end of the tasting Ignazio showed us should look like a real Italian pizza.



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