Italian pizza chef tries Belarus (43 photos)

Professor of the Swiss Academy of Culinary Arts, a three-time winner of the International Festival for the preparation of pizza FantaPizza Ignazio Rosa, tasted pizza and Belarus expressed his opinion.
Let's find out whether what we call pizza is pizza?

- In the world there is a new trend: the pizza - it is a complex food and pizza - is fast food - complains Ignazio Rosa. - Traditional pizza first appeared in Naples. She came up with the man who baked bread. He came up with the first pizza "Marinara", which were the tomatoes, oregano and garlic. In 1674 in Italy there was mozzarella cheese. It was then that he came up with a new pizza: tomato, mozzarella and basil - three ingredients in the colors of the Italian flag. This pizza tasted Queen Margaret and King Federico II, she really liked them. It remained in history: the traditional Italian pizza is the name of the Queen.

- Original forms of pizza - a circle - the Italians took from the Arabic cuisine. Underlying - pita bread, add the ingredients and come up with a completely different technology, test preparation: live yeast, wheat flour, salt and water. The dough should be at pizza like bread: with the same golden color and smell, and, of course, with a border of 1, 5 centimeters wide.

- All I see - it is the raw dough. It is white. I am sure that in the batter add the sugar and butter. Pizza - it's not a cookie, this is the bread - the first thing the master said after the pizza looked at.

1. "Marinara»

- This pizza "marinara" - but here it is only by one name.


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