Undoubtedly, this well-known experts in the world of Italian national dishes set, lovers - even more, but also in the world there are many who either knows this true miracle cooking hearsay, or do not know anything at all

So, pizza (Italian name - pizza) - it's such an open round cake topped with tomato and melted cheese. In this cake according to the taste and the recipe can vpekatsya a variety of ingredients such as meat, ham, vegetables, seafood (fish, squid, shrimp). Also added pizza salami, mushrooms, fruits, herbs and more. In general, pizza - this is undoubtedly the result of human imagination, culinary ingenuity and remarkable powers of observation, which allows you to bring the most common set of products to the highest perfection of taste.

A bit of history.
The earliest mention of pizza appeared in the Old Testament, long before our era - where pizza is featured in a modest biscuits, baked from barley and sprinkled with small pieces of cheese. In more recent times, the pizza is usually served on a table on different occasions, that is, not only on the eve of numerous Greek and Roman holidays, but also it is the daily diet and ordinary people. As a rule, if the pizza with olive oil, lard, vegetable and cheese and rosemary, mixed with precious nuggets of coarse salt. Often it is cooked together with some seasoning, often as it may serve as absolutely everything edible.
But the Italians gave a fabulous pizza and chic taste. They began to add to her laurels and honey. Prior to the introduction of the tomato pizza, she for centuries remained white - salty or sweet - and simply decorated with a variety of products. First pizza is cooked in a red-hot hot stove just a few minutes, but in the future, divided into grades, for its preparation was used also pan. In Italy, from Genoa to Palermo pizza is different, as a rule, only a variety of products on the same grain products. In the process of improving production technology it acquired a great many names, but almost always it was just a meat product which is placed in front of the stove Add the mushrooms and anchovies, sardines or olives, cheese or ham.

The most famous pizza was in Naples, and because this sort and was called "Neapolitan pizza." Grain mill products, invented back in 1660, spreading-over with melted lard, then coated with a layer of sugar with almonds and sprinkle with cheese and basil. But in Liguria (birthplace of the famous Pinocchio) prefer to consume pizza with anchovies and sardines. In the province of Piedmont pizza prepared with a variety of herbs and Tuscany became unusually popular sort of red pizza with "flakes" of cheese, seasoned with milk and semolina. In Lazio same pizza called «Dolce» and covered with a layer of onions, tomatoes, olives, anchovies, and a basilisk. Pizza «Caprina-Lardelli» sprinkled with tomatoes and cheese added. Sicily was the most popular pizza in a Provencal sauce, as in the old port of Marseille French restaurants still offer its own version of pizza called «Campagnarde», supplied with anchovies and cheese.

There was a time when the greatest demand was "Margarita" - the most famous pizza, which was created by the Neapolitan chefs in 1889 and named it in honor of the Italian queen, wife of King Umberto I. At the same time, numerous Italian immigration exports pizza in the United States, where it is quickly becoming a favorite dish for almost all Americans. Since that time, as brilliant in its way brothers Lorenzo opened in New York in 1885, a restaurant called "Little Italy", which became popular very quickly acquired the status of a pizza almost new national dish.

All in all, today in Italy there are at least two thousand recipes for different in their composition and method for preparing pizzas. In order to make the most of today's popular pizza «Capriciosa», the dough must be covered with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and ham. At least popular pizza «Rostini» other than ham and cheese can add sliced ​​peppers and pineapples. Slices of cheese, chicken and a special cream "tarragon" cover not less fashionable now have pizza «Pirata». Also great taste different and fragrant pizza «Bolognese», prepared using finely chopped cooked meat and sausage with black olives and sprinkle with grated cheese of the best quality. But for the production of perhaps the most famous in the world of pizza called «Napolitana» on the dough must be put not only fresh tomatoes and slices of cheese and olives and anchovies. Pizza "Mona Lisa" on the right is now on our table at least a place of honor than "Napolitano", and perhaps this sort of waiting in front of a large popularity.

But how to prepare "Margarita" Italians themselves. First of all, everything is done with his own hands, this pizza maker (the person who prepares the pizza) never entrust their art car. Vegetables do not even take the market, and the beds were collected immediately before cooking. Very thinly rolled dough, and, directly at Protvino. Fresh peeled tomatoes pounded in a special container, adding spices, the resulting paste is applied to the dough and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. A pizza is baked in a wood-burning furnaces, when the oven is heating up and there are only faint embers, put the pizza. This gives a unique taste and aroma.

In modern pizzerias process is much faster. Thanks to the special ovens, pizza making is a matter of minutes. A wealth in the choice of fillings is impressive, you can order a pizza, any known to you, or even prefer to see in it only of your favorite products.

Usually in Italy pizza is served with almost any icy beer or a good wine. At the same time, choosing wine with pizza, strict adherence to the old classic rule - strength and taste of wine are required to balance the taste characteristics of pizza, that is in harmony with this dish. For example, pink or white wine blends perfectly with seasoned sausages pizza and soft cheese and poultry. But to the pizza with ham or game perfect strong red wines (11, 5% strength), or preserve the taste of berries wine. Today, all the restaurants in the world offer their visitors a large enough selection of all kinds of pizzas, and, moreover, there is no less variety of recipes it is not less than professional home cooking.


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