How to make homemade pizza less harmful

With all the love for healthy eating is sometimes very difficult to indulge in a crispy slice of pizza. Meanwhile, the American dietetic Association puts Italian fast food on the 2nd place among the sources of saturated fats.

Offer the versatility of the pizza recipe and turn it into a healthy combination of the very useful ingredients.


1. Decide osnovateli you buy it in the store, then just stop your choice on either unleavened or just on the thin tortilla — this will help to reduce the amount of calories and to avoid digestion problems. But if you decide to make a pizza from scratch, I advise you to pick recipe of whole wheat dough, which will differ in fiber, B vitamins and protein.

2. Choose light sirable taste, fewer calories — this is our motto. Combine fat-free mozzarella, bright goat cheese that contains on average 11% fewer calories, and if you manage to find, supplemented by a combination of Parmesan cheese with reduced fat content. If a complete substitution of cheese until your option, you can try to replace at least half of the servings classic cheese diet.

3. Load a pizza with vegetables and fructoseamine Housewives have long known that pizza is the best way to dispose of the remains of food in the fridge. We offer you to follow in their footsteps, making the choice in favor of fresh vegetables. In fact, there are no limits on what can and cannot be used on a pizza, but it is better to start from the proven combinations: zucchini and fennel, figs and ricotta, prosciutto and arugula, tomatoes and broccoli.

4. Reduce Oborotova, pizza is one of the harmful foods that we often eat, while in some food the astral. Zero percent awareness is almost immediately eaten 5 pieces of pizza and farewell waist! How can that be? First, try to realize how precisely you are hungry, choosing pizza as a snack watching TV. And secondly, it will be better and more useful to exclude external stimuli, to focus completely on the food.

5. Choose useful tengellidae cheese, of course, difficult to convince, but the pizza can be delicious without adding it. Reduce the amount of harmful fats, cholesterol, sodium and excess calories, replacing the cheese with grated zucchini, sliced mushrooms or Portobello mushrooms. But if no cheese at all in any way, the offer of reheating pizza just blot the excess oil with a paper towel.

6. Stay on the low-fat Masaaki you like meat, it is not necessary to abandon it, choosing instead of the classic pizza vegetarian. It is often enough just to replace fatty meat ingredients: pepperoni, bacon, ham or pork. As a useful alternative to the suitable chicken fillet, ham Turkey, prosciutto and shrimp, and the flavor intensity can be easily compensated properly selected spices.

7. Serve with Saltimbocca to eat pizza as a main course, serve it with a salad. This little trick will easily allow you to control your hunger and eat fewer calories with the same feeling of satiety. If you have a pizza with salad at the same time you feel something uncomfortable, you can just put it on top of the filling, thus adding fresh notes of taste.

8. Prepare home cocconato, sauces from cans significantly reduce the cooking time of pizza, but is it worth saving on your health, loading the dish monosodium glutamate, preservatives and dyes? Creating your own sauce will instantly improve the quality of any pizza recipe — consider options with the addition of pesto, good olive oil, fresh tomatoes, herbs and garlic.

9. Add speciic we already said, to achieve the rich taste you can not only through the use of meat ingredients or cheese. To give zest to the more sophisticated options of toppings will help. such spices as fresh chilli, red pepper flakes, freshly ground rainbow pepper, Italian spice mix of rosemary and Provencal herbs.published




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