How does the pizza delivery service

At Pizza millions of fans around the world. It is unlikely that among you there are people who did not like would be prepared in compliance with all technologies pizza. Today we visit the production and look for work in one of the couriers services to deliver pizza. Nothing is hidden from your gaze. Probably every one of you do yourself a pizza. Own home ... a square (the shape of protven). Of course, many do and round pizza as you like and want. Here's a matter of taste. Now easier to just pick up and ready to order a hot product at home. And bring it within one hour. The time depends on the number of orders from the traffic jams, etc. Here each company on its own. And the price will come out about as well. But it is not necessary to wash the dishes! And this is a powerful argument in favor of a custom pizza, is not it ?! Just imagine: a dirty kitchen table, a lot of time spent on the preparation of food, cutting, then wait until baked, constantly running and check the color of the test (and it will burn anyway - because the internet thing is ... Yet from the kitchen to the company will be run !! !), well, then of course - do the dishes and all the clean up after themselves. Instead spent waiting for the order we will spend hours ... not even say how much. But we have to XXI century, the age of the Internet, the age of universal laziness and transience. It is necessary to do everything, do everything, everything, everything, everything ... We must prolaykat all photos must unsubscribe couple of posts, answer a hundred of comments, poke news - in general, the business modern times, where everything is very busy that would prepare the food yourself. Delivery pizza, rolls, food, and all in all, just ... Very convenient, very practical !!! And not very expensive !!! And very tasty!))))
And So. Pizza delivery service. How ?! What ?! Where ?! Where ?! How Come ?! This is just the same and write !!!

Nondescript brick building on an inconspicuous brick street Cape Chumaka 1a.
"And where is it ?!" - And here themselves and look at the map !!!
Small metal door. Corridor. Another door. And there - and that there ?! And there "pizzeria". Why quoted !? Because there is a pizza prepared for that would deliver her apartments, offices, classrooms, you can even order the ice. Fishermen also have a want, not only to drink ... And this idea, by the way! Vodka with delivery on the ice! It is necessary to remember)
So you make a call:
 - "Service pizza, hello!»
 - "Girl, hello! And you can order a pizza ?! We've got booze !!! Booze heap, there is nothing to eat! And so one must eat !!! And in the morning that would be left !!! Here ... »
 - "What kind of pizza to order'll ?!»
And so on ...

So, the girl with big blue eyes accepts the order.

Drives in your computer and WiFi through a magical order is transferred to an adjacent room - it is already in full swing cooking pizza.

Cook confirms the order by clicking on the name of the pizza. All. From this point the guys have just one hour, that would make a pizza and take to the door of the customer !!! Just one hour! If you do not courier failed to meet at this time, the next time you order a pizza gets absolutely free !!! Reminiscent of American films and cartoons - there as well)


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