123 facts about Belarus through the eyes of Russians

1. If you are traveling to Belarus from Russia, basically nothing will change, but you'll notice some visual differences:

2. Domains on billboards do not end na.ru and na.by.

3. Prices are in rubles, but by the standards of the Russians they are simply stunning. The fact that one Russian ruble is worth about 270-year-Belarusian, so the word "laptop just 3,999,000 rubles" no surprise.

4. The names of many companies begin to "white", "Beltelecom", "Belarusbank", "Belgosstrakh" and so on. D.

5. The official symbols of its own, here you will not see anywhere else double-headed eagle.

6. The population of Belarus 9, 5 million., Two of them live in Minsk.

7. Belarus Minsk is the only city-millionaire. The second largest city - Gomel - has about 500 thousand.

8. Military service inexcusably long - 1, 5 years. Pay off is not possible (at least, I have not heard about this). Conscripts just looking for all sorts of ailments, to "hang" of service to the fatherland. And many, I must say, are.

9. Ticket to Minsk cinema costs an average of $ 3-4.

10. In Minsk subway station is "Kastrychnitskaya". Name often amuses visitors from Russia and Ukraine. And it is translated as "October", as the "October" in Belarusian be "kastrychnik».

11. Europe's largest ancient forest is located in Belarus - it Bialowieza Forest, where there are nearly 2,000 giant trees. By age, some of them older than the discovery of America by Columbus. Part of the Bialowieza Forest raspolozhenf in Poland. By the way, in the Bialowieza Forest signed an agreement on the Soviet Union collapsed.

12. In Belarus, the famous Bobruisk - the capital of Albany and the beloved city Shura Balaganov.

13. KGB and traffic police in Belarus is not renamed.

14. In Belarus, do Krambambulya - alcoholic drink, infused with honey and herbs. It can be drunk both cold and hot. Frankly, not all Belarusians themselves know about Krambambulya, but always know educated. Krambambulya bottle is a perfect gift to friends at home. It can be bought in the supermarket "Crown».

15. Currency can be exchanged at any of the banks. There is no compensation fund, as in Russia, where the charge is sometimes a considerable commission.

16. Minsk is very compact and easy to live the city; almost round, diameter of about 25 km. Prior to the 1939 Minsk called Mensky. Its almost renamed in the early 1990s.

17. By the way, in Belarus in the course no coins. Money paper. Minimum bill - 50 rubles (a little more than 0, 5 cents).

18. Not only advertising on the streets.

19. In Belarus there is no religious hatred. Often, people in general violet who profess any religion.

20. In the second half of the 20-ies in the Byelorussian SSR had four official languages: Russian, Belarusian, Polish and Yiddish. Do not believe me? Here is the coat of arms of the then BSSR.

21. Dog in the Belarusian language - he said. "Perche blin Sabaku" - Belarusian equivalent of saying "worst-first».

22. In Belarus, good roads, it is celebrated by all visitors. Roads good layout.

23. "Milavitsa" translated from Belarus as "Venus". However, most people abroad associate MILAVITSA with beautiful lingerie.

24. Independence Square in Minsk - one of the largest in Europe. Photo attached. By the way, the main avenue of the capital city is also called Independence Avenue (in the 1990s and early 2000s, he was named Francis Avenue Scorina).

25. Twice in Soviet history Mogilev almost became the capital of Belarus. The first time - in 1938, when the Soviet border ran just few kilometers away from Minsk. Even began reconstruction of the city, but then take him and happen annexation of Western Belarus, and the idea of ​​moving the capital in Mogilev disappeared. The second time seriously the question of transferring arose after the liberation of Minsk from invaders - the city was almost completely destroyed and saw two options: build Minsk in a new place, or move the capital to another. But it did not.

26. In Belarus, the three mobile operators: MTS, Velcom and Life. Covering 100%.

27. The average monthly salary in Belarus (by hand) - about $ 500, in Minsk - 600. Prices are comparable with Russian. Rents for the majority of citizens is low. For one-bedroom apartment to pay an average of $ 15 a month.

28. In Belarus saved farms, all the fields are processed. This is particularly noticeable at the entrance to Belarus from Russia. Field really well maintained and very beautiful. No weeds and weeds. This fact can be verified and google.maps. Farmers in Belarus are very few.

29. By the way, the right to speak and write - Belarus, not Byelorussia. Belarusians never say "Belarus».

30. Belarusian schools and universities are set to mark the 10-point scale. Four equal to the triple (on a scale), a six - to four, nine - to five. Five-point scale has long been forgotten.

31. All en masse learn English. Although the level of proficiency still leaves much to be desired.

32. Guys usually get acquainted with girls in high schools, at work or with friends. On the street to get acquainted with the girls missed, as well as talk to strangers.

33. Belarus has two state languages ​​- Russian and Belarusian. The Belarusian language almost nobody speaks, even in the village, but to him all the warm feelings. Many Belarusians in the heart regret that forgot their culture.

34. Belarusian language like equally to Polish and Russian. Therefore, Belarusian Poles understand if he will speak slowly. Of all the languages ​​that appear to Belarus is most similar to Ukrainian. 98% of the words are the same.

35. Interesting words in Belarusian: "Vyaselka" - "Rainbow", "murzilka" - "slut", "kali weasel" - "please».

36. The Belarusian language is very beautiful. Russian and Ukrainians is evident that in Belarusian many words are written by "a", where a Russian or Ukrainian "o". So do not be surprised inscription "vakzal", "malako", "Gorod", "Maskva».

37. Belarusians are very warm to the Russian and Ukrainians. Neutral attitude towards foreigners. Respect for the Poles.

38. And the Belarusians are well abroad (Poland, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic). Belarusians speak in Russian, making them often initially confused with the Russians. After verification, however, attitudes are changing for the better. In the United States, few people know that there is a country - Belarus. And those who know immediately commemorated by two things: Chernobyl and Lukashenko. What can you do?

39. In spite of the cultural and historical affinity with Russia, Belarusians do not identify themselves with Russia.

40. Vodka in Belarusian be "garelka».

41. On the streets of many police. Police did not rename the police.

42. bribe traffic cops extremely difficult. Almost do not take. Permitted driving with alcohol to 0, 3 ppm. If you are caught drunk - will select exactly the right.

43. In Belarus, try to observe traffic regulations. Going pedestrian red light is extremely rare. Drivers always pass pedestrians.

44. In the six areas of Belarus - Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel and Minsk. The closest major city to Minsk - Vilnius.

45. By the way, Vilnius more than six centuries was the de facto capital of Belarus; is the cradle of Belarusian culture. Previously called Vilnius Vilnia (or Vilna), and only in 1939, he became Lithuanian.

46. ​​Villages in the western and eastern Belarus strikingly different. In the west, they are well maintained, in the east - where more than running. This is noticeable.

47. Belarus has a strained relationship with the EU and the US. In this connection, to obtain a US visa Belarusians go to Lithuania or Russia.

48. In Belarus, you can not drink beer and alcohol in the street. Fined. Smoking while you can, but they want to ban.

49. In Belarus, many casinos. Especially in Minsk. Once in Russia tightened gambling, like mushrooms after the rain began to open casinos in Belarus, which provided an additional inflow of foreign currency into the country.

50. Smoking marijuana, of course, impossible.

51. In Belarus, virtually no non-Slavs, Blacks, Chinese, Vietnamese, and so on. D.

52. Taxi in Minsk is worth $ 0, 5 to 1 km, public transport and the metro 25 cents (the penalty for ticketless travel less than $ 3). In Minsk, two subway lines, located crosswise. An hour by car can be reached from anywhere in the city at all, without exception (evening and night - for half an hour). And on public transport, in principle, too. Stoppers little.

53. In Minsk, a terrific bike path length of about 40 km. Bicycles have become very popular.

54. The most famous Belarusian poet - Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. This is interesting.

55. Among the peoples of Europe Belarusians were among the first printed his Bible. The first pioneer of the eastern Slavs - Francis Skaryna. He Belarusian.

56. Paul wants to move in Belarus, Minsk, but it is difficult for visitors. Housing costs from $ 1500 per m2. Rent one-room apartment - about $ 300 a month, two-bedroom - $ 450. Do not smile, if you are from Moscow

57. In Belarus, very quiet and peaceful. You can walk at night without fearing for their safety.

58. In Vitebsk each year passes the famous "Slavic Bazaar».

59. The coat of arms and flag of Belarus almost Soviet. From 1991 to 1995, the year the coat of arms of Belarus is the "Pursuit" (the current coat of arms of Lithuania) and white-red-white flag. They are now banned. Supporters of the symbols are not allowed in the stadium. Young people like historical symbolism. "Pursuit" is rooted in the history of 700 years, at least as early as 1366, the year the local princes Jagiello and Vytautas in full use on their seals this story.

60. Belarusian vodka is good, a lot of supermarkets in foreign vodka, whiskey, etc. D.

61. On this day in the capital of Belarus on Independence Square you can see staged in the Soviet era statue of Lenin. Generally, Lenin stand in each city.

62. When entering into a customs union in Belarus sharply increase duties on imported cars. That is why the year before Belarusians have imported a record amount of good and almost new cars. In particular, the Mercedes S-class, BMW 7, and so on. D.

63. World Hockey Championship built many hotels. Hotels are few and expensive. But the situation is improving.

64. By the way, Belarus crazy about hockey. Everywhere built ice rinks. Hockey allocated more funds than football. People are much more interested in football (as elsewhere).

65. In Belarus, all very zareglamentirovano. Street trading is virtually absent, very few snack bars and cafes. Shawarma and hot pancakes can be bought only in several markets. In large cities quite often the most modern supermarkets and shopping mall.

66. Beggars and homeless are practically no.

67. Belarusian Victoria Azarenka long time to keep the title of the first racket of the world.

68. In Belarus, the two religions: Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Catholics 20%. Many holidays are duplicated and are output. For example, in Belarus, the output is December 25 and January 7. Similarly Easter. In Belarus Radunitsa - a day of remembrance of ancestors - is a holiday. But after the New Year on January 3, as a rule, to go to work.

69. bunnies in Belarus money had long been called. Money with images of animals were in circulation from 1992 to 1996-th year. Now in use Belarusian ruble is sometimes called "protein." Shown on the bills of the building.

70. Also in Belarus on November 7 is the output. In general, Belarus is very Soviet country - and it's true. Lenin Street, Sverdlov, Frunze en masse. However, in the new neighborhoods streets are named Belarusian activists Street. Napoleon Orda, st. Yankees Lucino, st. Joseph Zhinovich and so on. D. The newly opened metro station were called "Grushevka", "Michałowo", "Piatroŭščyna».

71. At the same time, when you come flaunt the fact that they come «back to USSR», it can be a little alert Belarusians. Belarusians live in the present, not in the Soviet Union.

72. In Belarus, lived a lot of Jews. Now much smaller.

73. In Belarus, the Jews did not "do not like". Anti-Semitism is not observed.

74. 20% of the territory contaminated by radiation after the Chernobyl disaster. In the evacuation zone can enter freely. In them you will see a lot of signs warning of radiation. In many areas of resettlement of all living creatures: wolves, wild boar, elk.

75. In spite of the tolerance of its history Belarusians fought almost continuously. You will not believe, but most of all - with Russia. Many times as a result of wars villages and towns were burnt to ashes.

76. Belarus is still not abolished the death penalty.

77. Belarus twice won the children's "Eurovision».

78. If we talk about the national dish, then for some reason, just remember the pancakes. However, if you say that you know this dish as Vereshchaka, surprise Belarusians would be no limit (not all Belarusians and do something in the course).

79. Probably the majority of Russians and Ukrainians of Belarus is strongly associated with Lukashenko. Yes, stretch Lukashenko has ruled the country since the year 1994. However, Belarus - is not just Lukashenko, believe me.

80. The urban population is higher than in all the bordering countries, without exception, and is 75%.

81. No imperialism completely. As I mentioned, the Belarusians did not consider themselves Russian, and do not make any claims on the cultural, territorial and financial domination.

82. In Belarus, women retire at 55 years, and men - to 60.

83. Belarus has many monuments Patriotic War. Few people know that the war did not begin in Belarus June 22, 1941, and September 1, 1939. Men present Brest and Grodno region were drafted into the Polish army and fought against the Germans. During the war, killed every fourth Belarusian.

84. In reality, Belarus suffered greatly during the Second World War. Minsk practically rebuilt (and almost all cities). Few old buildings. All buildings Soviet.

85. Belarusian cities clean and tidy.

86. In Belarus, agricultural development. Belarus is among the world's top five exporters of dairy products. Product quality is really high.

87. And the twenty - arms export.

88. Belarus had nuclear weapons, but he was taken in Russia in the early 90s. So now Belarus - nuclear-free area.

89. Belarus was more than 600 years in the same state with Lithuania, more than 300 years - with Poland, and almost 200 years - from Russia.

90. The border with Russia is not, you can enter and miss (even everywhere there are signs). But at the entrance to the Bryansk region Russian name is misspelled - "Russian Fediratsiya».

91. Belarus comes a lot of Russian for dental treatment and dyeing machines, and so on. D. Better and cheaper than in Russia.

92. Belarus come to relax and "hang out." The girls are very beautiful.

93. In Belarus there is practically no rallies. Walk on them is not recommended if you do not want to amass a problem. Not all are happy with the current way of life, however, are silent on this.

94. In Belarus, you can not go to college to pull. After a 11-class pass coming centralized testing, all trust him as to write off the advance to know the answer, it is impossible. What happens is that the children of deans and rectors can not go to university, where working parents.

95. Belarus is very similar to Russia, but Belarus - not Russia.

96. In Belarus, many state-owned enterprises, private businesses are not very developed. The set of rules and regulations. Constantly hear something and then nationalized another company.

97. Belarusians love Belarusian language, but are not as nationalists, as Ukrainians. Rather indifferent.

98. Go Belarusian and Russian channels. Also Euronews. Ukrainian and Polish - no.

99. Many Belarusians sincerely believe that Russia still reigns complete chaos and total corruption, like the 90, nothing has changed. And proud of what they have in this respect all is quiet.

100. The standard of living in Belarus on average: somewhat higher than in Ukraine; slightly lower than in Russia (meaning Russia and not Moscow); lower than in Poland; slightly lower than in Kazakhstan.

101. In Belarus there is no huge deposits of oil or gas. About $ 1 billion in the first year of the country earns salt. And the rest, it is necessary to spin - to produce and exchange any products. Work and work hard.

102. Speaking of salt. Due to the potassium salt deposits highest salary in Belarus is not recorded in Minsk and Soligorsk.

103. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Belarus saved large enterprises. Not all of them are profitable, however, some quite successful. For example, "BelAZ».

104. Also, after the collapse of the USSR in Belarus was not strong "Hapuna", and therefore the stratification in society is much lower than in neighboring states. However, the farther the separation increases. In Belarus there are poor, and there is a rich, as elsewhere.

105. Belarus has not made boast of their wealth. Rich layer exists, however, in all Minsk few "Bentley" and, in my opinion, only one "Maybach". The rich do not always show others that they are rich. Will the world - will be a problem.

106. villas and cottages near Minsk also look a lot easier and more modest than the villa near Moscow or Kiev.


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