I went to live in Las Vegas, but want home

Allen lives and works in Las Vegas. Her story is similar to the emigration of thousands of others, but has its own characteristics. Once she went to the United States under the program Work & Travel, however, is not returned to her native Minsk, but decided to stay in a foreign country illegally. For years in America from Minsk managed to legalize, to make a career, and now is considering the possibility to return to Belarus to invest in the business.
Arranging an interview, Alain offers to meet at the restaurant, Bellagio - the most expensive and pompous in Las Vegas. Gone are the days when she lived without documents: the cost of a cup of coffee and cheesecake in this institution exceeds the daily subsistence wage in Belarus. We serve on the highest level, as is customary in the world capital of entertainment and pleasure.

- I'm off to the United States together with his girlfriend six years ago - says Alain. - Purposefully looking for a job in Los Angeles, and then I wanted to go back to Belarus, as a friend - a young man found here and stay. In fact, the opposite happened: we went to Vegas because this city was a place for me, and she flew across the ocean. Two years later I was in Minsk, made free attendance at the university, as the number of student and began to settle in the United States.
Before the planned departure Alain managed to quit your job and as a result the first two months of sitting idle. Generally, the purpose of the trip from Minsk in the US Work & Travel program was a new car at home, but the personal circumstances of dashed plans. Shortly after the plane flew without her friend helped get into the restaurant for 3-4 days a week, and then found a job as a shop.

The first year, according to the resident of Minsk, she was under the sign of "self-understanding." She admits that in fact did nothing, except to prepare documents for legal residence. Ways to get important for a full life in the US market is not so much "politics", a lottery green card (it is possible to participate at the same time living in the United States) or marriage.
- Documents do not so difficult, - says Belarusian. - Role plays, including the place where you live. So, on the east coast and in California are studying your position more closely in Nevada is this easier. However, in any case, it is not cheap.
Allen says that initially did not want to stay. Over the summer, she was able to accumulate a certain amount, and the first time she could provide herself and friends helped with the apartment. Rental housing in Las Vegas (in contrast, for example, New York) costs significantly cheaper. For example, one-bedroom apartment will require a budget of about $ 700, and the room can be found for $ 300. At the same time in the main city of the Americas studio in Manhattan rise to $ 1700-2000.

- I think, in Las Vegas to get up easier, and it is with due diligence at every turn - emphasizes Alain. - All visitors are working in the entertainment industry, and the lack of places. However, once again, without documents is difficult. Yes, in other states lack the Russian who can "enter into the situation" and to take a person without papers, but in Vegas smallest diaspora, many Armenians, Moldovans, Belarusians and Russian but there are almost no.
From Minsk now holds the post of deputy director of a large chain of stores selling expensive underwear La Perla. Shop at Ceasars Palace complex was working under a franchise agreement, but thanks to its leading position in the US has become a part of the corporation. La Perla - old landmark Italian brand present on the market for over 60 years. Under it, by the way, it created the concept of colored clothes - before our grandparents knew about per se.

- Set underwear in the store can cost $ 400-500, it is chosen by Hollywood stars and other wealthy people. That the New Year stopped by Heidi Klum with her boyfriend visited Celine Dion and others.
Alain consciously chosen field. Her mother in Minsk has its own clothing industry, which is made from scratch after her divorce from her husband. However, despite the success of products in Russia and Ukraine, the individual points in shopping centers in Minsk, the company has no own shop with a well-established system of sales. This prompted Alain gain relevant experience in the future, maybe start their own business.
- America (and especially Las Vegas) - the ideal school to understand how sales - shares his views from Minsk. - Working in a city where tourists come from all over the world, you see, what preferences are formed in humans, depending on their nationality.
But that is not all. Talking about the features of the management system in the United States, Allen opens our eyes to the amazing things the Belarusian consciousness. So, every morning at La Perla is a meeting of employees, which shall be communicated to the sales plan, not only for a day, but every hour the store.
- Nothing like Belarus I have not met - continues Alena. - However, as there are workers too, stimulated a percentage of sales - it is for each individual.
Open shop in Vegas from Minsk does not plan: expensive. The rent for their small point in the upscale Forum Shops is an astronomical $ 37 thousand. The average revenue ranges from $ 160 thousand. Up to $ 200 thousand. Depending on the month. In addition, presenting a business plan owner of retail space, you will have to confirm their financial viability - have the funds to pay all the bills and salaries within the next six months.

- Now my goal - to work in the US for another year or two and discover Belarus something different - said from Minsk. - You do not have clothes. Here, I had to sell vitamins, clothes - everything. In fact, it does not matter what you sell, but how you do it.
Do not hold the question, what is good and bad in the United States.
- Well, probably more, - says Alain. - To make a career, not necessarily to be some gifted. No, the whole system is "sharpened" so that active, nelenivy person necessarily will succeed and quickly go up. All statistics of your performance carefully documented, and if the results are good, you will not remain unnoticed. Quality of life is also high.
Moral - harder.
- Friends there, my mother there, first two years of very hard, - says Alain. - But then you notice that at all and so adulthood, many earn abroad and we meet more often now that gather in Minsk, rather than when living in neighboring yards. But friends is still not enough. If they can be transported here, it would be very good.

Alain highlights another important aspect that accompanies the life of each emigrant. During his stay in the country within every person somehow acquires some social connections - in every situation, you know who to call, through whom to seek help, some to represent the legal aspects of life in Belarus. Upon arrival in a foreign land is not all that.
- The first is your friend on arrival - Internet - said from Minsk. - Looking forums acquainted with the peculiarities of local life, the decisive question. Within a year or two begin to appear real acquaintances, friendships, in general, as usual.
According to Alena, Las Vegas has an impact on visitors. Thus, the Belarusian believes to be solved in Nevada in the end about half of the emigrants, and many go on the trail of the curve: drink too much, become addicted, addicted to gambling. Entertainment industry leaves its mark ...
- The climate in Las Vegas is not as hard as it may seem - continues Alain story about everyday features of life in Nevada. - In winter, pretty comfortable, though the summer is hot but very dry. Also on the street during the day simply no one: everyone is working in air-conditioned rooms, and walk after sunset. Yes, there is the ocean, but three hours before the Los Angeles by car. Still do not like it - the lack of direct aircraft even to Moscow. To get to Minsk comes with several transfers.

Leaving the United States has no plans to permanently Alain. It is an ideal model for the future - to live in two countries: in the Vegas summer at home - business and residence in the winter. According to the resident of Minsk, here, in Belarus, a lot of unoccupied niches, and she was watching, what you can invest. Over the years of his life in the United States was able to collect a certain amount, moreover, Alain thinks about the legal possibility to take in an American bank loan to open a business in Belarus.
- I believe that any person is useful to live in the United States 3-4 years - Alain shares his views. - Being an immigrant, as it re-acquainted with themselves, overestimating life positions, and most importantly - learn to value time. Time - the greatest value given to us in life, and in the US it is strongest. In America, no one lives in such a rhythm in what used to live Belarusians: day after day, our fellow citizens postpone issues "for tomorrow", this kind of series of birthdays of friends and that's it, "I will do then." In the US, it is not so. Emigrant alone with himself and his problems here begin to look for answers to the questions "Who am I?", "Who do I need?", "What have I done valuable?". You go to a single employer and are refused, going to another - there, too, your services are not needed ...
According to Alena, living in Belarus, you always have the rear of the parental home, which allows you to feel more relaxed.
- To universities, the Belarusians do not realize that their education really has no value. Living among friends and family, their value is less than the leaving of 10 thousand kilometers - emphasizes Alain. - All this is useful to realize, once in the harsh conditions of exile.
On the other hand, from Minsk he believes that better educate children in Belarus. Apart from the fact that all education, including primary education, the United States is very expensive, the local children are isolated from each other, they talk to each other a little, almost did not attend any further circles and sections. In her opinion, it affects the character.
- America is good for the experience and the formation of the person, and then the experience can be used anywhere - sums up Alain. - To live well and raise a family, I would still at home. Much more quiet and peaceful than the United States, with the good, and real people.

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