Broken dreams

Ask any person on the planet, in which city he wanted to go - Las Vegas definitely fall into the top ten. The legendary Sin City, a place where almost everything is allowed in the world where the poor become rich, and millionaires are played to his underpants. City scenery in the desert of Nevada attracts 35 million people a year, despite the fact that in the Vegas live only 500 thousand. I do not like Vegas. Scary is not liked. I tried to find here anything nice for me, but could not. But I try to be objective in his story. Photos and got a lot of Vegas is very different, so please be patient, continue reading to the end.

1 I arrived in Vegas by car, though, mostly arrive here. Many Hollywood films after "Aida mahnёm in Vegas!" Heroes sit in the car, but movies on it and Hollywood: a city just four hours' drive from Los Angeles, and even San Francisco is eight hours, few go . Aerorort is located in the heart of downtown, across the street from the famous boulevard: got out of the plane and immediately hit the casino.

2 Las Vegas Boulevard - the most popular, central location in the city. This street, more precisely, its 7-kilometer cuts colloquially referred to as "the strip" - the band. It is here that most of the hotels, casinos and other entertainment. This is not quite historically Strip Las Vegas and its suburbs Paradise. Just once it was possible to build a casino only in a certain street, and the number of investors is much higher than the number of free land. I had to dodge and build outside the city. Today, this few people remember.

3 This city can not be called great: all the millions of visitors fit on a couple of streets, and the rest - the same "one-story America 'homes and small three-storey apartment building. Right through the center runs several highways to local can quickly get to the house. Local - usually those who work in casinos, restaurants, hotels. But more about that later.

4 And the Strip is also a regular street with cars. Along the way, both sides are located different "places of interest", people just move on sidewalks. Not to make the most wide pedestrian street!

5 pedestrian bridges and walkways, you can move to the other side.

6 And just to be in the casino. Travelators carries directly into the mouth of a volcano game. I'm not going to go to the casino, how I got here?

7 In this and calculated. Though, should be frank - very few people went to Vegas and not going to the casino.

8 There are no restrictions, checkpoints. No one will ask your passport if you want to play roulette, but must be asked, you want a beer.

9 And yet counterfeiting is a city, the city of falsehood. Only here, in one place you can find the Pyramid, the Obelisk and sheep from ancient Egypt (and they are even in different parts of the country are located), and on the same street - the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

10 Everything is made of plaster, plastic. Almost made in China. But the "Luxor" in Vegas knows no worse than Egyptian Luxor. This world is too venturesome.

11 That is the most famous symbol of Paris, and throughout France. Of course, this is less and it is impossible to climb. But it looks very natural.

12 Of course, Vegas is also a paradise for shopping. Here clothing is really inexpensive. In America, even the world's best prices on clothes.

12 Casino often combined not only with hotels and shopping centers. Comes family, father - the player, mother - shmotoshnitsa and sonny likes computer games. They settle in some big hotel there s all the fun, you can not even go out of the building. Do not believe it, but many do so. Even from the airport to the hotel by car and go stand in a traffic jam on the boulevard, though on foot - 15 minutes, and there is also a train.

13 Hotel Venetian, of course, in the Venetian style. It is inconceivable that the theme of the city on the water was lost in Vegas.

14 Of course, there are channels.

15 And it rolled the people. But still it looks funny, and even pathetic. This "Venice" looks more fake than all Shanghai suburbs in the European style.


17 "Street" American "Venice." Normal mall :(

18 surprised that this is not done anywhere near us. Leopard would aunts squeaked with delight, so everything here, "Bahati".

19 And yet here it is very hot, even in the spring. Not far from the Vegas has the hottest place on earth, it bakes more than in the Sahara desert. Death Valley. I wrote about it during a big trip. Therefore, the city's many pools. In the southern states at all pools at every step.

20 Look at these guys. They are happy!

21 Every their happiness. Those who travel to Las Vegas are counting on a hell of intoxication, drinking and casual sex. And rich. The inscription on the window of the car, "Spermovecherinka with us in Vegas".

22 On the streets, you can meet more freaks than anywhere else in America.




26 Napёrstochniki. Twist, twirl want to confuse!

26 The air smells of sex. Right on the streets used condoms lying around. Prostitution is completely legal, without restrictions.

27 Delivery of a woman in a room of the hotel, just twenty minutes! This is faster than a pizza.


29 This girl offered me to meet you, but most likely - she is a prostitute. And just wanted money.

Over 30 beautiful screen hiding the other, the real Las Vegas.

31 The city is very dirty. In America, a rarity.

32 The number of homeless people is also huge, and because to them nothing can be done, do not throw them out. This is - a zone of absolute freedom.

33 This may sound awful, but many homeless and crippled, gather up a few little things immediately go and lowered it into the slot machines.

34 Vegas knows millions of ups and downs as well. They happen every day. As long as you are lucky - you see only the bright, the front side.

35 A man from the Salvation Army went into McDonald's, pulled the little thing out of his egg capsules and bought a burger. Helping the homeless, yes!

36 Welcome to the other side of the moon! It is another strikingly different world, though the bright candy wrappers before him - a stone's throw. Here, in the "afterlife Vegas" entirely cheap motels where people live for years.

37 Here - homes that look worse than in most rednekovskoy hole.

38 And locals do not inspire confidence.

39 Social advertising.

40 Police carefully patrol these disadvantaged areas, because they can wander tourists, and incidents are not wanted. Yes, usually the American ghetto police goes very reluctantly.

41 Many commercial real estate for rent. It is seen. that at some point people have abandoned everything and left. They could not compete with the big casinos.


43 In these motels average room rate - $ 10-15 per day. This is the lowest price in America! Pay attention to the billboards - many shelters you can pay monthly or once a week.

44 Well-known in narrow circles of the motel "Blue Angel". Many call him the "fallen". It seems abandoned? Not at all, it works. But "for its".

45 gambling capital of the world for more than eighty years. Changing era, guest preferences, and just open some places, while others burn out forever. Here and there, lurking in the ground, you can find traces of the old Vegas.

46 Another family will soon leave here. Before leaving town, they held a garage sale. It is unlikely that they will ever go back to Vegas, he is unlikely for them - a dream.

47 But what you've seen before was simply purgatory. Hell of this city, its very bottom, you can learn only when he lost in the dust. When there will be no money for food or on the way home.

48 In this case, you have only one way - in a pawnshop!

49 When you can not buy yourself a cheap burger - not to whims. Surely you have something of value. Pradedushkiny watch? Pawnbroker give them a couple of dozen crumpled. Can not argue with that. You can bargain a lot of pawnshops. But you lost, not eaten for two days, you have nowhere to spend the night ...

50 Vegas at the flea market, you can find anything. Sometimes there is a logical question, how these things were there? Different wheels, grille ...

51 There is clearly an artist was selling his collection.

52 Musical instruments, gold records, bicycles, uniforms, regular ski jacket ...

52 Old pistols. Here they are expensive. Surely lie half a century. It easily. After all, the older product - the higher the price.

53 But some ancient refrigerator for Coca-Cola.

54 Kids pedal machine. As you can see, and these were Americans.

55 how it got into the city in the desert of Nevada? Soviet spies had left the money in the casino, and he had nothing to buy vodka? Cars Soviet Yeshe, see the price tag. The price for them - is impressive. Not so long ago I bought exactly the same plastic for the BTR nephew peacetraveler22 in Minsk. He was twice the size and cost three times cheaper.

56 And another side of Las Vegas, about which very very short. As you can see, the city is very controversial and very much versatile. So many people come here to get married ....

57 No, you're a real sweetheart here hardly will bring. Unless both of you - the passionate lovers of the casino. She will give you a head and will go to a car mechanic if you, after five years of marriage, said: "Honey, let's go get married in Vegas." It's more if you are very drunk and decided to fix the budget accidentally encountered a prostitute. Just for this, the city has a special "Street hours." Oh, Las Vegas is truly a city of loopholes! We walked all the laws that we can. Or take your right allowing that other forbidden. So here in Vegas, anyone can buy a license allowing marriages. And sell their services, of course. Such license costs $ 60 a year, and the wedding ceremony in the chapel of the bedraggled - ten. At once. Can you imagine what profit? But you can build a house more beautiful, more interesting to call - and then the price will be higher. Here here lured by the fact that in this very chapel married Jon Bon Jovi! Like it or not, we will never know, but all the documents they have, of course. Like its neighbors.

58 I, too, was a small wedding, just randomly went hung with cameras, and the couple with a few guests were asked to take a picture of them on the memory. A souvenir also photographed. Odd Couple, but not for me to judge them. So you know how many chances you have to get married in Vegas? 120 thousand! Seriously, just as many licenses have been purchased this year.

59 Here's a he, Vegas. Well, what do you say?



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