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Yesterday in Russia began rolling the film "The First Avenger» (Captain America: The First Avenger). This is one of the most anticipated films of the summer (after Harry Potter, of course). Stars and Stripes, the hero of the comic studio responsible for the life of another movie superhero - "Iron Man» (Iron Man). I do not know about you, but I have movies about comic book characters very much.

This year, Captain America comics knocked 70 years. This story was created drawn writer Joe Simon (Joe Simon) and artist Jack Kirby (Jack Kirby), the first issue of «Captain America Comics» was released in March 1941. Over the decades has sold nearly 210 million copies of comic books for a total of 75 countries. In May 2011, Captain America took 6th place in the "Hundred best comic book characters of all time».

In the midst of World War II, this comic was created as a military propaganda - welcome fought against the German invaders and their accomplices. Became the main villain Red Skull (Red Skull) with the appearance of the appropriate nickname. Captain America himself dressed in a suit in the colors of the American flag and stars, and is armed with an indestructible shield steep. Here is such a magic man.

It is clear that such a popular story noticed in Hollywood. The first film "Captain America» (Captain America) comes out in 1944. The main role in the film played Dick Purcell (Dick Purcell). By the way, he died of a heart attack after the shooting at the age of 35 years.

Next came in 1979 TV film series "Captain America» (Captain America) and "Captain America 2: Death Too Soon" (Saptain America II: Death Too Soon) with Rebom Brown (Reb Brown) in the title role.

The third birth of Captain America on the silver screen had in 1990. Then came the low-budget "Captain America» (Captain America), which tells how Captain America became a superhero. Starring Matt Salinger (Matt Salinger).

Finally this year, fans of the series have waited big budget adaptation of "Captain America" ​​on kassicheskomu story:

Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in a research project that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. Rogers comes into the US armed forces with Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter to fight the hostile organization HYDRA, which controls the ruthless Red Skull.

The director of "Captain America" ​​was originally invited Jon Favreau (John Favreau), but he chose to work on the "Iron Man" (Favreau speaks in this project not only as a director, he starred in one of the main roles - driver Tony Stark).

Director's chair got Joe Johnston (Joe Johnston), who had removed his films such as "Jumanji» (Jumanji, 1995) and "Jurassic Park 3» (Jurassic Park III, 2001).

For the title role of Captain America fought rumored sugary boy from the series "Gossip Girl» (Gossip Girl) Chace Crawford (Chace Crawford) and better known of his bisexuality than roles Channing Tatum (Channing Tatum).

However, the creators have seen in this role only Chris Evans (Chris Evans). Prior to that, he had already participated in several large-scale projects - both parts of "Fantastic Four" ("4"), the film Oscar winner Danny Boyle's "Sunshine» (Sunshine) and voiced one of the characters in the feature film "Turtles Ninza» (TMNT) . After much persuasion studio Evans gave in and agreed to play the comic book legend.

It is said that the main role was considered and Sebastian Stan (Sebastian Stan), but eventually got the role of Bucky.

The role of the protagonist's girlfriend Peggy Carter refused Emily Blunt (Emily Blunt). Then, for participation in the film was invited Hayley Atwell (Hayley Atwell). It is said that for her role she trained six days a week. I do not believe.

It is a pity that Blunt refused.

Red Skull played Mr. Smith Hugo Weaving (Hugo Weaving).

Until ...

... And after.

Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) plays a stern commander in the bunker.

Scientists who Captain America is obliged to force plays Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci).

Even in the film is loved by many girls my friends Eritadzh Richard (Richard Armitage).

Although the frame of the movie is not clear what they love him, but we remember the British TV series "Robin Hood» (Robin Hood).

But it is not the most radical transformation. Check it out with the CBSA premiere at the premiere. That's what he was Nematomorpha. Looked like a Leo Schreiber (Liev Schreiber).

And do not be afraid of these words, the iron horse superhero - «Harley-Davidson V-Rod».

Stills from the film and photos from the shooting:

Movie Trailers:

By the way, in the Russian hire "Captain America" ​​called "The First Avenger" for ideological reasons. Around the world, new kinokomiks from Marvel Studios «Captain America: The First Avenger" will be released under his full name, and only in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea see the picture, with only one subtitle in the title. Numerous sources say the Western media that the reason for the renaming to "cultural and political aspects." I do not know about you, but I resent the neglect of domestic distributors to the original title of the film.

The movie will forever remain in the political history of Russia. Two days before the premiere in Moscow there were posters with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, which stylistically resemble advertising blockbuster "Captain America: The First Avenger." Only instead of a shield of the hero - a huge iPad2, and the signature reads: "Captain Russia. The first ruler. "

PS As it turns out, does go shooting a new sci-fi movie about the heroes of "The Avengers» (The Avengers), which is accepted as a basis for another comic book series.

The picture tells the viewer about the team of superheroes fighting evil together for the good of the people. The team we meet such inimitable heroes as Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and ...

In addition to the actors responsible for these characters and their friends, in the new film will be attended by: Jeremy "I have not given twice Oscar" Renner (Jeremy Renner), «hero-lover retired" Mark Ruffalo (Mark Ruffalo), Stellan Skarsgard, Bill prihlopa (Stellan Skarsgård). And it removes all the creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Serenity" Uedon Joss (Joss Whedon).

Of additional materials available on the network group photos with the creators of «Comic-Con 2010» ...

... And the first poster "Avengers».



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