Secret room for the crew

If you are a member of the crew Boenig 777 and 787, then you know about the secret staircase leading to a small recreation room with no windows for flight attendants and pilots.

Official photo lounges crew Boenig 777. Photo: Boeing

The diagram shows its location at the top of the fuselage. Photo: Boeing

Reclining pilots. Photo: Boeing

Passengers input here is strictly prohibited. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

Behind this door - a secret staircase. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

It leads to the second floor. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

Beds for relaxing on Boenig 787. Photo: Martin Deutsch / Flickr, CC

Bed. Photo: Martin Deutsch / Flickr, CC

Warning that each bed is designed for one person only. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

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Corridor between the beds on Boenig 777. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

photo later, some sort of mistake ...

The windows in the compartments are absent. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

And because this is pretty grim. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

And sometimes even dark. Photo: Chris McGinnis /

Each berth length of 183 cm and a width of 61 cm equipped with a reading lamp. Photo: Chris McGinnis /


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