US Secret Service (20 photos)

If you ask - and why the US, why not Russian - answer: Russian secret so that the information on it is practically not.

US Secret Service (United States Secret Service - USSS) - US federal agency subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Security. The main tasks of the US Secret Service are to prevent counterfeiting of American money, debt, and other valuable documents, as well as protection of the president, vice president, their immediate family members, other senior officials, former presidents and their wives, candidates for the presidential and vice-presidential representatives foreign states during their visits. Also, the Secret Service is investigating various types of financial fraud, identity theft and helps investigate some internal crime.

In the US Secret Service has approximately 5, 000: 2, 100 special agents, 1, 200 police officers and 1, 700 technical and administrative workers. Special agents are the bodyguards of officials or investigating financial crimes.

Police unit of the White House Secret Service (United States Secret Service Uniformed Division) is similar to Capitol Police (United States Capitol Police), and its tasks include the physical protection of the territory of the White House and foreign diplomatic missions in Washington. White House Police (Uniformed Division) was originally part of the police forces of the White House (White House Police Force), but in 1971 was transferred to the Office of the Secret Service as Executive Protection Service (Executive Protective Service), and in 1979 was renamed to the police White house (Secret Service Uniformed Division).

Immediate protection of the president and his family provides a special unit bodyguard President (Presidential Protective Division). George Bush moves on the ground in an armored Cadillac DeVille in an exclusive set. Armor salon withstand a direct hit grenade. Fuel tank filler comprises a foam that prevents fire. The device allows the vehicle to move the tire at high speed even when the wheels are punched. Glass is not lowered, and the handles on the outside - sham, car only opens from the inside. On the "board" in addition to ammunition, including grenades, tear gas, there is a stock of blood that can be transfused to the president.

Preparing for a trip abroad, the president begins well in advance. Once the program begins to discuss his visit to the White House, Secret Service agents start to estimations of different scenarios of possible threats. All movements of the president painted and agreed to the smallest detail. Plans are processed continuously with the survey data.
However, there is a tradition that the Secret Service does not change. For example, the president of the United States abroad almost always stops at the hotel and not in the state residence. Normally, rented an entire wing of the hotel, which can be reliably block, and at the same time are calculated variants emergency evacuation.
Another feature of the US president travels is that in a multi-day trip, he carries with him almost the entire White House. Advanced detachments Secret Service advance available on the presidential route. When he finally arrives the president himself, his motorcade form dozens of cars. Among them is necessarily present an armored presidential limousine, a couple just looking machines spare car "emergency", the car communications, as well as numerous cars suites.

Secret Service agents that act as bodyguards, dressed in clothes suitable for each individual case. In most cases, a conservative business suit of dark color.

Photographers often imprint them in sunglasses and communications headset.

It should be noted that the service in the ranks of the Secret Service, present certain risks. For example, in 1999 the performance of their duties was killed 31 members of the secret service. In 2003, the service has lost in killed and wounded in the performance of professional duties 34 agent. However, the details of these incidents are classified. For comparison, the annual loss has six times more staff FBI constitute 60-70 people.

"Set hostile scenarios that should be taken into account to ensure the safety of those individuals, which is designed to protect the Secret Service, is continuously expanding, - said John Barletta, who participated in the organization of foreign visits of President Ronald Reagan. - Now we have to keep in mind not only the situation where the main weapon is a pistol, machine gun or sniper rifle. Today, it is necessary to weigh things like terrorist activity options when someone can use a missile or aircraft that can explode in a crowd. " So that peace can only dream of the Secret Service.


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