Belarusians in America. Off-budget version

A few years ago, winning a green card, together with his family moved to the New World. Through relatives we found friends in America who were willing to meet us and help with the first steps in a new place. While in Minsk, we have agreed to lease the house and knew where to go: Georgia, a suburb of its capital and largest city of Atlanta.

I must say that she Atlanta - the city beautiful and clean. It is true that about 60% of African-Americans make up. The white population live compactly in the elite and affluent areas such as Atlanta Buckhead in itself, as well as to the north of Atlanta, in the suburbs. Russian-speaking population there about 100 000 people, and often hear native speech, flashing "our faces».

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Beginners easily identified by the way they dress: scarves and boots with heels. Not very comfortable, if here in early November, daytime temperatures up to + 18 ° C, and they did dress up for autumn weather, both here at home.

Atlanta and all its satellite towns is very green cedar, pine, spruce, magnolia and ivy sometimes make a solid wall covering residential areas of the road and give the impression that you're going all the time in the park or forest. Periodically only glimpses signs of Congresses in the shopping malls, restaurants and so on.



The first house that we rented, was about 200 meters, with four bedrooms and 3 toilets. It turned out to be a huge bonus of 2 hectares surrounding territory and friendly neighbors. In a month it costs us $ 1,000 without utilities. The house we really liked, but soon grown children, and it was time to give them to school. In America, public schools are assigned to the area, and to change school is strictly prohibited, even if another school is closer to your home than the one to which you are assigned. In writing to the school must submit all documents proving residential address.



The welfare of the homeowners directly affects furnished and equipped schools. With each house will be charged tax (1% of the price of the house per year) and part of the money transferred to the school district. Thus, the richer homes in the area, the steeper, for example, computers in the classroom (the same Apple), interactive boards, platforms, equipped with baseball fields and tennis courts.

Thus, it appears that rated our schools had only 5 points out of 10. We immediately moved to another area with good schools, in the home half of the area, with a small patio and thus more expensive at $ 350. So we lived for several years. During this time we lost the habit, got a job and began to reflect on his house. Moreover, the economic situation in the country just to promote: low home prices, low interest loan and a huge offer. We found a real estate agent who told us how to improve our credit history, based on which the bank makes a decision on our solvency and agrees to finance the purchase or refuse. For example, open credit cards in shops, banks for small amounts, and it was necessary to monitor the timely repayment of debt on them. This training took six months. Only after that we began to actively search the house.

A month later, we opted for a new, newly built house in a nice area, near a park and bike path, with good schools. In some houses we have 2 swimming pools, one for adults and a separate "splash" for kids. As for the money? Assessing our income, the bank said the maximum that it can lend. So, on revenue of $ 8,000 per month for a family bank agreed to provide a $ 230,000 home, with the annual interest rate was 3, 7%, and the initial contribution - $ 11 000. The amount of monthly payments to $ 1,600. To these are added utilities, which account for about $ 1,800 ($ 500 - light and gas, $ 100 - water, $ 100 - garbage collection, $ 110 - Internet, TV, $ 200 - insurance for the car, $ 315 - telephones of three lines, $ 50 - lawn care and so forth).


Now our house - a living area of ​​3,500 square feet (about 325 sq. M), with 5 bedrooms and 5 toilets with baths and showers. In addition to the bedrooms there are: dining room, guest room, the main hall is connected to the kitchen, an office on the ground floor, a game room on the second floor. The master bedroom consists of two rooms separated by a fireplace on two sides, two dressing rooms, a bathroom in 18 square meters. m, with bath, shower and toilet. In addition, there is a garage for 2 cars, which is not included in the footage of the house.

Once we have decided to count, and how many doors we have in the house? It turned out, 36.

So, as they say, WELCOME.

When we go in the house, it turns out in the hallway. On the left the entrance to the guest toilet and access to the garage. The door on the left photo - a dressing room. Between the garage and the entrance hall there is a small room, which is called the Mud Room (dirty room, where children leave shoes and school backpacks). Right dining room and guest room - both are designed to receive guests. As a rule, Americans all parties and are held in this space: wardrobe, dining room, a place for entertainment and get-togethers, and of the toilet, of course. Deep shines Family Room, or, in our opinion, the room where the family spends its daytime.



Mud Room opposite the toilet.

Guest toilet.

Back in the hall.

To the right kitchen. Americans are not prepared at home, eat at local eateries and restaurants on weekends.

When you buy a house here, the kitchen is already equipped with appliances: fridge in our case, 800 liters, dishwasher, stove with self-cleaning option, dispouzerom (shredder residue in the sink). The kitchen and the hall separates island - granite table and bar at the same time.

We go to the kitchen. View of the hall. Unfortunately, in this house, a gas fireplace. On the left door to the office, office, bathroom with toilet and bath.

Breakfast Area (breakfast area) and exit to the site.


Climb up the stairs. Getting into the loft, a playroom for children.

To the right of her children are located.

The same room. The door to the room - a closet.

The second baby.

Both rooms are connected by "secret" passage to the bath, toilet and place for washing for every child.

View from the hallway to a room with washing machine and dryer. The door on the right - built-in cabinets, a few of these in the house.

Upstairs guest room with a separate toilet, bathroom, large walk-in closet with a window.

To the left of adult bedroom loft.

The room is divided another fireplace. A small corridor leads to the bathroom here. Right and left wardrobe.


It looks like owners of the house bathroom with shower, bath and two seats for washing.

Of course, in Minsk for $ 241,000 will not buy a house. But in Minsk and built differently, brick or concrete. Immediately there is no winter, winter daytime temperatures rarely fall below -5 ° C. Snow falls in the best time in the winter, when it announced a state of emergency. School was canceled, and many in this day do not work, simply can not get to work. Our staff are forbidden winter tires, they spoil the road.

Here are built of thin "beams" and all sheathe plywood, then there is an insulating material, veneer siding and decorated with brick or stone. The service life of the house about 50 years, and then will need to do a complete overhaul. But because Americans often confined to their homes. Rarely who plan to live in the same house all his life. If you turn up interesting job offer in another state, it quickly packed things and then rent your home or even sell it. Our house - the first truly his own, and I want to believe that if we have to change, and then only for the best.



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