The alternative for Lada Priora

The five-door hatchback Lada Priora, which appeared in showrooms recently, enjoys tremendous popularity. And for the car equipped with an immobilizer, alloy wheels, airbag, and electric power steering, asking a lot - 295 thous. Rubles. Which foreign five-door hatchback can be purchased, with a similar amount? Discarding such unreliable Chinese BYD-F3R and FAW Vita and young Koreans like the Hyundai Getz and Kia Picanto, we have an impressive list. Not limited to banal listing of specifications, we publish a brief description of the models and their main shortcomings. Compare and choose!

Lada Priora - from 295 thousand. Rub.

Guess feature Priora features "ten" is not easy - body design has changed radically. Moreover, the claim to "inomarochnost" forced designers to copy some elements of the exterior design to successful foreign models. Manual filling - Change "desyatochnaya" therefore lacks novelty were transferred by inheritance. Over time, correct?

Engine: 1, 6 L; 98 l. from. at 5600 vol. / min.

Features: 183 km / h; 11, 5 sec. up to 100 km / h; 6, 0/8, 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Equipment: power steering, driver's airbag and front passenger, immobilizer, central locking, alloy wheels.

Disadvantages: vague steering and drive transmission, a small trunk, poor-quality assembly, frankly cheap materials, outdated design.

Chevrolet Lacetti - from 342 thousand. Rub.

This five-door hatchback - particularly advantageous offer. The basic version of the Lacetti different 95-horsepower engine and a good set of equipment. If you pay about 60 thousand. Rub., The Chevrolet will sport a 110-horsepower engine and air conditioning. And the car is assembled and quality worthy behaves on the road.

Engine: 1, 4 L; 95 l. from. at 6200 vol. / min.

Features: 175 km / h; 11, 6 seconds. up to 100 km / h; 5, 9/9, 3 liters per 100 km.

Equipment: power steering, driver's airbag and front passenger, immobilizer, central locking, front electric windows. Disadvantages: vague-wheel drive, a small trunk.

Ford Fiesta - from 362 thousand. Rub.

Engine: 1, 4 L; 80 l. from. at 5700 vol. / min.

Features: 167 km / h; 13, 2 seconds. up to 100 km / h; 5, 0/8, 3 liters per 100 km.

Equipment: power steering, driver airbag, immobilizer, audiopreparation.

The current generation Fiesta - not the first in a row. All cars manufactured since 1976, primarily distinguished by reliability. Now, this advantage can be added ergonomics, high-quality finishing materials and the "four-star" passive safety. All this, together with a very attractive price and the lack of major flaws, make Fiesta bargain. Disadvantages: small clearance.


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