20 toxic things You use every day

Currently, scientists are sounding the alarm about the chemicals found in most household products, which proved to be much more toxic than previously thought.

Because health and Wellness are not merely the result of diet and exercise, but also the consequence of limiting exposure to toxic substances, we propose to learn about the latest more. This will help to take measures to reduce or eliminate such negative influence of toxic substances.

The toxicity of perfumes

According to the results of a study conducted by one of the agencies for the protection of the environment, it was discovered that potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in perfumes (even enough to read the part).

Toxic chemicals, such as benzaldehyde, camphor, ethyl acetate, benzyl acetate, linalool, acetone and methylene chloride, or otherwise contained in modern perfumery.

These toxins, when inhaled, can cause:
· Dizziness
· Nausea
· Drowsiness
· Irritation of the throat
· Eye irritation
· Skin irritation
· Irritation of the lungs
· Kidney damage
· Headaches.

Alternative: in this case we can only advise less use of petrochemical perfumes, replacing it with a 100% natural, or altogether to abandon it.

The toxicity of mattresses

Many mattresses have high levels of potentially harmful compounds called PBDE (Penta-bromodiphenyl ethers). Health problems associated with PBDE exposure, affect brain tissue, reproductive system, thyroid.

All this is of particular concern since we spend a third of our lives in bed. PBDE has been banned in Canada and some US States.

Alternative: suggest to pay attention to when buying a mattress, the materials from which the bed was made.

The toxicity of detergents

You probably know that many cleaning products that You use every day have harmful chemicals, but think that other alternatives to these cleaners no.

The next time You go to the store to buy detergent, check the composition indicated on the label. Ingredients like phthalates and chemical surfactants adversely affect our body, therefore, give preference to drugs that do not contain the above substances.

Alternative: I can assure You that natural products such as baking soda or lemon juice diluted with hot water, often clean the dishes as well as many cleaning products, and they have no and the slightest hint of the content of toxic chemicals.

Air fresheners

As cleaning products, air fresheners help us keep in the house a cosiness and comfort. But with the help of a study conducted at the University of California Berkeley, it was found that with excessive use (especially confined spaces) air fresheners emit toxic substances.

In this case, the threat to health associated with chemicals, such as ethylene and paradichlorbenzol, which are easily spread through the air.

Alternative: in view of the above circumstances, the best way to freshen the air is to ventilate and ventilate the premises.

Food containers

Many plastic food containers are made from chemical substances like phthalates, which can interfere with the normal operation of the endocrine and reproductive systems, as well as adversely affect overall neurological condition of the person.

As the plastic disintegrates over time, it can cause the release of dangerous chemical substances phthalates in food.

Alternative: use a glass container.

The toxicity plastic bottles

To date, plastic bottles are not great pests to the environment and humans, but the drinks contained in them, can contain more toxic chemicals. Most bottles are now BPA-free (bisphenol a) that can not but rejoice. However, not all manufacturers of such containers are equally honest and care about the health of consumers.

Alternative: despite the safety of modern plastic bottles, it is better to use glass containers.

Toxicity of cosmetics

The average person uses in a day 6-12 cosmetic preparations. And the problem is that most of this cosmetics includes toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to us.

Alternative: select cosmetics that doesn't contain synthetic ingredients. Recommended cosmetic products composed of natural ingredients, natural oils and organic ingredients.


Most people use antiperspirants to avoid odor. However, there are antiperspirants which have aluminum, which may contribute to the development of breast cancer. But research, this fact has not yet been confirmed.

Alternative: organization of health of many countries need to place warning signs on the antiperspirants, having in its composition aluminum, on what advise to pay attention to when buying this category of products.


The clothes softeners used in the wash, work due to the fact that the clothes cover in a thin layer of toxic chemicals, such as salt of ammonium. This salt may cause skin irritation, breathing problems and headaches.

Alternative: not recommended to use such means in order to maintain health.

The non-stick coating

Although the non-stick coating (such as used in the pans) convenient to use, it may not be harmless. At high temperatures the polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon) emits toxic gas, which can adversely affect fertility and cause other health problems in humans.

Alternative: it is better to make a choice in favor of pans in stainless steel or to give preference to the frying pan of iron.

Fit for children

Flame retardants used in some devices for children (e.g., chairs, beds and wheelchairs), can release toxic chemicals. Chemicals from flame retardants include bromine and chlorine, which can cause genital and neurological disorders.

Alternative: carefully study the composition of the material of which is made fit for children. The purchase of any items, including flame retardants, is not recommended.

Shower curtains

The chemical element sometimes phthalate used to soften plastic shower curtains. Phthalate harm children, affecting their functions of the brain, which threatens to decrease the ability of learning and memory impairment.

Alternative: carefully study the chemical composition of shower curtains. It is not necessary to buy curtains with the content of phthalate, especially if You have children.

Sprays against cockroaches

The roach spray is poison, do not have such a strong impact on people as these disgusting insects. However, man is also can hurt, especially children, who may develop neurological disorders.

Alternative: observe cleanliness in your home. Do not leave even the slightest traces of food in order not to give rise to insects for breeding.

The toxicity of canned

Bisphenol a (BPA) found in canned food, is a hormone that can cause male infertility, heart disease and diabetes. Although some producers are phasing out this chemical, it is better to be careful when buying regular canned products.

Alternative: make a choice in favor of fresh or frozen food products.

Corn and soy

Glyphosate (trade name Roundup) affects the immune system of our body. Crops containing glyphosate, genetically modified, meaning their DNA modified to resist herbicides (chemicals which destroyed unwanted vegetation).

Often glyphosate containing crops, such as corn and soybeans.

Alternative: in this case it may be advisable to choose to eat only organic, grown without changing the DNA products.

Dry cleaning clothes

Of course, dry clothes very convenient service that truly makes our lives easier. However, the joy can go through if you consider the fact that the dry cleaners use the solvent perchloroethylene. This chemical is classified as a probable carcinogen, can affect the liver, kidneys and Central nervous system.

In some countries attempts are being made to induce to renounce the use of perchloroethylene at the dry cleaning things, but most dry cleaners around the world continue to use this toxin.

Alternative: perhaps we should try to use home washing and dry cleaning more eco-friendly means.

Game consoles

Phthalates are found in the cables of various electronic devices, including game consoles. Mention should also be made about the flame retardants that are found in printed circuit boards, the housings of the devices. All they can disrupt the development of brain activities.

Alternative: do not abuse electronic entertainment, especially this rule should apply to children.

The toxicity of laptops

The presence of toxic substances can be found in the well-known brands of laptops, but many people are also concerned about the potentially dangerous electromagnetic field emanating from the screen and processor of the laptop that can cause serious health damage.

Although it is noted that there was still no conclusive scientific evidence linking the laptops to any diseases.

Alternative: it is better to limit time sitting in front of laptop.

The toxicity of mobile phones

Over the last decade there was a surge in the development of wireless mobile devices, which led to a huge increase in the number of cases of hypersensitivity and diseases related to electromagnetic field and radiofrequency radiation.

The impact of mobile phones is associated with a wide range of diseases such as cancer, immune system dysfunction, neurological disorders and malfunctions in the reproductive functions.

At that time, as the world health organization have not found convincing evidence linking the phones with these diseases, your phone still contains lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium, which are potentially harmful.

So please don't forget to get rid of your old phone in the prescribed manner.

Possibly reduce talk time.
Do not use your mobile phone in places with weak signal.
The less you use your gadget in enclosed spaces, the less harm it will bring to health.
If possible, use a wired headset.
If you have a habit like staying with the adjacent "tube", it's time to get rid of it.
Men are not encouraged to carry a mobile phone in Trouser pockets because of the danger of harm to reproductive system.

The toxicity of words

The last paragraph is a bit unexpected sounds, however many of us use "toxic words", such as profanity, every day. But this is bad for the person who use such expressions, and the whole society, reflected on the psychological and physiological health.

Alternative: try to reduce the use of and exposure to "toxic" words. But if You do this in addition to reduction of exposure to other toxic things listed above, Your health and wellbeing will improve quickly.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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