Importantly! Alarms lack of water in the body

Forty-six reasons why water daily your body needs

1. Without water there is no life.

2. Lack of water first oppresses and then kills some functions of the body.

3. Water is the main source of energy, cash flow of the body.

4. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside every cell of the body - it gives strength to live.

5. The water - binder material of the architectural design of the cell structure.

6. Water protects DNA from damage and increases the efficiency of its recovery mechanisms, it reduces the number of DNA abnormalities.

7. Water greatly increases the effectiveness of immune mechanism of the spinal cord, where the immune system is formed ( all its mechanisms) including effective action against cancer.

Sixty one million seven hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred thirty three

8. Water is the main solvent of all foods, vitamins and minerals. It decomposes the food into small particles, supports metabolism and digestion.

9. Water charges food energy, then food particles acquire the ability to transmit this energy to the body in the digestive process. This is why food without water has no body absolutely no energy.

10. Water increases the body's ability to assimilate vital substances contained in food.

11. Water transports all substances within the body.

12. Water enhances the ability of erythrocytes to the accumulation of oxygen in the lungs.

13. Penetrating into the cell the water supplies oxygen and takes waste gases to the lungs for excretion from the body.

14. Water removes toxic waste from different parts of the body, delivers them to the liver and kidneys for final disposal.

15. Water is the main lubricant in joint cracks, helps prevent arthritis and back pain.

16. In the vertebral discs, the water creates a "shock-absorbing water cushions".

17. Water is the most mild laxative and the best remedy for constipation.

18. Water protects the arteries of the heart and brain from blockage.

19. Water helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

20. The most important element of the cooling system (sweat) and heating (electrification) of the body.

21. Water is essential for the production of all hormones made by the brain, including melatonin.

22. Water is essential for the efficient manufacture of all neurotransmitters, including serotonin.

23. Water gives us electrical energy for all brain functions in the first place for thinking.

24. Water can prevent disorders associated with attention deficit in children and adults.

25. Water increases efficiency, improves the fixation of attention.

26. Water is the best refreshing drink and it has no side effects.

27. Water helps reduce fatigue - it gives us the energy of youth.

28. Water restores sleep.

29. Water makes the skin smooth by helping to reduce the effects of aging.

30. Water helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

31. The water causes a glare in his eyes.

32. Water helps prevent glaucoma.

33. Water normalizes the blood-forming system in the bone marrow - it helps prevent leukaemia and lakomy.

34. Water is very essential for increasing the efficiency of the immune system under changing climatic conditions and to fight infection and formation of cancer cells.

35. Water thins the blood and prevents it from clotting during circulation.

36. Water decreases premenstrual pains and hot flashes (feeling of heat in the climacteric period).

37. Water and contraction of the heart thin the blood and create waves that do not allow solids to settle on the wall of blood vessels.

38. The human body has no water reserves capable of supporting livelihoods in conditions of dehydration. Here's why you should drink water regularly and throughout the day.

39. Dehydration stops the production of sex hormones is one of the main causes of impotence and loss of libido.

40. Water consumption helps to distinguish the sensation of thirst from hunger.

41. Water is the best remedy for weight loss. Drink water on time and lose weight without special diets. In addition, you will not be there, when you think that you are hungry, but only thirsty.

42. Dehydration - the cause of toxic buildup in the body. Water clears these deposits.

43. Water combines the functions of the brain and body, increasing the ability to achieve goals ability.

44. Water reduces bouts of morning vomiting in pregnant women.

45. Water helps to prevent memory loss with aging, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease, and multiple sclerosis.

46. Water helps get rid of bad habits, including cravings for caffeine, drugs, alcohol.

Twenty million one hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred twenty four

Water - the basis of life.

Why we get sick and grow old? One of the reasons is the poor quality of the water that we consume in a lifetime. The water we drink, does not meet the requirements of our body. As a result, we rapidly lose moisture reserves.

The body by the age of 70 loses about 30 percent of intracellular and extracellular water. The result is acidification of the body tissues, which leads to diseases and aging. The struggle with old age and disease is a daily struggle for the preservation of life-giving water.

If a person dry, it will be only 5 kg of dry substance. If this substance (micelles in the cytoplasm the size of a 5 millionth of a millimeter) to decompose on the surface, it will cover an area of 200 hectares. In this area 2000000 m2 flow large and small rivers of blood; when the blood capillaries that feed the cells is 100,000 km; length of lymph capillaries – 200000 km!

All life and health depends on what and how is the astronomical longest rivers of blood the endless acres of flesh.

The body is a system of channels and kanaltsev in which it is unceasing flow gas and liquid. And life is an eternal movement of liquids between cells and inside cells. Stop this kind of movement is death.

Water – nature of all living things, basis of life on our planet and the life carrier in our body.

The water in the body

  • intracellular fluid
  • intercellular fluid
  • intravascular fluid, blood, lymph
  • other liquids
Life originated in the ocean. In the mother's body the fetus develops in the aquatic environment. Throughout life water is essential for every cell of our bodies. Habitat cage – liquid in a particular state.

At birth the child's body more than 80% consists of water. In the body of a Mature man up to 70% water. With aging, this percentage is reduced to 60-65%. That is the story of aging is the process of loss of body fluid, both outside and intracellular.

The amount of intravascular fluid varies depending on the conditions of existence. But all the time to tend to a constant value. The brain consists of 90% water.

The human brain has high sensitivity to dehydration.

Indicators of dehydration:

Fatigue, which is not a result of hard work, in the most severe form: CFS. When blood flow to the brain is enhanced to improve its supply of water, the blood flow to the face also increases.

  • a feeling of irritation for no apparent reason – endless anger.
  • the feeling of anxiety without any good reason – anxiety syndrome
  • a feeling of depression and inadequacy of reactions (e.g., weakening of libido)
  • depression in its extreme form: depression and thoughts of suicide
  • craving for alcohol, Smoking drugs.
These sensual indicators suggest that dehydration oppressing some functions of the brain. Therefore, at an early stage the lack of water in the brain may cause loss of certain functions and to trigger the development described mental and physical States.

Alarms lack of water in the body:

  • heartburn
  • dyspepsia
  • rheumatoid joint pain
  • backache
  • headache
  • pain in the legs when walking
  • fibromyalgia (pain in muscles and soft tissues that can lead to muscular dystrophy)
  • pain in colitis and constipation
  • anginal pain (heart pain due to its increased activity, insufficient water inflow to the heart does not allow to remove toxic products)
  • the bouts of morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy, indicating thirst experienced by the fetus and the mother
These pains and symptoms occur when some of the active components of the active and currently bodies is not enough water, to clean away toxic wastes and increased "acidity", which are by-products of metabolism.

Nerve endings register the chemical changes in the environment and transmit information to the brain. Causing these pain, the brain tries to inform you of impending problems that may result from local dehydration.

Pain is a warning signal that the increase in the acidity level in the specified place in the near future threatens the cells with acid burns. Water washes away acid, prevents the accumulation and tissue damage.

Until this stage, brain activity all organs to be in normal range. Pain that is not caused by infection or trauma, is a signal of water shortage in the area where the pain is felt. Pain is a desperate request of the body of water is essential for flushing out toxic waste from the affected area dehydration.

Drinking plenty of water is of great importance for health. Water should be water, not any drink. Water should be free of chemicals, particularly caffeine and alcohol.

Water must not contain toxic metals, infectious bacteria and parasites.

According to who more than 80% of all diseases are waterborne or caused by the defect. Every year 25 million people die from these diseases.

According to environmental experts due to the use of bad water for the last 10 years more people have died than lost in all wars of this period. Almost all water sources today are contaminated. As a result of indifference to the catastrophic consequences of the merging of chemical and toxic waste in rivers and lakes, many sources of drinking water was poisoned. The water contains more than 13 thousand toxic elements. Humans have no natural mechanisms for the clearance of such number of exotoxins. Therefore, the use of dirty water causes many diseases.

The problem is aggravated by old water pipes, laid many decades ago. Additional problems associated with the condition of the old filtration systems and water treatment in large cities, which often do not meet today's requirements.

Our tap water is hard to call drinking. Despite the fact that chlorination of water is an effective measure to combat bacterial and amoebic infections, at a low and acceptable degree of chlorination, it does not much effect in terms of heavy pollution. Chlorination of water is extremely harmful for health. The chlorine combining with organic substances, forming various poisonous compounds such as dioxins.

Action of some substances contained in water "" drinking water on the human body:

  • Chlorine – destroys nerve tissue. Kills intestinal flora.
  • Lead – destroys hormones, enzymes, blood.
  • Aluminium – paralyzes the nervous system.
  • Arsenic – kills neurons in the brain.
  • Copper – affects the kidneys and liver.
  • Iron – reduces immunity, stimulates the development of cancer cells.
  • Cadmium – causes cancer, damages the kidneys.
  • Strontium destroys the immune system.
Before using water from the tap needs today (insistently!!!) to pass through multi-stage filters that do not contain synthetic materials.

A living cell is surrounded by structured water. In order not to disrupt mineral metabolism in the body's optimum water salinity.

Ninety seven million three hundred eight thousand six hundred one

Main physico-chemical characteristics of water:

Surface tension. The surface tension of tap water is about 73 Dyne/cm and the cell of the human body can only use water tension to about 43 Dyne/cm Acid-alkaline balance - pH. The water should be slightly alkaline. In nature it is inferred that the acidic waters. pH=7 – cell death.


  • The blood of 7.43
  • Lymph 7,5
  • Saliva is 7.4
  • Urine 5,5
  • The skin is 5.5
  • The gastric juice of 5.2
Oxidation-reduction potential ORP of the Extracellular aqueous environment of the body has an OPV (oxidation-reduction potential) in the range of -50 to -100 mV, and the ORP of natural waters from +150 to+500 mV. The use of such water reduces ORP intercellular liquid, worsens exchange processes in the body.

Without clean water, all our attempts to purify at all levels will be temporary and will require endless repetition.

What water do we need?

1. The surface tension of tap water is about 73 Dyne / cm2, and the cell of the human body can use the water tension to about 43 Dyne / cm2.

2. The water in the city network - chlorinated. Chlorine is a dangerous gas that destroys all life. Even boiling does not destroy it, but only puts in salt, not less harmful to the body. Chlorine disrupts the protective systems of the body: the immune and endocrine.

3. In addition to chlorine, water contains other harmful and toxic impurities: heavy metal salts, oxidizers, bacteria.

4. Bottled water is cleaner than tap water, but it also does not meet the requirements for drinking water.

5. The water should be at least neutral, but rather slightly alkaline. In reality, it is inferred that the acidic waters.

6. The extracellular aqueous environment of the body has an ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) in limits from - 50 to -100 mV, and the ORP of natural waters from +150 to +500 mV. The use of such water reduces the ORP of interstitial fluid.

As a result of poor quality of water in the body is undergoing profound metabolic disorders at the cellular level. Sharply reduced the supply of nutrients to the cells, and timely removal of waste products.

A critical constant for the preservation of health, optimal conditions for the occurrence of exchange processes is the creation of certain pH values.

The limits of life are in an alkaline environment! It is known that the pH of biological fluids is in the range of from 7.0 to 7.5 (except for those liquids, which were originally acidic (gastric juice and urine)). Shift of acid-base balance towards acidification can lead to the development of diseases.

Unfortunately, most of us eat foods are acidic.

Acidic medium:
· Sweet sparkling water 3,16
· The juice in the package of 3.92
· Black tea of 4.26
· Distilled water is 4,79
· Canned fish 3,76
· Burger of 3.98
· Bacon boiled 4,02
· Pizza 4,43
· Smoked fish of 4.91
· Ice cream 5,17

Neutral environment:
· Black coffee is 5.58
· Raw milk of 6.19
· Tap water is 6,55
· Fresh carrot juice 6,68
· Cereal dishes 5,52
· White bread 5,63
· Cheese 5,92

Alkaline medium:
· Freshly squeezed juice of wheat sprouts 7,40
· Watermelon 6,67
· Chopped fresh salad of 6.98
· Bananas 7,19

Eating foods having acidic "acidic" body. This is facilitated by the availability of many chronic diseases, which are based on the inflammatory process, which by its nature is sakalausko. The body has to spend the reserves of the main alkaline buffer to maintain a constant internal environment.published 



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