BIOTHERAPY and cultivation technology of PREBIOTIC products


In recent years, the human body and animals exposed to the complex of unfavorable factors affecting the normal functioning of the basic vital systems. On the one hand, the deteriorating environmental situation, the increase of stressful situations, and on the other — the mass uncontrolled use of chemotherapeutic drugs, including antibiotics. In this regard, questions arose about how to design and restore optimal microflora, i.e. microecology and endoecology of microorganism.

In the scientific literature and official documents relating to the problems of microecology, as well as in everyday life increasing biotherapy. In theory this concept exists for a long time and was first described by I. I. Mechnikov who found a positive effect rendered by lactic acid bacteria on the human body.


We introduce into scientific circulation the concept of "prebiotic foods". Now biotherapy includes the concept of "probiotics", "prebiotics", "probiotic products" and "synbiotics".

For several years there were several interpretations of the term "probiotic". Lilly and Stillwell first used the term in 1965 to refer to the metabolites produced by one microorganisms for stimulation of growth of the other. The term "probiotics" literally means "for life" (relative to living organism), unlike the term "antibiotics" ("against life"). Violation of microbiocenosis of the human body and animals due to wide use of antibiotics resulted in the emergence of resistance of pathogenic microflora to them.

Parker the term "probiotics" was proposed to refer to the natural adjuvants — living microorganisms, the introduction of which in the body helps to maintain and restore the biological balance of its normoflora and has a positive effect.

Fuller interprets the concept "probiotics" as live microorganisms which when administered in animal feed or food composition human nutrition (yogurt) positively affect the body by healing the gut.

Gibson and Robefroid called probiotics live microorganisms (e.g., strains of live bacteria in yogurt) that should be present in a large enough quantity, to remain stable and viable both in their storage and after injection into the body must adapt to the host organism and have a beneficial effect on his health. The same authors first proposed to introduce, along with the term "probiotics", and the term "prebiotics". Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are substances, dietary ingredients, or food products that selectively stimulate the growth and biological activity of microorganisms in the intestine, positively influencing, in turn, on the composition of the microbiota.

Probiotics are products containing live microorganisms, which belong to the normal, physiologically and evolutionary based flora of the intestinal tract and positively affect the host organism.

Prebiotics are substrates that stimulate the natural microflora. It was a large group of substances which normally reach the human food composition. They are not digested and not absorbed in the stomach and small intestine goes into the large intestine where they are used as a nutrient medium for the normal microflora.

Synbiotics – a rational combination of a probiotic and a prebiotic. A synbiotic consists of the active microbiological component (actually a probiotic) and environment (prebiotic), creating the conditions for life and the primary food introduced into the body microflora.

Probiotics into the intestines, normalizes microbial balance, inhibiting pathogens and restoring the qualitative and quantitative composition of microflora. Unfortunately, after a short period of time they die, and the composition of the microflora changes again for the worse, and the pathogenic microorganisms multiply, destroying microflora. That is why SymbioticA, in addition to probiotics that contain prebiotics, which serve as breeding grounds, energy resource and at the same time a means of protecting the probiotics from the external environment, thereby increasing their life expectancy and activity.

Living water — a life source on the planet

In biology, a carrier of information is "living" water. It is both acid and alkali. This allows "living" water to play the role of the media biological substances, to be a tunnel of information between two chemical environments.

All matter is both a wave and a particle. All matter is a system, and consists of three components: mass, energy, and information.


The main living environment (blood, lymph, saliva, intercellular fluid and mucosa) have a slightly alkaline reaction. By reducing the alkalinity of these environments, change in biochemical processes, the body zakislate. This leads to the development of diseases.


One of the most important factors control the parameters of the redox reactions taking place in any liquid medium is the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP this environment). ORP of the internal environment of the body of a healthy person (-100 ...-200 mV), if it decreases towards zero, having the disease.



Why are sick people and why we need to restructure the food and water

We are what we drink and eat. It turns out that in a healthy and clean human body organs change according to the Laws of Nature:

  • heart and lungs – every 3 months according to the seasons
  • the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract every 3 days
  • pancreas — once every 9-10 days or 3 times a month
  • liver every 40 days, 9 times a year
  • kidneys – every month or 12 times a year
  • tendons and muscles – every 180 days or 2 times a year
  • the skeletal system from one year to 3 years
  • uterus in women changes every month
  • prostate in men every month or 12 times a year
Over the past decade, water and food have become pathogenic to humans. From tens to hundreds-fold decrease in the amount of nutrients in food, not to mention genetically modified foods. Hippocrates said "Food should be medicine and medicine food".

Using concentrate Clustered Water, devicesfor-dextrinization GLUTEN FREE and derivatization EFFECTи NANOEFFECT MARTSINISHYN® appliances, home, field conditions we can structure all food, including water, eliminating pathogenic, mutation, chemical and other destructive filling in food products, including slimming and glutinuous krakhmalova component. Adding in the foods (including drinks) concentrate clustered water in the ratio 1:1000, we provide a high quality and happy life.

The dire environmental situation on the planet of food, fruits and vegetables dramatically (ten times) lose their vitamins, energy and healthy value. A striking example of this research results presented in the table.


People should eat lots of vitamins. Vitamin complexes, synthesized by chemical means, the body is not absorbed, but simply displayed. To obtain the necessary daily amount of biologically active substances, we should eat a variety of 50 kg. of food per day. It's just unreal!

The required amount of different vitamins and minerals in foods:

• vitamin C: 15 oranges, 2 tomatoes

• vitamin E: 10 cups olive oil

• β-carotene: 5 carrots

• selenium: 15 fried eggs or 160 bananas.

And that's just the basic antioxidants, vitamins, minerals.



The world is on the verge of crisis caused by the resistance of microbes to antibiotics, said Friday at a conference in Copenhagen, the head of the world health organization Margaret Chan. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

Humanity, according to Chen, is dealing with this level of antibiotic resistance that this situation could mean "the end of medicine as we know it." We are entering a "post-antibiotic era," said Chen. Each designed ever antibiotic at any time may become useless.

According to Chen, the doctors are deprived of the so-called "first-line antibiotics". As a result, manipulation, before former routine, become impossible. This equally applies to the treatment of such diseases as tuberculosis or malaria, so banal surgical treatment of cuts.

Drugs that replace lost its antibiotic activity, become more and more expensive, and to achieve the same effect, we need longer courses of treatment. "Such ordinary things as angina or a scraped knee and the child will become deadly," said Chen. The mortality of patients infected antibiotikoterapii strains of microorganisms, in some cases increased by 50 percent. The use of minor antibiotichow often requires hospitalization, is associated with a toxic effect on the patient's body and is always more expensive.

The conditions for this crisis, said the head of the who, took decades. The main reasons for it is the incorrect use of antimicrobial drugs, which are chosen correctly, taken too often or too long.

Prebiotic foods grown by special technology, MARCINISZYN® and is made of synbiotic products relieve a person from germs that have developed resistance to antibiotics.

The constant presence in a particular habitat (oral cavity, intestines, etc.) a sufficient amount of prebiotic cells and SymbioticA, attached to its wall, prevents the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the epithelial cells. In addition, probiotic micro-organisms creates unfavorable for pathogens, pH, "conquering" this microecons. Thus leveled the imbalance of flora, which was disturbed by disbacteriosis. Probiotic strains must be resistant to the logical enzymes of saliva (lysozyme) and digestive enzymes (pepsin, lipase), resistance to bile.

One of the most important criteria is the immunomodulating effect of prebiotics. Some researchers have attributed this effect of prebiotic products with the production of endogenous interferon.

The new generation of prebiotics include fruits, vegetables, and grains produced on agricultural technology Machinesin®. In recent years, much attention of researchers attracted to the development of food products, so-called prebiotic foods. Strategy in the creation of these products is aimed primarily at the restoration of the physiological needs of the human body in a separate biologically active substances. One approach to solving this problem is the cultivation of different products at home with prebiotic and antioxidant properties.

There is no doubt that currently the "gold standard" in biotherapy and prophylaxis of disorders of microbiocenosis of different biotopes of the human body is the use of prebiotics, prebiotic and synbiotics products that regulate the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Just probiotics are effective for restoring the balance of the normal flora of the oral cavity and urogenital system. Prebiotic products made from them, and synbiotics, represent an important and necessary tool to protect the body under the influence of unfavorable ecological conditions, metabolic disorders, after hormonal, radiation and antibacterial therapy in acute and chronic diseases and dysfunctions of the digestive system caused by unbalanced diet, stress.

Prebiotic foods, and is made of synbiotic products can:

· increase the effectiveness of the immune system, secreting antibodies to certain viruses

· to produce a prevent various infections substances

· prevent attaching to the wall of the intestine of harmful bacteria and to inhibit their growth

· encourage the strengthening of the mucus layer in the gut as a barrier against infections

· inhibit the secretion or destroy toxins released by certain "bad" for the human body bacteria

· produce b vitamins necessary for the metabolism of food, prevent anemia occurs when the lack of vitamins B6 and B12, and maintaining healthy skin and nervous system

· to be powerful antioxidants

· to be carriers essential to the organism in biologically available form of the following trace elements: Ge, Cr, Zn, Fe, K, Ca, Ag, Mg, Se, Cu, P, Mn, Li, F, Si.

· Increase to maximum reserves of adaptation of organs and systems of the body


According to "the human body is a complex mechanism, where like engineering, everything is interconnected, interdependent, and requires a clear dosages. Proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are part of this mechanism. So, consider work as an important "engineering details" of elements which constitute a group of substances.

The role of trace elements in the human body

Are called trace elements found in the human body in small quantity chemical items. And although they are in our body only thousandths, they make up 4% of our weight, but the trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the body. Do these small substances with food, water, air, and some authorities have stocks of necessary trace elements.

Their function in the body is different, many of the metals included in the enzymes, and thus enhances their activity. There are about two hundred metal-enzymes. Some minerals are part of active connections.

So, for example, iodine — component of thyroid hormones, the iron in hemoglobin, magnesium in chlorophyll. The deficit or excess of trace elements cause diseases. Trace elements our body is the zinc and iodine, fluorine and silicon, phosphorus and copper, manganese and iron, potassium and calcium, copper and silver, chrome and selenium, and others are less well known. Thus, we consider the role of specific trace elements in the life process of our body. Iron. It is part of a protein, hemoglobin. It is important to provide the body with oxygen, ATP synthesis and DNA detoxification processes. Iron supports the functioning of the immune system.


One of its main functions — regulation of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and radiation protection.

Iodine is a component of the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. This trace element supports the Central nervous system, affects mental activity, and especially the right people who are engaged in intellectual work. Calcium. In the body 99% of calcium is in the bones and teeth. And 1% it plays the role of intracellular element. Calcium participates in the transmission of nerve impulses, responsible for the balance of excitation and inhibition in the brain, affects the activity of enzymes. It reduces blood cholesterol and is a factor in intracellular signaling.


In a healthy organism contains 25g of magnesium, mostly in the bones. It is a component of enzymes that affect the energetic processes in organs and tissues, particularly heart and muscle. Magnesium has a cardioprotective function, positive effects on the heart, improving myocardial oxygen supply. However, magnesium is a vasodilator and lowers blood pressure. This trace mineral known for its anti-stress properties. It normalizes the nervous system and its divisions, in conjunction with vitamin B6.

Magnesium prevents vascular complications in diabetes, relieves bronchospasm, and has a beneficial effect on the reproductive function of women, preventing the development of toxemia of pregnancy and miscarriages.


It participates in biosynthesis of hemoglobin and its deficiency, like iron, can cause anemia.

Copper is a component of antioxidant protection of the body, it boosts insulin activity and promotes the utilization of carbohydrates. A trace mineral involved in the formation of such well-known women of proteins like collagen and elastin, which are integral to healthy looking skin. Copper participates in the formation of membranes of nerves, the destruction of which is the cause of multiple sclerosis.


He is the catalyst for the work of vitamin E and enhances its antioxidant activity. Selenium is included in proteins of muscle, has antimutagenic and radioprotective properties. It improves the reproductive function, regulates the thyroid gland.


It has antibacterial, antiseptic and effectivene against 650 types of bacteria.

Silver — a natural antibiotic in our body against viruses.


Inorganic phosphorus is included in the composition of bone tissue, supports the acid-alkaline balance. Phosphorus compounds are part of nucleic acids, involved in cell growth, storage of genetic information.


Its role is to regulate carbohydrate metabolism, support of the permeability of cell membranes for glucose. Chromium deficiency is the cause of of diabetes, its development in pregnant women. A trace mineral is important in the prevention of diabetes and heart disease.


Necessary for the operation of DNA and RNA. It affects the synthesis of testosterone in men, is part of female hormones estrogen, prevents the occurrence of immunodeficiency, stimulates antiviral protection. Zinc has wound healing properties, necessary for normal functioning of the CNS, are particularly important for memory. Compatibility of vitamins and minerals.

As an analogue of the engineering mechanism that our body has patterns of combinations of minerals and vitamins. So, find out about their compatibility:


It is recommended to use with vitamins B6, B12, C, D. These vitamins improve the absorption of calcium and reduces its excretion.


It should be taken with vitamins a, C, B2. Iron hinders the absorption of vitamins B12 and E. it is Better not to use the iron with magnesium and calcium. They exacerbate the shortage of each other. Phosphorus. It helps the absorption of vitamin D (ergocalciferol) Copper. She has trouble with vitamin B12, zinc.


It promotes better assimilation of B vitamins and calcium. An increased amount of magnesium — a deficiency of calcium and phosphorus. Zinc. The trace element is compatible with vitamins B2, B6. It is hard to reconcile with folic acid (vitamin B9).


It improves the absorption of vitamin C.

Selenium enhances the action of vitamin E, its antioxidant properties. So, synergy (positive interaction) of vitamins and minerals important for the health of our body, proper treatment of emerging diseases. Lack of micronutrients Despite the fact that the minerals occupy a small percentage of body mass, they are important for the interconnected operation of the body. However, note that the presence of harmful habits is a factor in the reduction of the functions of trace elements. Negatively affects their work and contaminated environment. Cause of micronutrient deficiency may be poor water and taking some medicines that impair their absorption in our body. According to statistics, from lack of vitamins and trace elements suffers 90% of the adult population of the CIS countries.

On the impact of micronutrient deficiency on health is evidenced by the fact that every year of respiratory diseases, affects about 14 million people. For the duration of human life Russia ranks 63rd, Ukraine 75, and Belarus is 53rd in the world. And one of the main reasons for this is, according to UN experts, the unfavorable ecological situation. In addition, the reduction in life expectancy doctors explain the deterioration of food, unnatural food consumed. If to speak about the specific impact of micronutrient deficiency on the body, this decrease in immunity and disease of hair, skin, diabetes, and obesity, hypertension and heart disease, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and scoliosis.

Often the lack of micronutrients causes of allergies, asthma, colitis and gastritis, infertility and reduced potency. Symptoms of micronutrient deficiency can be a delay physical and mental development.

It should be emphasized that the trace elements in the body are synthesized. The balance of these substances is supported by the consumption of foods. But the same statistics show that every year the amount of trace elements in our food progressive decreases. Moreover, if the cells experience a shortage of minerals, the body absorbs the radioactive substance, similar in structure to the deficit.

For example, instead of calcium is absorbed strontium, potassium was replaced with cesium, selenium — tellurium and zinc — with mercury. To speak of the "benefits" of such a replacement is not necessary, because everyone understands that it is a big danger.

So, a small but very important pieces of our body minerals important for health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of natural products in which these substances are contained in sufficient quantity".

Thus, in the body there is mercury and other heavy metals. The human body itself becomes a source of radiation and destroys itself from the inside. Here is the algorithm of the emergence of serious diseases (civilization diseases).

Note also that the "trace elements (micronutrients) are the most important substances that affect the viability of the organisms. Are not a source of energy, but are responsible for vital chemical reactions. Needed in very small quantities (the daily rate is measured in Milli - and micrograms, less than 200mg). If the human body to succumb to scrutiny, it becomes clear: we are made up of chemical compounds, 30 of which are minerals.

They are responsible for the optimal functioning of the human body, and their deficiency or disharmonious substitution of other chemical elements negatively affects the health of adults and development of children.

A group of micronutrients in science are divided into 2 categories:

  • essential nutrients (vitally important);
  • conditionally essential (important for the body, but deficiency is rare).
The essential mikrovisata is: iron (Fe); copper (Cu); iodine (I); zinc (Zn); cobalt (Co) chromium(Cr); molybdenum (Mo); selenium (Se); manganese (Mn).

Conditionally essential micronutrients: boron (B) bromine (Br); a fluorine (F); lithium (Li); Nickel (Ni); silicon(Si); V (vanadium).

According to another classification, minerals are divided into 3 categories:

stable elements: Cu, Zn, Mn, Co, B, Si, F, I (is in the amount of about 0.05 %);20 items which are present in concentrations lower than 0.001 %; the subgroup of contaminating elements, stable excess of which leads to disease (in Mn, He, Ar, Hg, Tl, Bi, Al, Cr, Cd).

Trace elements is a dedicated group of simple chemical elements of the periodic table. Since they are part of important biological substances, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and more, their role in the human body is difficult to overestimate. Participating in all processes, minerals ensure normal development and functioning of an organism, usually a human body compensates for the deficiency of trace elements due to the high quality of food and water rich in mineral salts, but it should be remembered that an excess of certain minerals can cause harm. The following is a list of the most important trace elements: aluminium, boron, bromine, vanadium, germanium, iron, iodine, cadmium, cobalt, silicon, lithium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, arsenic, Nickel, tin, rubidium, lead, selenium, fluorine, chromium, zinc."

Prebiotic foods grown by special technology, MARCINISZYN®, full fill man trace elements (micronutrients) and restore a harmonious balance. Made of synbiotic products relieve a person from pathogenic microflora and restore the natural microflora in the body. The use of prebiotic and synbiotic products instantly restores the reserves of adaptation of organs and systems of the body to the maximum. The body begins to synthesize new amino acids. These processes are described in the book of J. D. Martsinishin "Space chem".

Shenderov et al analyzed the substances capable of stimulating the growth of normal microflora, and suggested to divide the prebiotics into the following groups:

  • enzymes (β-galactosidase of microbial origin)
  • protease of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.)
  • antioxidants (b vitamins, vitamin E, ascorbic acid) and other dietary supplements — amino acids, plant extracts, organic acids, etc.
Complexes of probiotics with prebiotics substances can be combined creating new bioactive preparations "synbiotics", in which live microorganisms are combined with substrates that stimulate their growth. The composition of such preparations the prebiotic must not be involved in the metabolism of the organism, serve as the starting component of its growth.


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