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Philip Gritsenko and Roman Inozemtsev back to the far East from Moscow and St. Petersburg to build in the open field, without roads and communications, the cluster "Village ommi": farmers, tourism services, schools, medical centers, residential buildings and, potentially, film. The novel 30 years, Philip 24. They master a grant of 60 million rubles, cooperate with "Rosneft" and the plant of the Sukhoi design Bureau, is invited to speak at the Eastern economic forum, aiming to unite the farmers around the DFO.

I know that you lived in the big cities. What were you doing there and why when did you went there?

Philip: Well, you know, Went to Moscow just live. Was a programmer and system administrator at the Studio, worked with graphics, titles. Then I learned about the far Eastern hectare and thought, "we're done here again in the far East".

Roman: I had a great trip, which covered the whole of Russia, the last four years my team and I stayed in St. Petersburg. Organized pop-up projects (thematic collection at one site for short term: "restaurant day," a day of street theater, etc. — Approx.ed.) non-profit festivals, activities for the development of creativity and on connecting people so that they could start to do something together. And it so happened that we were in the Tver region to the farmer Popov, which helped. And I thought it was time to do something different. And since the residence I was in the far East, six months ago I returned home.


— But you're in for something left once from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in large cities. Certainly was a career dream to stay?

Both: no, No, it was not.

R: When you realize that big city is the conveyor of human resources, it is not desirable to stay. There are types of people who understand that it's time to build your city and live not at the expense of each other, trying to impose on others and to something to force them.

— What did you know about agriculture, when he returned from Moscow and St. Petersburg?

R: How about the work on the ground and the shovel? Grown sustainable food. I the New year planted the whole sill herbs, parsley, salads.

— No, it's one thing parsley on the windowsill to grow, and quite another — to come to earth and realize that there may in a particular year to grow tomatoes, zucchini, oranges...

R: no, that does not different things. Last spring we went to the seashore and planted many different cultures, including Asian beans, kidney beans, mung beans, chickpeas, zucchini ... everything. Introduced there the principles of organic farming and the autumn harvest more than the local, which 30 years vegetables grown there. Mulching you need, and everything will be fine, don't need no automatic irrigation. Delay moisture should be in the soil. My parents never had a vegetable garden, all my life I lived in the city. But when you eat tasteless food store, you want to grow something of their own, the consumption of which will be different to affect you. Food to grow a lot, it grows itself, the main is to provide her the sun and biological protection.

— You received for the project "Village ommi" a grant of 60 million rubles. How did you do it?

F: do you Know how many had to hear ridicule from officials and face and behind my back? "Yes, why do you need this, you're all pozabirayut, you're still young, go enjoy yourself".


When I went to 150 cubic meters of wood, which rely to each villager every 25 years for free, I said "Pay". Month I was running. Then he wrote two letters in the web office of the President of Russia. In the first, we have chaos, in the second sent the project. The President was silent for another month. And then got a call from the government of the province, was asked to come in a week, at the meeting, said: "this grant, only letters no not write. Build, plant, do what you want". And the forest I cut down, and delivered, and found technique. Why the hell without Putin, none of us do want to work — I don't understand. The only officials who went to meet the just and the administration of the Amur district, where we took these 25 hectares.

— What other tools are involved in the project beyond the grant?

F: funds of our partners. We with Roma ran through the companies, knocking at every door. Now we cooperate with "Rosneft", the Amur shipbuilding plant, Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft plant (OKB Sukhoi. — Approx. ed.). And small companies in the supermarket, shops, restaurants and so on. Some of them I've known, others I showed a presentation of the project of the future village. 16 September will be built the first bakery. With the aircraft we made a Pact that by 2018 they will start to send us on vacation pilots with families, and they are already asking what we can help how to make. Us offers help money the Ministry of construction of Khabarovsk territory, we're going to talk to them in September as we count.

— If you do not take into account the ridicule of officials, you tell a very simple story. Wrote a letter to Putin — received budget money. To make is really easier than it seems before you start, or is it you get so lucky?

F: I won't lie to you that it was just. Now there's something I need to go to remove the camera — no money. But found and went. When you started something in your head to plan, hard or not, but you do anyway. Everyone's just afraid to start. And to the hectare easier: leave application, choose a site and register it.

— You want to "Village Tommy" came not only farmers, but also tourists. You are familiar with the loud tourist projects in the far East, which failed? Ski base "Natalino" in the Amur region not being completed, the gambling zone in Primorye is almost completed, but does not attract Russian visitors (but only foreigners from Asia). Why do you believe that your tourism cluster will work?

F: Less need to steal money, that's all.

R: They do not have to steal. They should be distributed wisely. We've analyzed with Philip's experience of the Far East and realized that the tourism development of the budget is allocated very much, but few people are able to do something. They are even branding the territory can not hold. And we know how to throw a festival to gather people in honor of some event, and we will help this experience.

And then, the classic hierarchical management structure of the projects is not working. We will have a model of territorial public self-government (TOS). The first coordinators in every direction, will be themselves users of hectares, they are also the organizers of the production chain. The management team we will build from scratch build them from the bottom up by the breadth of vision and expertise, and at time intervals from 3 to 6 months will rotate from the lower to the upper level and Vice versa. As a result, the system will be updated and replenished with competent managers who will learn from each other.


— What are the conditions for your future residents?

R: We are not a commercial entity, we don't sell ha. I do cartography and have outlined the boundaries, that man didn't land on the swamp or on the border of the territory, for example, and these sites could pave the way. We just give the coordinates of the comers of the pieces of the earth, and they record them on. To us came the first resident from the side, the pig man from Khabarovsk, we talked, and the same day he sent an application to receive land. The rest of the residents while our relatives.

Of the district has road connections to Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk, in the area there is the railway. From the cluster "Village ommi" to the city center — 20-30 km From the nearby village of ommi and the village. . In Amursk buses, several flights a day. Neighborhood for individual territories equated to the area of the far North, so what is written here hired employees rely on "Northern" surcharge.

In General, we expect everyone who wants to live by human rules and do something light. Those who want to move here from other cities, we can provide a home them in the first place now building. Even if you do not have time to build for the arrival near the village of ommi we have an agreement about using vacant municipal buildings. So Philip will move in one of these houses in the village and will develop a greenhouse right next to the cluster.

We will also create the brand "Made in ommi" to implement the products of the entire cluster, not only from the areas on our acres, but also from the surrounding villages, for example from the village of El'ban. Farmers will grow and sell products under this brand, it will be to go out and Nanai handmade goods, such as Slippers. It's social entrepreneurship — sales of products of the indigenous peoples of the Amur river. For children services and the food we will be free.

In addition, we now collect data about biologists, agronomists, mycologists and create a reference wiki for crowdsourcing: volunteering, mutual aid, etc., and to create a database of experts on organic agriculture, tourism, innovative industries.

F: we also have three famous person — their names I will not name, who agreed to become residents, to build us a home for himself and come to rest.

— Do you have the calculation for the years when everything should start working?

R: Yes, several of them for different tasks, not yet able to reveal them. In General, this calculation for 19 years, until 2035.

— Now you need some activities for farmers?

R: the Twenty-first of August held a "restaurant day" in Komsomolsk, organized it in two days. How it happened: we were sitting on the embankment, waiting for a meeting with the resident. It was raining. Suddenly, the little man and said: "I know you." It turned out to be the head of all activities on the waterfront. Gave us freedom, said, "we Spend what you want." We plan to arrange farm holidays, primarily for the exchange of seeds before the next season and in order to attract people to organic farming. In the city of Amursk we gave a DK in Komsomolsk we also got the building.

To negotiate for the sale of farm products with large retail chains, we don't want, the more organic the product will not withstand the storage time on the shelves. Need your point of sale and agreement with the health food stores.


— In what capacity do you see yourself in this project in 10-15 years, when everything is working? F: Work before, through 8-9 years.

R: We are now preparing the methodology for the development of not only this cluster but all such projects in the Far East, where the program operates distribution hectares. That people everywhere cooperated, organized, TOS, attracted investments received grants. Will open another area in Partizansky district of Primorsky Krai — in Primorye registered my wife so that we can now take up acres. We made a cluster map for possible future residents in the areas of allocation of land in Chukotka, Yakutia, the Jewish Autonomous region, Amur region. published


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