Organic agriculture can feed the world


Don't believe the lie: organic farming can feed the world. One of the arguments often used to protect genetically-modified (GM) crops purports that biotechnology is necessary to feed the world, as non-GM and organic farming methods by themselves are not able to produce enough food for everyone . But the truth is that organic farming by itself is fully capable to feed the world — we just need to make some changes in how we grow our food. To put an end to the methods of factory farms, which are destroying our health and planet .

Report of the advocacy groups organic farming, based in the UK, argues that organic and other agro ecological farming systems are not only the solution to the problem of hunger in the world, but when implemented, these holistic methods of increasing food production is actually a way for the world's poorest countries out of poverty .

On the other side, GM farming systems perpetuate poverty because they lock farmers into an endless cycle of dependence on corporations: seeds, and the toxic chemical cocktails required to grow them. GM agriculture, in other words, is toxic to the world's economies, toxic to human health and toxic to the environment.

As was shown in a recent report, which was the culmination of over 30 years of research, organic farming systems actually produce higher yields than GM and non-GM conventional agricultural systems. Organic farming is also fully samoupravlenie and sustainable. So, as composting, manure and other organic methods enrich the soil and eliminate the need to use toxic pesticides and herbicides.

As much as 40 percent of grain in the world are feeding farm animals and this number may increase to 50 percent by 2050 if current trends continue .
Cows and sheep must eat grass in the pasture, not GM soy, corn and many other grains, which are usually served to them on farms.Besides the fact that animals are not healthy since they were not designed to have it, these foods require huge amounts of resources to grow them.

Allowing animals to vyputatsya pastures stored grain can be used to feed people .Grown in the grazing animals produce healthier meat, which means that human health across the world to improve significantly only from the decision.

One-third of the world's food goes to landfill as waste

In particular, in the developed world, people throw away an incredible amount of food . Thus, if more people just make a conscious effort to save food, or come up with a simple way to share unused food with those in need, hunger in many parts of the world sharply reduced. The group also mentions a type of system of food rationing, as another option, but such a tyrannical approach would be completely unnecessary if the other methods are implemented, and if more people grow their own organic food at home .

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