Friendly products for families: how to start organic farming in the garden

The term "organic farming" (OZ) has been used recently. Not to say that it arose for some specific reason, just the circumstances were such that it was necessary to take concrete measures that would help not only to increase yields but also to obtain environmentally friendly products.


That means organic farming

Now many gardeners are puzzled over where to begin organic farming on their own site. Indeed, now it is the only way to eat natural products, because the markets and supermarkets are unable to please such a proposal.

In large farms, who are the breadwinners of our population, and the use of chemical remedies. In the vegetable planting, the number of seasonal treatments up to 5 times, and plantations of horticultural crops and is more than 8 times over the spring and summer. What the product arrives on the shelves? Beautiful, but often tasteless, and devoid of the taste of childhood.

The principle of organic farming is intended to radically change the situation. It involves a complete rejection of the use of chemicals. Aimed at reviving the fertility of the soil, it promotes the production plants have a strong immune system, which provides reliable protection from pests and diseases.


How to start organic farming on their own beds the First thing you have to do on the way to organic farming — to give up everything you've put your garden. Probably in your life had such a lovely ride, as the digging. Well, if it was held in the spring, but some prefer to dig the soil in autumn. So if you still thinking where to start organic farming, here's the first step — get out the shovel.

Organic farming bears the following message — the earth is a living organism. Soil microorganisms are an integral part thereof, which is responsible for fertility. Digging, you break everything that builds nature in the form of microorganisms and earthworms. As a result, the humus is not formed, the soil is compacted, the fertility decreases. The enormous significance of earthworms justified even Charles Darwin, and believe me, since then, little has changed.



Ploskorez Fokine

The only tool that you will need to work in the garden is the plane. Now you can find a lot of types, but the original product — ploskorez Fokine, dubbed from its Creator. Hard to believe, but a simple tool allows to perform up to 20 different transactions. It can be used to loosen, to Spud, to make holes, grooves, cut weeds, and much more. Working with this tool, you take the anatomically correct position, so do not feel back pain and fatigue.

The basic principles of OZ

Despite the fact that the rejection of pereopisanie soil is a basic principle of organic farming, there are other equally important points. The nice thing is that in order to start organic farming does not require the acquisition of costly resources. Nature will do everything itself, you only need to create for it favorable conditions.


An important element of OZ is mulching — covering the soil. For this you can use various materials: paper, straw, grass clippings, weeds, sawdust, pine needles, forest floor. As you can see, a lot of variants. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, prevents the growth of weeds, increases the efficiency of irrigation.

Refusal of chemistry requires the use of natural fertilizers. Also here the choice is quite wide: cattle manure, poultry manure, fermented infusion of herbs.


It is a simple safe way rid your garden from many problems!The garden, which is caring for myself

Another important rule is the sowing of green manure. First of all, it pulses, mustard, rye. They are sown in August-September, and with the onset of cold cut with plane and buried in the soil. This procedure contributes to the increase of humus on the plot, which is responsible for fertility.

Adhering to simple principles, you will reduce to a minimum the work in the garden, get a huge harvest and will provide your family with natural products. published




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